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   Chapter 639 The Secret Of Jim's Skin Care

Mystery of Love By Blingbling Characters: 10198

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"Just ask. I don't care about your business." Eva threw out a bomb.

"Then shut up and watch TV." Jim responded with a kitchen knife with blood.

"I didn't say anything. I moved my fingers." Eva threw out another pile of shit.

"Be careful of your fingers." Jim gave her a skull.

Then the two started to fight on the screen.

Mili was a little sweaty. She raised her head and took a look at Essie and Zac. "I found that there is no time when godfather and godmother don't fight, they would even fight on WeChat."

With a smile, Essie said, "or how could they be enemies for three lifetimes?"

"Next time, I'll ask director Li to shoot a paly called An Enemy for Three Lifetimes. It must be very exciting to let them act here." Dot said slowly.

After the advertisement, the TV play started.

The hall also quieted down.

Zac gallantly offered his arm as a pillow for his wife.

"I really admire godfather and godmother. They both hate each other, but they can still act so affectionately." Mili cr

amage. " Jim crossed his legs and said slowly, with a pair of peach blossom eyes squinting slightly.

Eva didn't doubt his words at all. He was known as the number one evil man in the Dragon City, and he must have used some evil tricks that ordinary people couldn't imagine. So did his skin care.

"So, you used the snail as a facial mask?"

Jim slightly leaned over and got closer to her. "The snail I used is not found in the wild. Those snails have too many bacteria and were not clean. It must be raised at home. In addition to feeding pure and natural food, it has to be cleaned regularly every day to ensure it's clean."

"You are so weird." Eva gave a thumbs up to show her admiration.

"Do you want to have a try?" Jim's dark brown eyes narrowed.

"Where do you keep them? Can I have a look?" Eva's curiosity was growing.

"In the garden house." Shrugging, Jim said, "if you want to use it, I'll pick the biggest one for you after breakfast."

"Is that okay?" Eva's thick eyelashes flickered.

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