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   Chapter 629 Find The Suspect

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"I'm not afraid of him at all. I, Eva, have never been afraid of anyone." Eva clenched her fists.

With a sigh, Essie said, "you are indeed enemies for three lifetimes."

"Jim is the type I hate most. Every time I see him, I have an impulse to beat him up." Eva curled her lips. It was a pity that she couldn't defeat him no matter how she worked hard or found a new way.

With a slight smile on her face, Essie said, "it's better to make a friend than to make an enemy. How about I find a time to help you reconcile on one day?"

"Forget it. After this movie, I will never cooperate with him again. From now on, he will take his own path and I will cross my single plank bridge. We have nothing to do with each other. Out of sight, out of mind." Eva said angrily with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Then you have to pay him back as soon as possible." Eating the fruit, Essie said slowly.

"Of course, I hate to owe others' favors the most." Eva picked up a grape and put it into her mouth.

When they were talking, Essie's phone rang. It was Zac. She pressed the answer key. When she heard the voice on the phone, her face changed slightly and she quickly stood up.

Marlon brought the suspicious people they found to the secret interrogation room. Before the trial began, he told them everything. To Marlon's surprise, he was Luce's nephew, Essie's cousin, Joy.

As soon as she arrived at the Blue Sea and Sunny Sky, Essie asked, "Zac, where is Joy?"

Zac waved his hand, and Joy walked out of the side hall with his head down. "Cousin." He whispered.

"Joy, what's going on?" Asked Essie in a hurry.

"On Wednesday, aunt Lucy called me and said that your mother-in-law was very bad and often bullied you. She wanted to teach her a lesson. She said that you would come to FuJi for dinner on Friday. Your mother-in-law was allergic to peanuts. At that time, she and your mother-in-law would order a desert respectively. At that time, I would try to change the two dishes so that your mother-in-law could eat peanuts. So that day, I asked for a leave. Then I sneaked into the restaurant from the back door and hid in the corner outside the kitchen, waiting for the opportunity. When I saw the assistant chef leave, I took the opportunity to go over, picked up the plate and handed it to the waiter. I told her the wrong information. "

Essie was shocked. She didn't believe her mother would do such a thing. "Did my mother call you with her phone?"

"No, it's a public phone." Said Joy.

"Are you sure it's my mother's voice?"

"It was very noisy on the phone. I was in the kitchen at that time, so I didn't carefully distinguish her. Besides, she said that she was aunt Lucy. Could it be someone else who pretended to be her?" Joy scratched his head and said, "your mother-in-law is a bad woman. Last time I heard that she came, I specially went out to say hello to her. I didn't expect that as soon as she heard that I was your cousin, her face became very bad. She deliberately picked up

n a low voice.

"She is your mother, Mrs. Mary, so we attach great importance to this case and dare not neglect it." The policeman said.

Zac was shocked. How did her mother know about it?

Essie was also surprised. Mary was so quick. If she chose to call the police, she would not let it go.

Because of the lack of evidence, only a phone call was not enough to prove that Lucy was the backstage manipulator. Lucy was fine, but Joy was miserable. He had caused intentional injury and could be sued at any time.

Zac bailed him out and returned to the villa in Phoenix Road. Lucy was worried and angry.

"Joy, you are so stupid. Why don't you call my phone or home to confirm with me?"

"Aunt, isn't it really you?" Joy was totally confused.

"How can I let you do such a illegal thing?" Lucy sighed.

"If it wasn't you, who would it be?" Joy scratched his head.

"It depends on how many enemies Mary have." Lucy snorted.

Zac glanced at her with deep and sharp eyes.

He had decided the dinner plan on Tuesday and informed Mary and Lucy, so that they could make an early arrangement. If Lucy didn't do it, who else could it be?

No one would know that he was going to invite Lucy and Mary to the Fuji restaurant for dinner.

Who would know that Lucy had a grudge against Mary?

Who would know that Lucy's nephew, Joy, worked in Fuji?

If there was no such person, it was Lucy who was lying.

Essie was also thinking about this question.

It was a good plan to kill Mary and frame her mother.

This person must not be an irrelevant outsider.

What was his purpose?

Revenge on Mary?

To intensify the hatred between Mary and her mother?

Or did he want to destroy her marriage with Zac?

She had imagined many possibilities. There were several suspects in her mind, including Elizabeth, Bles, Valery and their biggest rival, Willi.

But there was no camera near the public telephone booth. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the real murderer.

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