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   Chapter 790 How Much Do You Hunger For Marriage

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Essie found that Zac seemed to be full of energy. After the fierce 'water battle', he didn't feel tired at all. He lay beside her and fiddled with her hair with interest.

He rolled it up with his fingers, put it down, then rolled it up and then put it down again.

Exhausted, Essie just wanted to sleep and ignored him. He could play as he liked.

After a while, he changed the way to braid her hair. After a good sleep, Essie touched her head, feeling a mess in her heart. He had braided twenty pigtails for her.

"When I was a child, I saw aunt Luce braid your hair. Then I learned how to braid it. Every time I went to the Xu family's manor to visit you, I would remove your braid and then braid it for you again." Zac smiled.

"Why don't I remember?" Essie turned to look at him.

"You were only three years old at that time, of course you wouldn't remember." Zac rubbed her nose dotingly and continued, "I hurt you once. You cried and never let me braid again. I then forced you and tempted you. I would buy you a Barbie doll if you let me braid it once."

"You bullied me when I was a child, and you bullied me when I grew up!" Essie glanced at him coquettishly.

"You are born for me. You are destined to be under my control. Just accept your fate!" Zac smiled evilly.

"What if I don't?" Raising her eyebrows stubbornly, Essie looked unyielding.

"Do you still have a way out?" Zac sneered, with malicious and insidious light flashing in his cold eyes. She had been monopolized by him all her life.

"Nothing is absolute. I can run away once, and I can also run away for the second time," Essie said in a threatening tone. Although she was very clear that the possibility was zero, and even if she couldn't let go of the big one, she couldn't let go of the kids. She just wanted to fight against him fearlessly.

Zac's face darkened. During the three years she was in the United States, his life was a torture to him, and there were still scars that hadn't been removed. At this moment, her words poked his scar hard.

He turned over fiercely and said, "You can try it if you are not afraid of death, but don't ever want to see the sun above your head again." He threatened word by word, and then punished her, because her words irritated him.

Realizing his intention, Essie was so frightened that her face turned pale. She wanted to struggle and escape, but he was as strong as Five Fingers Mountain, and even if she were the Monkey King, she couldn't escape.

When Essie woke up again, it was already dark. She was very hungry. The first thing she did when she got up was to fill her stomach. The second thing was to ask Jay to investigate the man beside Peri for her. Her intuition told her that this man might not be simple. There must be a plot behind it.

On the yacht, Eva and Terence had just watched the horror movie Ghost Husband in Thailand.

"You are afraid of ghosts, but you still watch horror movie." Seeing the touched look on her face, he teased her.

"I'm afraid of a real ghost, not a ghost i

she mentioned Janice, uncovered his scar and made him sad, didn't she?

After sitting on the sofa alone for a long time, she decided to go to the deck to get some fresh air.

Standing still at the bow of the boat, the moonlight cast a long shadow behind him, like a slanted ink.

Eva slowly walked over and said, "Scum Jim, I've calculated it. The tragedy of our animosity of a three generations will be completely ended after I pay your debt of gratitude. In the next life, we don't need to be enemies anymore."

"What are we going to do in the next life?"

"Strangers." Eva grinned.

The corners of her beautiful mouth seemed to be pricked by a needle, and a slight twitch swept over. "Then you have to pray in the future, don't accidentally owe me again."

"No, I won't. I'll get married after I pay your debt." Eva pouted.

Recently, he hated to hear the word 'marriage', harsh, very harsh!

"How much do you hunger for marriage? You always talk about marriage!" He bit his lips and the muscles around his lips tightened.

Eva turned his head to look at him. The moonlight lit up his eyes. From inside, she saw her own shadow. It was so small, so insignificant, just like her in his heart.

"I'm an ordinary woman. Of course I have to marry as soon as I find a good man who loves me wholeheartedly." She laughed at herself.

"You are right," He said in a low voice, and his heart twisted inexplicably.

"Scum Jim, I hope you can find your lover as soon as possible. Don't always immerse yourself in the sadness of the past. People should look forward," she tried to comfort him.

Jim was in a low spirit at this moment. "It's none of your business," he said crossly.

"I know. I don't have the right to ask anything about you, Jim. I just said it casually." Eva looked down at the sparkling sea.

The moonlight shone on her beautiful face, making her look a little childish, clear and lovely.

When his eyes fell on her face, it was as if they were sucked by a magnet and could no longer move.

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