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   Chapter 799 Beat A Drowning Dog

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"When I catch him, I will definitely play all the fun here with him." Zac's cold voice was like the collision of ice and ice, which was extremely cold.

Essie agreed with this idea. Willi, the bastard, hurt her sister. She even wanted to skin him, dig his bones and pull out his tendon.

On their way back, Essie thought of Sally. "What will aunt Sally think if she knows that we have arrested Ken?"

"Ken will be directly taken out of Dragon City and locked up in P Mountain Prison. Aunt Sally won't know," Zac said in a low voice. He had always been a meticulous man.

Looking out of the window, Essie said thoughtfully, "I didn't expect that aunt Sally would know there is a secret passage in the Rong Mansion."

"Uncle Allen and aunt Sally are not as simple as you think. On the surface, they don't care about anything, and they may work harder secretly than we think," Zac said with a sneer.

"Sure enough, the Rong Mansion is just peaceful and calm on the surface, but in fact, there are undercurrents." Essie shook her head.

"As long as there is profit, there will be strife," Zac said with a serious look as if he discerned everything.

After thinking about it for a while, Essie turned to look at him and asked, "Do you think aunt Sally was involved in this matter?" If she and Mary both suffered losses, she would also become one of the beneficiary.

"We have something on her. Don't worry." Zac said casually, "Now in the Rong Mansion, the person you should be most vigilant is Laura. She is not a simple woman."

"Oh?" Raising her eyebrows, Essie asked, "What about your, mommy, my mother-in-law?"

"The enemy standing in front of you is not terrifying, but the enemy hiding behind you is terrifying," Zac said earnestly.

Indeed, Essie nodded slightly. It was easy to dodge an open gun, but hard to guard against an arrow in the dark. The person who put a cold gun behind her was the most terrifying.

"I will be careful of her."

When he sent Essie back, the children had already fallen asleep. Zac could only discuss with them on the second day.

On the early morning of the second day, when Mili heard that Mary were injured and hospitalized, she frowned and said, "Why did she choose to fall at this time? Did she do it on purpose?"

"Mili, grandma is really badly hurt this time. She can't apologize to you. Please don't think about it for the time being." Zac stroked her head.

"She just didn't want to come, so she played a trick of self-injury to show you." Mili blinked her eyes and squeezed out two teardrops of anger.

"It's really an accident this time. If it were a self-injury trick, how could it be so serious?" As the hostess of the Rong family, she had to take the interests of the whole into account. Essie also helped to explain.

"She drive herself into a fatal position and she will come out alive and intact. It's not the first time she used this trick to save herself." Dot cut in, "Last time, in order to frame grandma Lucy, she even made herself allergic to peanuts and almost died."

"I don't want to go back anyway. I'll celebrate the new year here." Mili threw herself into Lucy's arms with a stubborn look.

Lucy held her in his ar

e I'll succeed this time. I'll transplant them to your parterre," he said with a smile.

Mrs. Rose flipped her hair beside her ear and said, "Brother in law, aren't you going to see my sister today?" Since she entered the room, Albert had never mentioned Mary.

Mary's trick worked. For the time being, she didn't need to apologize to Luce. She saved her face, but didn't know that her marriage with Albert was completely ruined.

If she went to beg the pardon of Luce and Essie sincerely, Albert would still manage to maintain their marriage for the sake of the Rong family, but now...

"There are servants taking care of her. I don't need to go there," Albert said indifferently. Now, he felt annoyed to take one more look at Mary.

"How can a servant compare with you? You'd better visit her more when you have time," Rose said. In fact, she really wanted to see Mary, but Mary certainly didn't want to see her, so she didn't want to make her angry.

The three kids ran on the path of the flower field and rested on the stone bench when they were tired.

"Dot, do you find that Grandpa will laugh very happily as long as he is with grandma Charlotte?" Looking at Albert and Mrs. Rose not far away, Mili covered her mouth and said mysteriously.

"Do you want to say..." Dot wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Mili giggled. "We should help grandpa and grandma Charlotte more. If grandpa divorce bad grandma, then we don't need to look at her face anymore. We don't need to worry that she will break up mommy and daddy."

"Sis, you have to keep a low profile. Bad grandma is full of bad ideas. If she finds out, grandma Charlotte will be miserable. Bad grandma is so vicious, and grandma Charlotte is so simple. She can't defeat her," Dot said seriously.

"You are right. Grandma Charlotte is too kind. Maybe she will be killed by bad grandma." Mili pouted.

"So we'd better get rid of the bad grandma first," Dot said seriously, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Grandpa doesn't love her. She is a dead end. If we give her another hard blow, she will be doomed," Mili said with a smile.

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