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   Chapter 634 Separation May Be A Good Thing

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"I don't know when Mrs. Rose will regain her memory. What if she can't remember it all her life?" Essie sighed heavily. And these were all her speculations. If Mary was Mary And Charlotte was Charlotte, there was no exchange at all? Was she really going to spend the rest of her life with such a mother-in-law?

Hearing her words, Lucy's heart was shaken. It was a gamble, a gamble of marriage and happiness of her whole life.

"If you don't have confidence, you'd better leave as soon as possible. Hanson is still waiting for you. It's better to leave early than late."

"Mom, please don't put me and Hanson together anymore. I can't delay Hanson anymore. Even if I want to divorce, I will live alone in the future and won't get married again," Essie said in a low voice.

Lucy didn't say anything. If they really divorced, she would call Hanson immediately and ask him to come back. She would take her daughter to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register. Their marriage would like nail on the board, which would make Zac regret it.

Bob sighed. He had been trying to persuade them to break up, but now he didn't want to say anything more. The existence of Mary would be a thorn in the marriage of her daughter and Zac. Maybe it was a good thing to separate, at least she would not be hurt again.

Essie hadn't been home for three days, which was beyond the endurance of Zac. He had been waiting outside the Phoenix Road for a day. When he saw that Essie came out of the iron gate alone, he opened the door and swept over like a tornado. He picked her up horizontally and put her into the car.

Essie was speechless. Every time the two of them fell into a cold war, this man would become a big devil. He would break the ice, oppress her from the aura and force her to surrender.

But this time, she wouldn't. She felt extremely disappointed. For the first time, she had a chill in this marriage. The marriage between Baron and Luce was like a nightmare for her. She couldn't avoid such a stupid and filial man as Baron.

Now, she saw this horrible shadow from Zac, and she was also afraid of this marriage.

"Let me get off the car," she said coldly.

Ignoring her, Zac started the engine.

In a fit of pique, Essie turned her head to look out of the window without saying a word. The car was shrouded in silence.

Zac looked like the cloudy sky outside the window, gloomy and gloomy. "Isn't it enough?"

"Am I the one who made trouble?" A bitter smile appeared on Essie's face. She felt that she was immersed in the sea of ice, and her head and feet were cold.

"The son should repay the debt of his mother's. If my mother really owes you, I'll pay for her!" Zac took a deep breath as if he felt pain somewhere.

"Do you think your mommy will stop torturing us and let us live a peaceful life?" she said with hatred.

"I believe that after this incident, she will wake up," Zac said in a comforting tone. He didn't know if he wanted to persuade her or himself.

Essie sneered. He was completely deceiving herself. If Mary could wake up, she would not rack her brain to find a s

ld not be released.

She wanted to open the window and scream at the night sky. Her voice was hoarse, but she couldn't utter a syllable.

The baby in her belly seemed to feel her mother's low mood and began to move uneasily.

She took a deep breath to suppress her emotions. She reached out her hand, gently stroked her belly and comforted him, "It's okay, baby. Mommy is fine. Don't be afraid." She just needed some time to calm down, but she didn't want to see Zac.

It was said that marriage was a woman's second life. Once she took the wrong path, she would be doomed. It seemed that she took the wrong path now.

Mary wouldn't let it go. Endless war was waiting for her.

Mary left the hospital two days later. It seemed that Albert didn't pursue the past and took her back to Rong Mansion. However, he moved out of the room and slept in separate rooms with her.

This action made Mary very uncomfortable, and her hatred for Lucy and Essie reached the extreme. This time, she made a mistake. She forgot that even if the rabbit was pressed too hard, it would bite people. But this was also a good thing. If she took Pitkin out as a scapegoat, she would no longer be afraid of the threats of Lucy and Essie.

"Albert, the past is clear. Why are you still angry with me?"

Albert glanced at her with sharp eyes, as if he could see through her at a glance. "You just recovered from a serious injury and need a good rest. It's better for us to sleep in separate rooms for the time being." Then he ignored her and went upstairs.

Mary's face almost turned red with anger. Although she had proved herself innocence, Albert's feelings for her had dropped to the freezing point. It was all caused by Lucy and Essie. She wouldn't let these two tramps go.

However, she also got some comfort from this matter. At the critical moment, Zac was still on her side, protecting her. A mother was always closer than a wife. There was no way for the little tramp to fight with her. She would definitely drive her away and made them disappear from her sight forever.

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