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   Chapter 795 On Fire

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"I really don't see how perfect a match between you. Both Valery and Leila are better than her, better and more suitable to you than her. Why do you have to choose her? She is a scourge. Since she entered the Rong family, there has been no peace in the family, and I have never had a comfortable life." Mary snorted.

When she was talking, Mili was about to drag Zac to catch the crab. When she heard her words, she was very angry. "Grandma, I don't think you and grandpa are suitable for each other. Grandma Charlotte and grandma Lucy are more suitable than you. No wonder my grandpa has always liked my grandma Lucy and didn't like you."

These words really stabbed into Mary's Achilles' heel mercilessly. She was so angry that she wanted to slap away Mili, the little girl who could only piss her off.

"You are just ill-bred like Luce and her daughter. You should be taught a lesson." She gritted her teeth.

"It's your fault. You always speak ill of my mommy. When you were not here, we were all very happy. When you came here, you scolded one or another, which destroyed the good atmosphere. People say that a mouse shit can destroy a pot of porridge. Why do you have to be that shit?" Mili's little sharp tongue was like a machine gu that kept shooting at Mary.

"You little girl, how dare you teach me a lesson before you grow up? Are you going to rebel?"

Mary was furious. She raised her hand and was about to slap her hard. Zac was quick eyed and agile enough to protect Mili in his arms. The slap fell on his arm.

She almost used up all her strength, and Zac felt her strength. If this slap was on the weak little daughter, the consequences would be unimaginable. It could be fatal.

A gloomy anger rose from Zac's face. "You've gone too far. She's just a child!"

Mary's fingernails were long. Because she used too much strength, her fingertips scratched five deep bloodstains on Zac's arm.

Leila stood aside and watched. How she hoped that the slap would fall on Mili's face and fan her to death, so as to frustrate Zac and Essie to relieve her hatred.

Looking at Zac's arm, Mili burst into tears and shouted desperately, "Help, Mommy, help, Grandpa... Grandma wants to kill me! Grandma wants to kill me!"

Only then did Mary realize that she had done something stupid.

It was not that she regretted slapping Mili. She wished she could strangle the bitches that Essie had given birth to one by one and never get in trouble again.

She regretted that she had chosen the wrong place and should teach this bitch a lesson secretly.

Mili compared her with Mrs. Rose and Luce, the two women she hated most, and pointed at her Achilles' heel, which made her angry and lose her mind, completely ignoring the consequences.

"Shut up! Stop shouting!" she roared and tried to cover Mili's mouth, but was pushed away by Zac.

"From now on, stay away from my child." Then he picked up Mili.

Mili cried even louder and called everyone over.

"Baby, what happened?" Essie asked in a hurry.

disappointed with her that he could only feel disgust in his heart. "I tell you, the Rong family can live without you, but we can't live without Essie and the children. If you can't get along well with them, you have to leave."

His tone was cold and sharp, and a muscle on Mary's face was twitching violently.

"Daddy, mommy has a heart attack. She can't bear it." Leila held Mary with one hand and pinched her flesh gently with her fingers, implying her to pretend to be sick as soon as possible.

Mary understood what she meant. She also saw the situation clearly. Now she was obviously in a weak position. Albert and Zac, one cared about hid granddaughter and the other cared about hid woman. They were both angry. They would definitely not forgive her. Pretending to be dead was the best way to get out of the trouble.

She covered her chest, "Ouch!" she closed her eyes and leaned towards Leila.

"Mommy --" Leila screamed deliberately. Zac stepped forward and held Mary in his arms. "Call an ambulance."

"No need. I have brought some medicine for Mommy." Leila stopped him immediately. They would be exposed if they went to the hospital. She took out the medicine bottle from her pocket, poured out a pill and fed it to Mary. Then she asked Zac to help her into the room to rest.

Hiding in the arms of Essie, Mili said, "Mommy, I'm afraid of bad grandma. I don't want to go back to the Rong Mansion. I want to live in grandma's house."

"Okay, we won't go back. Let's go to grandma Lucy's home." Patting her back gently, Essie comforted her in a low voice.

The happy family activity ended in discord.

Lucy and Bob took the children back to Phoenix Road.

Mary decided to keep pretending to be sick in case the two elders came back to blame her. She would never go to Phoenix Road to pick up those bastards. She hoped that Essie and the bastards would leave the Rong Mansion completely, so that she could be quiet.

But she was too naive. It was not easy to muddle through this time.

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