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   Chapter 798 Zac's New Toy

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Mary would rather die than apologize to Lucy. She thought about it for a long time and decided that the only way now was to play the trick to make herself suffer to buy time.

This time, she didn't ask the servant to help her downstairs. In the middle of her walk, she deliberately twisted her feet and screamed and rolled downstairs.

In order to act the play, she really fell down. After all, she was an old woman. Her forehead was scratched, and her legs were broken. She rolled downstairs and passed out directly. Zac called an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

After the check-up in the hospital, they were assured that there was no cerebral hemorrhage.

"Mommy, why are you so careless?" Leila was filial to her. The two elders of the Rong family parents hadn't accepted her yet. She had to behave well.

"I was thinking about something else and absent-minded for a while," Mary said weakly.

"The new year is coming. It will take you one hundred days to recover for the wound on your leg. Aren't you going to lie here for the new year?" Leila sighed sadly.

"The bad thing come in succession. It doesn't matter. I don't have a good time this year anyway." A drop of tear fell from the corner of Mary's eyes, looking miserable. She had to put on a full play. Otherwise, how could she let Abel forgive her?

"Mommy, have a good rest. Don't think too much," Zac said.

After returning to the mansion, he reported Mary's injury to the two elders and Albert, and then called Essie to her room.

He told her that in today's family meeting, the two elders of the Rong family asked Mary to make an apology to her and her mother.

"We didn't expect that mommy had an accident. Grandpa, grandma and dad have discussed it. Mommy has to pay back what she had owed you in person, but she can't get out of bed at all now. She can only postpone it until she recovers. Please forgive her for this period of time."

Essie knew what he meant. Mary fell so heavily that she didn't expect that she did it on purpose. She just thought it was an accident.

"Mommy and I are fine. What you need to do is to persuade Mili and Dot. They are not ordinary children and have a good understanding of the world. Our opinions can't affect them." On the one hand, her words showed her tolerance. On the other hand, they also told Zac that she and her mother had never encouraged the children.

"I'll talk to the kids tomorrow." Zac put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Come with me to see someone now."

"Who?" Essie was slightly shocked.

"Aren't you investigating the adulterer of aunt Sally?" Zac said casually.

Hearing that, Essie was stunned. She didn't expect that Jay would betray her so soon? Was Zac's subordinate so loyal to him that they even report such a trivial matter to him?

She pursed her lips and said, "Do the young master of the Rong family need to do this kind of thing in person?"

"Honey, your IQ hasn't been improved for a long time. You can't tell important thing

s my client in the fitness club. She is quite familiar with me. I thought it would be a little difficult, but I didn't expect that she would take the bait with my usual way of chasing girls. Every time when she was half drunk, I asked her about the matter of the Rong Mansion and asked her to tell me what was interesting in it. Once, when she was happy, she told me that there was a secret passage in the mansion. Only she knew it, and no one else knew it. I told Michael about it. A few days later, he gave me a new task to seduce Peri, a servant of the Rong family. Peri works part-time in the coffee shop downstairs of our club. It's not difficult for me."

He pursed his lips and lowered his voice, "Peri is almost obedient to me. She listens to me in everything. When Michael saw that I had already won Peri's heart, he gave me the third task, asking Peri to force Mrs. Essie of the Rong family to step down. He has also prepared a backup plan. If you find out, we can ask Peri to frame Mrs. Mary. However, things didn't go as he expected. Mrs. Essie, the granddaughter in law of the Rong family, found the secret passage and was pushed down by Peri to have a premature birth. When Peri called me for help, I asked her to call her brother as Michael said and put all the blame on Mrs. Mary."

"What does Michael look like?"

"He's thin and tall, with small eyes, garlic nose and thick mouth. I just met him once in the night club, and I've contacted him through QQ for the rest of the time. When he spoke, his face was stiff, as if he was wearing a mask," Ken replied honestly.

"It must be the mask bought on Taobao again." Essie said angrily. "This is very likely having something to do with Willi. He is a shameless coward and likes to wear a silica gel mask most."

"Sure enough, he has aimed at the Rong family." Zac snorted coldly, with a malicious killing intent flashing in his eyes.

"He doesn't weigh his own weight. How dare a stinky roach challenge a lion?" Essie said angrily.

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