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   Chapter 794 Change Our Grandma

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Irene came over in a swimsuit.

"Aunt, it's winter now. Aren't you cold?"

"The sun is so bright. How can it be cold?" Irene smiled and squatted beside Zac.

Essie stood up and went to get some fruits for the children. Irene felt that this was a good opportunity. Seeing that she had gone far, she pretended to lose her balance, tilted her body and fell towards Zac.

Zac hated physical contact with women. He moved aside subconsciously, and Irene fell on the beach like a dog biting mud.

In the baby stroller, when little Dawny saw her, he was so happy that he giggled and clapped his hands constantly, as if he was gloating over her misfortune.

Mili also burst into laughter. "Auntie, you squatted well before. Why did you fall?"

"Maybe it's because of the poor development of the cerebellum which cause the poor coordination of the four limbs," Dot explained seriously.

"No, it's not like that. She is wearing too little clothes. Her legs are frozen," Rabi corrected him in a sweet voice.

Irene was extremely embarrassed. In France, her suggestive moves had always been effective and had never failed. How could she fail again and again in front of Zac?

She really wanted to find an opportunity to confess her love to Zac directly, but she was worried that he really had no interest in her, then she couldn't play with him in the future.

Zac handed her a wet tissue to let her wipe the sand off her body. "After all, it's winter now. You should wear more. Don't catch a cold."

Irene nodded dejectedly. She went to the dressing room and put on a blanket.

At this time, Essie had brought the freshly washed fruit to the children and made a glass of juice for Dawny.

Sitting in the baby stroller, Dawny watched his sister and brothers eating fruit, he was unhappy and urged his mommy to feed him fruit juice.

"Little glutton, I'll feed you." Zac caressed his little face dotingly and handed the feeder with juice to his mouth.

The little boy finished eating and smiled contentedly. He reached out his little hand to his daddy and wanted to come out and play. Zac took him out of the stroller and put him on the cushion, letting him climb by himself.

Irene looked at the family of six with an envious look on her face. This scene was very beautiful. Except for Essie, it would be perfect if she could be replaced by her.

Not far from the beach, four elders played Bridge together. After building their castles, Mili and Dot ran to their grandparents. One sat next to Albert, and the other sat next to Bob, watching them play.

"Luce, it was more than twenty years ago that we sat together and played Bridge," Albert said with a slight smile.

"After I left Dragon City, I never thought that I would come back one day. Things are hard to predict." Lucy sighed. Baron and Albert liked to play Bridge, so every weekend in the past, the two couples would gather together to play Bridge, and sometimes they would play all night.

"We are destined to be relatives by marriage." Albert smiled.

"I used to only play the game of landlord card and I didn't know how to play Bridge

h was a blatant neglect of her.

Lucy held the children in her arms and said, "You little kings, go with me, mommy and grandma Rose to catch the crabs."

"Yeah, catching crabs." Rabi clapped his hands happily.

"Come on, Rose. The most important thing is to have fun since we are on vacation." Lucy smiled at Mrs. Rose meaningfully.

Mrs. Rose nodded and took the hands of Mili and Dot. She greeted Mary indifferently and walked towards the rock bank not far away with the children.

Essie pushed the baby stroller and walked behind them.

Irene followed them immediately, fearing that Mary would mention the watch again.

"Mommy, have you and sister in law had dinner? The seafood here is good. Would you like to have dinner first?" Zac said. He was very clear that although Mary said it was a coincidence, it was not so coincidental. She had a suspicious habit and followed them here to monitor his father. His father, the Nine Tailed Fox king, must have guessed it. He was angry and would definitely not talk to her.

"I've already had it." Mary rolled her eyes at him and said, "If you could find a considerate wife like Laura, I wouldn't have been upset like this." Lucy provoked her, she would not let go of Essie.

"Mommy, why do you always like those I hate?" Zac shrugged.

Hearing this, Leila's resentment swelled up like a fire balloon and was about to burst out. She used to love him with her whole heart. Now she hated him as much as she loved him before. She wanted to turn all her love for him into hatred. She had to let him know that it was the most wrong decision for him not to choose her.

"If you find such a god of plague to come in, you will be relieved only if you piss me off to death." Mary was exasperated. Obviously, Luce and her daughter came back for revenge. They wanted to drive her out of the Rong family, but he was so obsessed with her that he couldn't see it at all.

Zac frowned, "My wife and I are meant to be together. People can't fight against the sky, so they can only follow the guidance of God. Don't you think so?"

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