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Eva specially took a week's holiday to Yang City with her best friend. When Irene heard about it, she took the opportunity to ask Ivy to go with them and help her persuade Essie. Zac agreed.

There were the best memories of Essie in Legendary. Here, Zac was just a poor hobo. Relying on her luck, he made some money by stock speculation and was promoted to be a house owner. She was a small designer who ran a Taobao shop. Although she was not famous or had no background, with her own talent and efforts, she barely reach the well-off level.

"Icy guy, if only we were two ordinary people, then we wouldn't have so many enemies and fights." She leaned on his chest and burst into tears.

Zac knew that she was in a special period. The change of hormones in her body made her extremely depressed. According to the doctor, after the puerperal period, her body gradually recovered and her mood would be slightly better.

"My little fool, everything will be fine. Trust me." Zac comforted her. Her face was pale and colorless. He felt as if a knife were piercing his heart.

Eva came over and held her hand, "Essie, do you remember that when you were in Yang City, Sunny always went against you? She used her father's power in Yang City's fashion industry to hinder you from finding a job, which made you fail in every interview. She wanted to kick you out of Yang City, but you were not afraid at all. If you didn't have a job, you could open an Internet store on Taobao. You were still popular. In our iron triangle friendship, you are the toughest and will never yield to the enemies. You will be able to find Dawny this time. Let's work together to find him back! "

A teardrop fell from Essie's eyes. She also wanted to cheer herself up and think positively, but she was not in a good mood. When she calmed down, she would think of her little baby. She was afraid that he would be mistreated by her enemies, that he would not be fed, that he would be sick, and that he might already... These terrible things kept torturing her fragile nerves, making her anxious and uneasy, making her worry so much that she would collapse at any time.

"I'm a little tired. I want to sleep for a while," she buried her head in his arms and said in a low voice.

"Okay, I'll take you upstairs." He lifted her up and walked upstairs. His steps were heavy, just like his mood.

"Icy guy, can you sing for me? 'You Raise Me Up' is the favorite song of Dawny and me. " Lying on the bed, she leaned her head against his shoulder as a pillow.

"Okay," he nodded and said in a low and magnetic voice like the sounds of nature, "When I am down and oh my soul so weary..."

"Icy guy, you sing so well! You should be a singer, a soul singer. Dawny heard your singing and he came back to us. I think no matter where he is now, no matter how old he will be, as long as he hears your song, he will definitely remember us and recognize us... " She clo

he closed her eyes and didn't need to worry about anything. But the remaining sanity made her stop the idea. She couldn't die. Dawny was still waiting for her to save him. Mili and Dot also needed her. And Willi, the dead mouse, she had to save her life to cut off his flesh, so that he could taste the pain and suffering.

However, she still couldn't control her depression because of her physical problem. Maybe as the doctor said, she would get better after the puerperal period.

"I want to sit in the garden," she said haltingly.

"Okay." Zac lifted her up and went to the open-air garden. Eva poured her a glass of milk to supplement nutrition.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of milk, Essie calmed down a little. She looked up at her friends who were concerned about her and said, "Eva, Hanson, Ivy, Irene, thank you for coming to accompany me."

"Essie, I can do anything as long as you cheer up," Hanson said sadly.

"Essie, no matter what happens, we will be with you," Eva said solemnly and firmly.

Ivy and Irene didn't say anything. The two of them came here for other purposes. Ivy came for Hanson, and Irene came for Zac. But they were also different. Ivy really hoped that Essie could be better, and Irene hoped that she would never be good.

In the afternoon, William called and they had known the identity of the criminal.

Zac went into the study, turned on the computer and video chatted with him.

"When the nurses in the hospital sorted out the intensive care unit, they found a golden button. This button is special, not something for the medical staff. We have contacted the international police office. According to their investigation, the person who kidnapped young master is likely to be Reid, who committed a series of crimes in Europe ten years ago. "

After a pause, William continued, "Reid is quite conceited. Every time he finishes a case, he will leave a golden button as a show off and provocation."

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