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   Chapter 631 Divorce

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Albert came back in advance. As soon as it happened, he received a call from Mary, saying that someone was going to murder her. Now that he knew the person he found out was Jonas, and Lucy was involved. He guessed that there would be another storm, so he came back in advance.

After getting off the plane, he didn't go to the hospital to see Mary immediately. Instead, he called Lucy first. Since Lucy also wanted to see him, she invited him to have a visit in the villa in Phoenix Road.

"Brother Albert, I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm sitting up straight. I didn't hurt Essie's mother-in-law. It's not me who gave the phone to Jonas. I'm not afraid even if the police come to investigate," Lucy said in a calm and firm tone.

"Luce." Albert said in a low voice, "Mary is the bad person, I'm not stupid. I know what kind of person you are. You won't do such a thing."

"Thank you, brother Albert." Lucy lowered her eyes, and her long curly eyelashes cast a sad shadow on her eyelids. She picked up the black tea on the tea table, took a sip and slowly said, "To tell you the truth, I really hate her. If she hadn't set up Baron and drugged him, he wouldn't have had sex with Elizabeth. If she hadn't bribed the doctor and secretly ligatured me when I gave birth to Essie, I wouldn't have been unable to give birth to a baby again. If she hadn't been helping Elizabeth in secret, she wouldn't have been able to compete with me for my husband. I have a reason to hate her, and I can't forgive her. But I'm not as vicious as her. The only thing I hope is that I will never have any contact with this woman again. But God wants to make fun of me and let my daughter marry her son. "

She paused for a moment and continued, "I thought I would put up with it and let it go. She would feel guilty and be good to Essie, but I didn't expect that she didn't regret at all. Instead, she continued to hurt my daughter and even wronged me."

A violent spasm, accompanied by fear, ran over Albert's body. "Luce, do you mean that Mary has been involved in those things before? Did she really had anything to do with all those things?"

"I have always regarded her as my best friend, my best sister. But since the car accident, she has completely changed into another person. She suspected that I had an affair with you, so she used Elizabeth to retaliate against me and hit me. But you and I are innocent. " A teardrop fell down from Lucy's eyes. "At that time, Elizabeth was poor and didn't even have a decent job. If it weren't for Mrs. Rong, who would be on Elizabeth's side and who would dare to take the risk to harm the young hostess of the Xu family?"

Anger flashed in Albert's eyes. The muscles at the corners of his mouth were tightened, and his breath was heaving heavily. He didn't expect that the man sleeping next to him for so many years was a wolf!

While he was

will definitely put all the blame on me." Mary's face twisted as if she had been stung by a hornet.

"I'd like to see how you two bite each other like dogs." Albert sneered ironically.

Seeing that he didn't believe her at all, Mary sat on the bed and burst into tears. "Albert, I've been working for your family for so many years, taking care of your parents and raising your children. I haven't done anything wrong. How could you suspect me and blame me for an outsider!"

At this moment, Albert was full of disgust with her. Over the years, he had tolerated her narrow mindedness and petty shortcomings, and had always maintained a respectful attitude towards her. But he never thought that she would be so vicious in secret.

"Mary, what our family needs is a kind, tolerant and generous hostess, not a vicious woman. After you leave the hospital, you don't have to go back to the Rong Mansion. I'll ask the lawyer to draw up a divorce agreement and send it here. "

Hearing this, Mary's face turned pale and even her lips lost color. "You... You want to divorce me? "

"You don't deserve to be my wife." After saying that, Albert turned around and walked out. He turned a deaf ear to Mary's heartbreaking cries behind him.

In the villa, Zac came back a little tired. As soon as he received the phone call from Mary, he rushed over and comforted her with Walt.

Perhaps Albert was still in a fit of anger. He didn't go back to the Rong Mansion, nor did he answer the phone. Perhaps he didn't want to be persuaded by anyone.

Knowing what had happened, Essie pretended to know nothing and poured him a glass of milk. "The kids are asleep. Why do you come back so late?"

Zac cast a dark glance at her and asked, "Did my father meet your mother?"

"He came in the afternoon. He had a cup of tea and left. I was taking a nap. Mom didn't tell me until I woke up. What's wrong?" she asked casually.

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