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   Chapter 793 Feeling Uneasy

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"Rose, you should know that only the memory in your mind is the most reliable. As long as you regain your memory, you will know who you really are. Before that, no matter what that woman said, you should ignore her. She just wants to drive you away. She is afraid that you will remember and take back your family that should belong to you. " Lucy held her shoulder.

"What if I can't remember it all my life?" Mrs. Rose shook her head and had no confidence at all.

"Last time you came to ask me what happened in the past. You must have remembered something, right?" Lucy asked.

"Just some fragments." Mrs. Rose lowered her head.

"That means the treatment is useful. Your memory is slowly recovering." Lucy comforted, "Rose, if you leave, the truth will always be buried. You and Albert have missed more than half of your life. Do you really want him to be kept in the dark and treat others as his wife? As for Zac and Walt, don't you want them to call you mommy? "

Mrs. Rose was silent. She thought of Albert and the scene they shared that night. Although she had lost her memory, he had been hidden in her subconsciousness and never disappeared. She still loved him!

"Roses, after a person loses her memory, she will show her most primitive nature. If you are Charlotte, your taste, preferences and personality should be Charlotte's, not Mary's. Even if you tried your best to play her in the past, those changes will disappear after you lose your memory. And Mrs. Suzan, before the accident, she always said that you were Mary. You have to believe in your mother. Her perception is not wrong," Lucy said earnestly.

A drop of tear fell from Mrs. Rose's eyes. "Even if this terrible thing is true and I am Mary, I can't go back after so many years."

"You can go back. Albert didn't love this insidious and vicious Mary at all. He loved the kind-hearted and innocent Mary before the car accident. The reason why he still maintained the marriage was just because of responsibility. Albert is so good and excellent. His marriage shouldn't be a weak point. He should have his own happiness. " As Lucy spoke, she held her wrist and said, "This watch wasn't bought by Irene. It was a gift from Albert. He was worried that you wouldn't accept it, so he asked Irene to tell a lie for you. I think he has already felt that you are the woman he once liked and wanted to marry. "

Mrs. Rose covered her face and burst into tears. Was her husband, her son, her family all hers?

"Stay here, Rose. You should also protect yourself. Don't trust that woman. She can do anything. Essie and I almost died because of her. " Lucy held her in her arms and patted her back gently.

At this moment, Mrs. Rose's heart was in a mess. She needed to calm down.

In the hall, seeing Lucy come out, Irene and Essie hurried to approach her.

"Did my mother agree to stay?" Irene asked.

Lucy nodded, "It's all right. Don't worry."

"Did aunt quarrel with mom because of that watch? I thought she had muddled

she continues to misunderstand us."

Albert and Mrs. Rose were shocked at the same time. They looked at each other meaningfully.

"Albert, it's rare for you to be free today. Let's not talk about these trifles. We should have fun with the children," Bob said.

Albert nodded with a smile, "You're right. It's the first time I come out with you two. It's really rare."

Stroking her son's head, Essie said, "Rabi, you are the elder brother. Take the lead and sing a song for grandpas and grandmas."

"Okay." Rabi nodded obediently and sang 'Count Ducks' in his childish and clear voice.

Happiness and harmony returned to the car.

After arriving at the Kiwi Island by yacht, Essie and Zac took the children to build sand castle on the beach.

Mili chuckled as she pinched the sand. "It's so funny. Grandma has checked the mistress for several days, but she didn't expect that grandpa's watch was given to grandma Rose."

"Grandma is so narrow-minded and like to be suspicious. Grandpa won't tell her anything," Dot said seriously.

"Grandma Lucy is so smart. It's the first time that I have found that grandma Lucy is a powerful person." Mili pursed her lips.

"You've learnt a lesson from a mistake. Grandma Lucy was tricked by Elizabeth and grandma Mary together. She will not be stupid anymore." The sand castle made of Dot was very artistic. He had shown his talent in architecture since childhood, which was inherited from his father.

"Mommy has been cheated by two mistresses, including bad aunt and Leila. Why haven't she learned her lesson and be more careful with the mistress?" Mili tilted her head and looked confused.

Zac and Essie were speechless at the same time.

It seemed that their daughter hadn't come out of the devil's circle of mistress yet!

"Honey, this kind of thing requires the self-conscious of the couple." Essie pinched her little face. At the thought that alcohol could cure the man's hidden disease, she was really not as relieved as before.

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