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   Chapter 698 Temptation Of Evening Dress

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"Ten years ago, after the burglary case of the museum in C country, he disappeared. I didn't expect that he would join Willi's group."

Hearing what William said, Zac couldn't help but clench his fists, with his knuckles creaking in the air. It seemed that he had underestimated Willi's power. He not only had a huge financial group to support him, but also had secretly collected a lot of capable people and daredevils. And his ambition was definitely not only the Xu's Group, but also the Rong's Group.

"Send me all his information," he ordered.

"Yes, sir." William nodded, pursed his lips and continued, "According to the information provided by the international police, Reid is not only extremely conceited, but also has a unique quirk."

"What's your eccentricity?"

William typed two words on the screen.

Zac's black eyes narrowed, and a strange cold light flashed through his eyes.

On Saturday, the spring and summer fashion show of BELLA was held solemnly at the Century Square of Yang City.

Under the leadership of Hanson, BELLA was booming. It had merged two famous fashion brands in the world and became a powerful fashion empire in the East. BELLA's fashion show had also become the most eye-catching fashion show in the eastern region. Famous brands and designers from the four major fashion cities had all attended it.

Coming to watch the fashion show eased Essie's depressed mood a little. She had planned to return to the SUMMER 100 ℃ and her favorite fashion field after the childbirth. But now that such a thing happened, this plan might be postponed indefinitely.

"When I grow up, I will also be a fashion designer like daddy Hanson and Mommy," Mili said seriously. At such a young age, she inherited her mother's genes and had shown her talent in fashion design. She had designed a lot of clothes for her Barbie doll, and even cut and sewed by herself.

"You will definitely be stronger than mommy and me." Hanson touched her head with a smile.

"I want to be an architect like daddy and design many beautiful houses," Rabi said. Her sister and brother were too smart. He knew that he was not as smart as them, but he also wanted to work hard and not to be too far behind them.

Zac knew what he was thinking. He always encouraged him and didn't let him feel stressed. "Rabi has always been excellent. You are the pride of daddy and Mommy."

Dot didn't say anything. Like Zac, he was introverted and never revealed himself in front of outsiders. In other words, he hid his real strength.

Looking at the children, Essie felt a little comforted. Zac also seized the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and put his arm around her shoulder. "Honey, look, we still have three lovely children. Only when you are with them well can they grow up happily."

Essie tried to smile, but the smile hadn't taken shape yet, as if it had been frozen by the cold wind from Siberia. She couldn't calm herself down at the thought that her little Dawny was still suffering outside.

"Icy guy, I know you don't like m

ress is so beautiful." It was not only a dress, but also a piece of art.

"If you like it, I'll bid it for you." Zac smiled.

Turning around, Essie put her arms around his neck and said, "The only thing you need to do now is to find my Dawny back. I don't need anything else."

"I know." Zac nodded. When the corner of his eyes glanced at the evening dress in the photo, a strange light flashed.

There were two red hearts shining in Ivy's eyes. Her admiration for Hanson was beyond words on the earth. She crossed her hands with her chin and looked at Hanson not far away with love. "My brother Hanson is the God of the fashion world. Versace and Jacob should all stand aside in front of my brother Hanson."

"Ivy, you are such an anthomaniac." Irene looked at her with a frightened expression.

"Yes, I do. I'm only obsessed with my brother Hanson." Ivy didn't care at all, as if she was proud of her obsession with him.

After the fashion conference, they returned to the Legendary. Excited, Ivy kept talking about her brother Hanson.

Unable to fall asleep, Essie sat in the open-air garden with Zac to watch the stars.

"Icy guy, this is where we had our second mock date. I made a hot pot. You are a little disappointed," she said in a sad voice.

"Yes, a little. I feel that you are perfunctory to me." Zac smiled.

"In fact, I'm even more disappointed, because you ran away halfway to look for Leila." Turning around, Essie gently pinched the tip of his chin as if she was punishing him.

"Then you scared me on purpose, saying that you were in the shop and caused me to search all over the city for you." Zac held her in his arms. "Time flies. More than four years have passed in a blink of an eye."

"I heard that there is a seven-year itch in marriage. Can we get through it?" Raising her eyes, Essie took a look at him. Her heart seemed to be covered with a thick cloud of melancholy, which made her unable to see hope and light.

She was so scared. Not only Dawny, but also he would leave her one day.

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