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   Chapter 797 Who Would Be Chosen

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"She was pissed off by Essie and the kids in Kiwi Island. Mili was spoiled. She was arrogant, domineering and disrespectful to the elders. She kept contradicting mommy. Mommy was so angry that she taught her a lesson. Before she could hit her, she was besieged by the Yi family. The members of the Yi family were so arrogant that they didn't take Mommy seriously at all. Essie's mother hit mommy, which made her so angry that she fainted with a heart attack." Taking advantage of the moment that Zac went upstairs to see Mary, Leila added fuel to the fire.

Alena glanced at her and said, "You haven't married into our family. Don't get involved in our family's affairs." Although her tone was light, the meaning behind her words was even heavier than lead balls. It was obvious that she regarded her as an outsider.

Leila's face turned pale and blue, and the resentment in her heart was like a torrent. Back then, she had knelt outside the Rong Mansion for half an hour, but she didn't get the consent of the two elders of the family. Now she finally got the title of a fake identity as Mrs. Laura, but she didn't expect to be still treated as an outsider. It was really annoying!

After Albert came back, the two elders held a family meeting.

Mary came in with the help of two servants. She pretended to cough as she walked, looking very weak.

Seeing that Leila didn't come in, she ordered uncle Li to call her, but was stopped by Alena, "You haven't been the hostess for too long. Have you forgotten the family rules? She hasn't been admitted by us yet. She hasn't worshiped the ancestors. She can't be considered a member of the family."

"Mom, back then Essie hadn't worshipped our ancestor, didn't you make an exception to treat her as the daughter-in-law of the Rong family? Why can't Laura?" Mary complained.

"She is not qualified," Alena said rudely. Although they were in Switzerland, they knew what had happened in the Rong Mansion.

"Why isn't Laura qualified enough? She is obedient, sensible, virtuous and reasonable. I think she is much better than Essie. " Mary pouted.

"Whoever is obedient to you is good, isn't it?" Alena snorted and looked gloomy.

"If I don't like a daughter-in-law who is filial to me, shall I like the one who makes me angry all day long? The mother and son are not polite and do not respect me. They won't stop until they piss me off to the day I die," Mary grumbled, covering her mouth and pretending to be uncomfortable.

"After the Spring Festival, you can move back to another garden. So everyone is quiet!" Albert frowned and felt disgusted with her.

Mary's heart jolted and her face changed slightly. She wouldn't move back to the other garden no matter what happened. As soon as she left, Mrs. Rose and Lucy came. Perhaps it was at that time, the love between Albert and Lucy was rekindled.

It was a special time. She couldn't leave and make way for the two gods of plague.

"Albert, you want me to leave, right? Then you can stay with your old lover, Luce," she complained with resentment.

"You are making trouble out of n

can't let go of this grudge, I have to give up on you. Even if you leave the Rong Mansion, I will still serve you for the rest of your life. But if you insist on letting me choose, my choice will only be my wife and children. "

"Ah --" Mary screamed hysterically, grabbed the teacup on the table and threw it on the ground.

She would rather die than apologize to Luce. She was not wrong at all. It was Luce who was shameless to seduce her husband everywhere. She deserved to be kicked out by the Xu family, and she deserved to lose everything. A tramp like her should die. She should die!

Shaking his head, Zac sighed, "Think it over!" Then he walked out.

In the evening, Essie came over. After all, Abel and Alena had just returned from abroad. As his granddaughter in law and the hostess of the family, it would be improper for her now to present.

"How is Mili?" Alena was worried about her great granddaughter the most. In the video, she kept talking. She could always made them happy. Now she became so depressed, how could they not feel sorry for her?

"She just drank some milk today. I coaxed her to sleep and asked the nanny to take care of her. Then I came here." Essie frowned slightly. Mili had always been very strong. She was also surprised that the situation was so serious this time.

"I'll take her out tomorrow to buy Barbie dolls. She likes that toy most," Alena said.

"Grandma, don't worry too much. After all, she is a child. Things will be over after some time." Essie patted on Alena's hand.

"The new year is coming. I don't want my great granddaughter to have a hard time this year," Alena said. Since her great grandchildren were not here, it was not a good time for the Rong Mansion to celebrate the new year.

Lowering her head, Essie didn't say anything. She wanted to ask Mili to stay in the Phoenix Road and bring Dot and the other two children to the Rong Mansion, but Dot didn't want to come either. She told her that wherever Mili was, he would be there. She tried to persuade him for a long time, but failed.

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