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   Chapter 641 See You One More Time

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"It's better to trampled on others than to be trampled on." Hearing that, Essie shrugged her shoulders. Even though Mary lost her power, she was still her mother-in-law. Although she couldn't step on her, she was on an equal footing. From now on, she didn't need to see her bad face when she entered the Rong Mansion.

"Mother-in-law, especially the mother-in-law of a rich family, is really a terrible species." Eva sighed. Vinton's mother was on the same level as Mary. They were not good people. If she wanted to marry Vinton in the future, it must be a chaotic battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Essie was also a little worried about the future of Eva and her brother. The Xu family was much worse than the Rong family.

In addition to Elizabeth, there was also a peerless sister-in-law, Valery. Vicki was arrogant, domineering and overbearing, which was completely incomparable to the wise and mighty Alena. Eva was straightforward, fiery, rigid and flexible. At that time, it was inevitable to conflict with them.

"Eva, after you marry into the Xu family, you don't have to worry about Elizabeth and Valery, but you must coax Vicki. If she is willing to be your backer, no one dares to hurt you."

"That old lady must be very difficult to serve." Eva curled her lips. From the lukewarm attitude of Vicki to her several times, he could see that she didn't like her very much. She didn't make things difficult for her because she loved her grandson, Vinton very much.

"Anyway, she is better than Elizabeth and her daughter," Essie said.

"That's true." Eva nodded. Elizabeth and her daughter were the worst of the worst. Vinton was lucky that he was not infected by their viciousness.

Taking a sip of the juice on the tea table, Essie asked thoughtfully, "Hasn't your father come to you these days?"

"No." Eva shook her head.

With a sneer, Essie said, "He has been having a hard time recently. Since you told Wendy that Elizabeth was going to change the crown prince's wife at the midnight club that day, his father went to find Elizabeth. In order to comfort the Xiao family, Elizabeth, that old fox, argued that she had never had such a plan. It really poured cold water on the Fang family. Moreover, Wendy's father had a problem with his brother-in-law, York, and almost removed his position as vice president. He is treading on thin ice in the Xiao group now. "

"Your trick is killing two birds with one stone," Eva said with a smile. She was happy as long as she thought of the frustrated look of the York family.

"He is a snobbish man. If he really loses his power in the Xiao family, he might want to win you over and rely on you. After all, you are his biological daughter, much closer than his uncle. Besides, as long as you marry my brother, you will be the wife of the crown prince of the Xu family. By then, as his father-in-law, he will be able to get some benefit from you," Essie analyzed, reminding her bestie to be mentally prepared.

"In his dream. My bigg

ect with the scheming Charlotte before.

"Fortunately, it only hurt its legs, internal organs and bones are fine. Let's raise it first. When it recovers, we can send it back to its nest and reunite with its mother." Mrs. Rose smiled. She asked the servant to find a birdcage and put the birds in it. Then she put water and food in it.

"Charlotte, you have also changed," Albert said meaningfully.

"People will change," Mrs. Rose flipped her hair at the temples.

"Yes, but some people become bad, and some have become good." Albert smiled bitterly.

A breeze came from afar, mixed with a rich fragrance of flowers.

She closed her eyes, sniffed gently and smiled, "It's the smell of plum blossoms."

Looking at her, Albert was lost in thought for a moment. He remembered that Mary also liked flowers, especially Jasmine. The jasmine field in the garden was planted by her in person.

She had a keen sense of smell. She knew the flower once closed her eyes and smelled it.

"Charlotte, have you been alone for so many years?" he asked in a low voice.

Mrs. Rose nodded slightly.

"You are still young. There must be a lot of men chasing you in France. Why don't you choose one?" Albert asked jokingly.

Mrs. Rose lowered her eyes and gently smoothed her bangs which were disheveled by the wind. "Maybe there is someone in my heart. Although I don't remember who he is, he is still in my heart and has never left. I know it's been so many years. He must have a wife, a child, and even a grandson. But I really hope that I can remember him again and see him again. " She didn't know why she said that to Albert. Every time she saw him, she had an indescribable feeling.

Albert's heart twitched fiercely. He had always hated Charlotte. Although she had the same face as Mary, there was something completely different in her heart.

But at this moment, facing the person in front of him, there was a completely different feeling rising in his chest, as if he saw the Mary he liked before.

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