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   Chapter 800 On The Same Boat

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Hearing that she was going to celebrate the New Year in the hospital, Mary almost passed out with anger. Essie's children were all bastards. If it weren't for them, Essie wouldn't have been able to have a foothold in the Rong family and be superior to her.

Seeing the coldness on Zac's face, she knew that he couldn't count on him, so she could only complain tearfully in front of Walt.

"Walt, are you just watching your brother bully me like this? You don't even allow me to go back during the Spring Festival, leaving me alone in the hospital."

"Mommy, you have been injured to the bone. It will need a hundred days to recover. This decision is for your own good. You need professional care now. It's better to stay in the hospital," Walt persuaded. In his opinion, the reason why Essie sent her little son to Phoenix Road was that she was on guard against her mother-in-law. As soon as she came back, his son had to leave him again. He still wanted to spend the New Year with his son.

Hearing this, Mary was depressed. She forgot one thing. She raised Walt from an early age, taught him by words and deeds, and the same as her. He put his own interests above all interests, so he would naturally think of himself first.

"You two unfilial sons, I have raised you for nothing. You are both ungrateful," she cursed angrily.

"Mommy, I just want you to stay in the hospital for two more days. Since you don't like Essie and the children, it's better for us to be separated, so that everyone can feel comfortable. Don't you think so?" Walt comforted her.

"I'm her mother-in-law. If she can't please me, she should get out. How can I move out?" Mary said angrily. Since ancient times, mother-in-law had always been the most important person in a rich family. When did a daughter-in-law surpass her mother-in-law?

"You are my mother-in-law, but you have a mother-in-law above you." Walt shrugged his shoulders. What he meant was clear. The two elders wanted their granddaughter in law and great grandchildren. Who dared not to obey?

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched violently. The plot was completely different. She couldn't deal with Essie in the same way as she dealt with Luce.

Zac looked at her indifferently, without saying a word or expression. No one in this family abandoned her. It was she who chose to abandon herself.

The Rong Mansion was harmonious without Mary, at least on the surface.

As soon as the two little kids saw that Albert was at home, they immediately called Mrs. Rose and asked her to come here.

"Grandma Charlotte, you used to take care of Dawny. Can you still help Mommy take care of him as before?" Mili begged.

"Yes, Dawny miss you so much. You are not here. Grandma Lucy is not here as well. He always cries, which makes mommy unable to do anything," Dot said.

Essie had seen through the minds of the two cunning little kids. They must have some ulterior motives. But it was the Spring Festival now, which was different from before. There were many rules and etiquette in the family. It was not polite for Mrs. Rose to celebrate the New Year in the family as her relatives.

She had a

when Holy is still young and is not fully winged. Otherwise, it will be too late if you wait for him to grow up to eighteen years old." Elizabeth took a sip of tea with a serious expression.

Valery agreed, "Mommy is right. Now is a chance and we must seize it. Let Grandma talk about it. She is the most suitable person."

Elizabeth nodded, "Men should be independent in their thirties. Vinton is going to get married after the Spring Festival, and if the position of the director is appointed to him. That is the real double harvest of family and career."

"It's not easy for you to think about me at last." Vinton curled his lips.

Elizabeth held his hand and said, "You are my son. If I don't think about you, who can I think about? No matter what I do, I do it for you! "

"I'm fine as long as you don't just think about controlling me. I'm not a child anymore. I want to make decisions by myself," Vinton said.

"Okay, it's up to you. You like Eva. Now I accept her, too, don't I? As long as you are happy, I will be happy as a mother," Elizabeth said kindly.

"Vinton, we are related by blood. No matter how good Essie is, she has another mother. Only we are truly for your own good. She has ulterior motives to win you over for Holy," Valery said crossly.

Hearing that her best friend was scolded, Eva was a little unhappy. "You said that you wouldn't be close to each other since you don't share the same mother. Then Holy and Essie are not sharing the same mother. Why do you think that she will help Holy instead of Vinton?"

"That's different. She has always hated us to the core, but she has no such idea about Holy's mother." Valery snorted.

"You think too much. It was also Essie's credit for Vinton's achievement today. If she really wanted to support Holy, there was no need for her to transform Vinton. As long as he remains as dandiacal as before, the position of the leader of the Xu family will definitely not belong to him," Eva said seriously.

"Childish." Elizabeth glanced at her and said, "If she doesn't do something, how can she win Vinton's trust?"

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