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   Chapter 633 Find The Scapegoat

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Even if Mary was unpardonable, she was his mother who had brought him up for thirty years. It was not surprising that he chose to stand by her side.

"Essie, I've been through this. I knew this day would come when you married Zac. In such a rich family, the daughter-in-law was always in a passive position to be beaten. No matter how fair and independent a son was, he would eventually choose to stand on his mother's side and let his wife bear the grievance. Mary is more capable than Vicki in making troubles. As long as she is with you, you and Zac won't have a peaceful life. " Lucy sighed heavily.

"She did win this time." Essie lowered her eyes, and her thick long eyelashes cast two sad shadows on her eyelids. People were always like this. They always forgot the lessons of the previous generation and thought that they would be different by luck. It was not until they bumped into the cliff that they realized that they had chosen the wrong path.

"Don't be too pessimistic. That evil woman won't be complacent for long. As long as the real Mary regains her memory, she will be beaten back to her original state," Lucy comforted.

Unfortunately, Essie didn't feel better. She was sad not because she lost to Mary, but because she was disappointed in Zac.

She thought their relationship had become indestructible after going through so much hardship and test. Now she realized that she was wrong. Their relationship was still so fragile.

"Mom, I'm fine. I just want to calm down." She forced a smile and didn't want her mother to worry about her.

At this time, Zac was having a serious father son conversation with Albert.

"Daddy, are you really going to divorce Mommy?"

"What? Did she send you here as a lobbyist?" Albert lit a cigar and took a drag slowly. There was no expression on his face, as if he was determined to divorce this time.

"I also know something about my mother-in-law. You can't just listen to her one-sided words, but you should give mommy a chance to explain. I believe that it was Elizabeth who did all these things. Mommy was also used by her, so she did something stupid," Zac advised.

"I know whether she has done it or not." There was a slight fire between Albert's thick eyebrows. Apparently, he had convicted Mary in his heart.

"You have been together for more than half of your lives. Is there anything that can't be solved? Maybe she did something wrong about Luce. But if it weren't for you, how could she hate Luce? How's your relationship? In my eyes, you respect each other as guest and you are a model couple in the eyes of outsiders. But in my eyes, your relationship is as plain as water. At least, this is how you treat your mommy. Have you ever loved Mommy wholeheartedly for so many years? " Zac said in a critical tone.

"You won't know what happened between me and your mommy." Albert waved his hand. It was not that he didn't love Mary, but that she had changed and he couldn't lov

white. The truth will come to light sooner or later." Lucy's voice came from the stairs.

It was natural for a son to protect his mother, and she didn't want to blame Zac for anything. But she also didn't believe what the newspaper said. Obviously, Elizabeth and Mary wanted to escape from their guilt. She wouldn't believe a word of their words.

"Mom, I just hope that you and my mom can dissolve the resentment and get along well with each other, so that as the younger generation, we won't be put in a dilemma," Zac looked at Lucy and said in a low voice.

"Zac, make it clear. Your mother is aggressive now. She doesn't want to get along with us. Why don't you focus on persuading? Or your advice doesn't work at all? She wanted to drive me away and divorce me. Since you are so filial to her, why don't you listen to her? In this way, she is good, you are good and we are all good. I don't need to see my mother-in-law's face all day long. " Essie was a little excited and her voice rose unconsciously.

"Essie, you are pregnant now. You can't be too excited." Lucy hurried to her and held her up.

Zac didn't say anything more, fearing that she would be too angry and hurt the child. "You little fool, no matter who is right and who is wrong, let's put it aside for the time being, okay?" My mother won't pursue the matter of Jonas anymore. Go back with me first. " He tried to calm himself down.

"I don't want to go back yet. I need some time to calm down," Essie replied coldly.

Zac looked at her helplessly and took a deep breath. "Well, think it over tonight. I'll pick you up tomorrow." After saying that, she greeted Lucy and went out.

Holding her hand, Lucy sat down and said, "Essie, if it was in the past, I would have persuaded you to leave him and divorce him. But now I just want to say that if you really fall out with him, the happy person is Mary. Don't let her succeed."

"Mom, I'm sorry." Lowering her head, Essie was in a mess.

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