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   Chapter 791 The Tenderness Of Jim

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At the thought that she was going to marry a man and that he couldn't order her as he liked he did now in the future, he felt as if one thousand daggers were cruelly stabbing and stirring, and ten thousand horses were galloping and trampling ruthlessly.

Since Janice left, his heart had been quiet and dead, and this enemy of three life time inadvertently broke into his world. His dead heart was revived like magic, and the quiet lake of the river was stirred.

He was not sure whether he could still be as calm as before, because as long as he did not see her, he would be bored.

"Heaven pepper, I wish you happiness anyway," he said in a hoarse voice.

Eva smiled, revealing a row of white teeth, "Thank you. I finally heard a kind word from you. It's rare to see that you don't curse me that I will not end up good to show off my love."

"Do you need a bottle of champagne to celebrate for you in advance?" A mocking smile appeared on Jim's face.

Eva didn't realize that what he said was a mockery. She chuckled and asked, "Do you have?"

Jim shook his head and smiled. It was normal that the trilobite's intelligence couldn't understand.

He entered the cabin and came out soon, with a bottle of nineteen ninety two La Romanee-Conti in his hand.

He opened the cork with a bang, and transparent liquid with white bubbles overflowed from the bottle.

Eva laughed happily. Her silvery laughter was like the echo of sea waves, breaking the quiet night and filling it.

Jim's heart was also shocked. In an instant, an idea flashed through his mind, trying to make her his woman.

This idea startled him. He quickly smashed it and threw it into the sea ruthlessly.

No matter how good an appetizer was, it could never be a main dish. The only person he loved was Janice, and the only person he wanted was Janice. There would be no other people, let alone this heaven pepper.

He poured two glasses of champagne and handed one to [Eva, "I wish you..." He paused. For some reason, the following words seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, pressing the tip of his tongue and making it difficult for him to spit them out. He swallowed and said in a low and hoarse voice, "I wish you and Arnold a happy marriage."

"Thank you. I also wish you to find a new love as soon as possible. Find a beautiful, smart and well built-beauty." Eva smiled happily.

"Superficial." The word of Jim's sneer shattered the harmonious atmosphere on the deck.

"Isn't this the type you like?" said Eva, pouting.

Shrugging, Jim asked, "Are you a mind reader? You know me so well?"

"No, I don't know. I was just guessing." Eva wrinkled her nose. She knew that he liked Janice, but she couldn't just say that he would find another sick beauty like her.

"A blind cat can't always bump into a dead mouse." Jim snorted.

"Well, forget it." Eva glared at him and took a sip of the wine alone. She smacked her lips and smiled again. "No wonder it's the best champagne in the world. It's really delicious."

"Don't drink as much as you eat. Champagne is also containing of alcohol. If you get drunk, I'll throw you in

, and his eyes flashed with a malicious light, and the blue veins on his forehead were rolling. Obviously, her words irritated him.

She hurriedly raised her hand to cover her mouth. As long as he was angry, he would punish her in the way of forcing a kiss. She couldn't let him succeed again.

"I said something wrong. You don't have to block my mouth. I'll block it myself." She covered her mouth tightly and her voice was muffled and unclear.

This made Jim feel both angry and funny. "It's okay if I don't punish you, but you should punish yourself."

"How can I punish myself?" Eva asked hurriedly.

"Pound on my back." An evil smile appeared on Jim's face. He wanted her to give him a massage, but when he thought of the wound on her palm, he changed it to the simplest one.

"You are not an old man. Why do you want me to pound your back?" Eva muttered angrily.

"Can you massage me?" Jim retorted.

"No, I can't."

"Then don't talk nonsense." After giving the order, Jim went back to his chair and sat down.

Eva felt that she was wronged. It was all her fault. She was too weak to defeat him. Otherwise, how could she be suppressed like this?

Reluctantly, she walked over, clenched her fists and smashed them on his shoulder.

"Are you feeling well, creditor?"

"Be gentle, or you will be punished for three hours," Jim warned her slowly. She was too weak for him. In fact, he was worried that the wound on her palm would crack if she used too much strength. Maybe he was drunk and began to be tender to her again. Her skin was rough and thick, and she was neither tender nor beautiful. She should be punished as a hard labor.

As soon as Eva heard the warning, her strength was immediately reduced to nothingness, as if she had touched it.

Jim was very satisfied with her react. A mischievous smile appeared on his face.

At midnight, the deck became silent.

Eva soon fell asleep in the room. In the middle of the night, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up in a daze and looked at it. A terrified scream burst out from her throat.

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