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   Chapter 647 Need To Have An Abortion

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In the Dragon City of the eastern region, the sun was shining brightly. It was the first day that Vinton moved in Eva's apartment, and he was in a good mood. He put a few pieces of organic vegetables on the snail and leaned against the sofa.

At this time, his mobile phone rang and an email was sent: Mr. Vinton, it's twelve o'clock in the evening in Western America. Do you know what your girlfriend, Eva, is doing? She just came out of Jim's limousine, disheveled. What do you think they are doing after being locked up for two hours?

The photos were attached. Vinton saw clearly that it was Eva who came out of the limo.

He didn't believe that Eva would have an affair with Jim. The only thing he worried about was that Jim would bully Eva. They had been enemies for three lifetimes. Eva had been against Jim all the time. Maybe Jim had a grudge against her and used the excuse of hype to humiliate Eva.

He picked up his phone and called his assistant, asking her to arrange a private plane for him to visit the United States.

When he arrived, the shooting team had just finished a day's shooting. Eva was surprised and pleased. "Vinton, why are you here?"

"I miss you." Vinton stretched out his arms and held her waist. He lowered his head and kissed her affectionately on the red lips, without caring about the cameras around.

The director thought it was a good topic and asked the photographer to continue shooting.

Jim was not far away. When he saw the two people making out, an indescribable deep expression quietly flashed across his face.

Vinton also saw him. He held Eva's arm and walked towards him deliberately. "Jim, I didn't expect you to take part in this variety show with Eva."

"I don't have much work to do recently. It's good for me to travel and relax." Shrugging his shoulders, Jim looked calm. After saying that, he smiled faintly, "Are you here to visit her or to take care of her?"

"As soon as she left, I began to miss her, so I came here." Vinton smiled, turned around and kissed her on the cheek, "I've decided that I'll go wherever you go in the future."

Eva glanced at him coquettishly, "don't talk nonsense. There are a lot of things waiting for you to do in the Xu Group. You can't delay your work."

"The Xu Group is not as important as you." Vinton looked at her affectionately.

An unpredictable feeling rose in Jim's chest, as if thousands of horses were galloping and trampling, and thousands of sharp arrows were penetrating and stabbing. He had never been in such a situation, even when Janice was alive.

Mandy walked over and smiled at Vinton, "Wow, Mr. Vinton, you two love each other so much that I'm jealous."

Vinton glanced at her with sympathy. This woman was not bad, but she was willing to be his uncle Bles' mistress. He really didn't know what she was thinking? Was it because of the lack of father's love?

"I don't know how to call yo

e pretended to be very concerned.

"Two weeks around the neck. The doctor said there was little hope of survival, and suggested that we should perform the operation as soon as possible, so as to reduce the pain of the fetus." Tears welled up in Essie's eyes as she spoke.

"Is it so serious?" Leila's heart jolted. She really hoped that Essie would give birth to this child. This bastard would become a stain in her life, and also an irresistible thorn between her and Zac.

Stroking her bulging belly, Essie sobbed, "what a poor child. He hasn't been born yet. He is leaving us after taking a good look at the world."

"I know a very good obstetrician. How about inviting her to see Essie tomorrow?" Leila suggested.

"Sister-in-law, we appreciate your kindness. What shouldn't have come is destined not to come." Zac refused politely with a bit of toughness in his tone.

Leila could tell that he really wanted the baby to miscarry. This was a good chance. Even if there was a chance to save it, he might not try.

At this time, the doctor came in and asked them if they had considered the surgery.

Holding the hand of Essie, Zac said, "we've made up our mind. Let's arrange the operation as soon as possible."

Tears welled up in Essie's eyes. She shook her head desperately at Zac, but Zac ignored her action completely and looked very cold.

Leila's malicious eyes flashed, "when will you have an operation? Tell me and I'll come to accompany Essie."

Zac nodded slightly.

After returning home, she told the news to Walt, who was waiting anxiously.

[Walt punched the wall angrily. "He just wants to take the opportunity to kill my child. I won't let him succeed. I'll take her and the child away!"

"Don't be impulsive. If you screw it up, you will not only fail to save the child, but also hurt yourself."

"I don't care." Walt almost lost control. He just wanted to send her to the hospital and take away Essie.

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