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   Chapter 645 Hype

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"Eva, come and eat my food." Mandy handed the mushroom balls to her. She had been on a diet recently. She only ate vegetables and didn't eat meat, lest she had too many calories.

Eva smiled, "My best friend is the most considerate." After saying that, she glared at Jim and continued to eat.

Jim ignored her, put the roasted beef ribs on the plate and began to eat elegantly.

The constant fragrance from the side attracted the greed on the tip of Eva's tongue. She turned her head and stole a glance at it. The beef ribs were so well roasted that they were both burnt and tender. She couldn't understand why a person like Jim who was well-off and well-dressed was able to cook so well!

In a trance, she seemed to see a cow rib flying towards her and to her mouth. The fragrance penetrated into her nose, making the greedy in her stomach excited. It directly attacked her brain, making it unable to play normal sense again.

She couldn't stand it anymore and bit it.

'Oh my God! It's so smooth, so delicious, so crispy and so yummy. I have never eaten such delicious beef ribs in my life.' So she opened her mouth wider and was about to take another two bites when the beef ribs suddenly flew away. A low voice came from the side, "is it delicious?"

"Yummy." She nodded like a chicken pecking rice, as if she had been hypnotized.

"Do you want to eat more?"

"Yes, I do." She nodded calmly.

Jim couldn't help laughing. He had seen a greedy cat before, but it was the first time that he had seen such a greedy cat like her. He seriously suspected that one day, the heaven pepper would sell herself for delicious food.

A gust of night wind blew from the valley, and Eva seemed to wake up from a dream. When she saw the handsome and mocking face in front of her, she realized her gaffe. Embarrassed, she turned her head, lowered her head and ate the mushroom balls without saying anything.

Jim smiled and gave her the beef ribs on the plate. "For the sake that you are my companion, I'll give you this reward."

As soon as Eva saw it, her face lit up with laughter. "Then I won't be so polite." She never fought with food. The world was big, and her stomach was the biggest. Even the end of the world could not stop her from tasting food.

She ate up the beef rib quickly.

"Heaven pepper, the camera is still on. Do you want the whole country to appreciate your horrible eating?" Jim sneered, as if he was reminding her to pay attention to her image.

She choked hard, covered her mouth and coughed for a few times to ease the air. "If I am shot, I'll ask the director to cut it off." She said awkwardly.

"That's a good idea." With a faint smile, Jim picked up a chicken wing and roasted it.

Eva also picked up one and was about to put it on the fire to roast, but he stopped her. "Wasting food is a shameful behavior." This was a mockery.

"Don't look down upon me. I'll cook it well this time." Eva shook off hi

hink such a life will happen again." Mandy sighed slightly.

Eva turned around, held her head with one hand and looked at her. "Mandy, are you still with that old man of the Xu family?"

Mandy was silent.

The limousine was so quiet that the sound of beasts outside the window could be heard.

"Mandy, you have a good condition. You should find a man at your age. Even if you like mature men, you should find a one who is still unmarried." Eva advised.

"Eva, don't worry about me. I'll handle it myself." Mandy didn't want to hear it anymore. It was a sharp thorn in her heart. If she didn't touch it, she would feel numb and pain. Especially when she saw that Essie and Eva had found an excellent husband, her heart ached even more.

Eva sighed helplessly. She really couldn't figure out why Mandy insisted on being with Bles, a married old man. It couldn't be that she abandoned herself just because her admiration on Zac had been ignored?

However, since she didn't want to hear it, Eva didn't mention it anymore, lest she would be unhappy and ignore her again.

While she was deep in thought, Mandy said in a low voice, "I find that you have a good relationship with Jim. Tell me honestly, are you deliberately hyping for the new play, or are you really in love with each other?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I have a boyfriend." Eva curled her lips.

"Are you hyping?" Mandy didn't want to let her go easily.

She didn't say anything. People who were in the entertainment circle were sensitive and would deliberately exaggerate any news. They seemed to ignore the bickering between her and Jim. When Jim was so kind-hearted that he roasted something for her, they were very interested in it.

Mandy thought that she acquiesced, with a malicious smile on her face.

"I knew it. You have Vinton. How could you be with Jim again? But last time, your cheating news went so crazy. Isn't it a little risky for you to hype about your relationship? "

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