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   Chapter 626 Resolve The Feud

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Mary changed her strategy this time. Since her son was determined to protect the little tramp, she would turn to Luce, the old tramp. Her son would never protect his mother-in-law regardless of her feelings.

"Mommy, it's time to settle the grudge between you and my mother-in-law. How about you find a time to apologize to her?"

"Apologize? I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to her? Don't believe her words. It was Elizabeth who hurt her that year. It has nothing to do with me. I helped Elizabeth because I saw that the three of them were pitiful. I didn't expect that Elizabeth would be so cruel to do so many things behind my back. Otherwise, I wouldn't have interfered in these affairs. " Mary said with a heavy sigh deliberately, "I have explained it to the two of them, but they don't believe me and insist on blaming me for all the sins. What benefit can I get from hurting them like this? Because of this matter, your father even brought Minny home to piss me off. I've become a wronged person. "

In fact, Zac didn't want to believe that his mother was the mastermind. After all, it was Elizabeth who destroyed the marriage of Baron and Luce. He knew what kind of person Elizabeth was. She was very likely to use others to kill someone. She must bewitch her mother, alienate her relationship with Luce, use her power of the Rong family to deal with Luce, and then impute all the charges to her mother, letting her take the blame.

However, many years had passed, and Elizabeth had done a lot of things in the name of her mother. It was not easy to clear her grievance.

Seeing that Zac didn't say anything, Mary continued, "in fact, Essie is not a bad girl. I don't believe she did hurt grandma on purpose. It was likely that Luce sow dissension among us and constantly provoked her hatred for me that Essie was confused and took the risk."

"Mommy, let's put aside grandma for the time being. The most important thing now is to find a way to cure grandma."

"If you let it go this time, can you guarantee that your mother-in-law won't cause any other trouble? I heard that she always supported Hanson and didn't allow Essie to be with you. Since she hates me so much, she must seize any opportunity to revenge on me. That's all. " Mary pouted.

Zac shrugged. If it was before, he was still a little worried. But last time, Mary's attitude towards him had changed a lot and seemed to be ready to accept him.

"Mommy, I went to my mother-in-law's house for dinner two days ago. Our relationship has eased a lot."

"She tried to win you over because she felt guilty. You are a smart man. Can't you see that? If she really accepted you as her son-in-law, why didn't she allow you to enter the house? Why did she change her attitude suddenly when your grandma had an accident? She is obviously hypocritical. She doesn't want you to pursue your grandma's matter anymore. " Mary an

famous dish in this seafood restaurant was called "good fortune of dragon and phoenix". Many diners came here to taste it.

Mary liked this dish the most. She was a regular customer here and would come to eat it almost every week. Because she was allergic to peanuts, she would ask the chef not to add peanuts in.

Lucy had been here several times. Bob's nephew worked as an assistant cook in this restaurant, but he happened to have a rest today.

Lucy liked the scent of peanuts, especially the peanuts paste.

She and Mary seemed to be in a stalemate. They stared at each other and ordered two. One asked for no peanuts, and the other asked for more peanuts.

Soon, the waiter brought the desserts. "The one with black sesame seeds put no peanut, while the one with white sesame seeds are added more peanuts." She exhorted.

Mary picked up a piece of desert with black sesame seed and ate it slowly and elegantly.

Suddenly, she coughed and her face gradually flushed. Then she covered her chest, as if she could not breathe.

"Mommy!" Zac jumped up and held her, calling an ambulance.

Soon, the medical staff came over. They injected Mary with a Dexter and inserted a tube to prevent her from suffocating. After telling a few words to the bodyguards outside, Zac got on the ambulance.

Essie and Lucy also went to the hospital.

"Zac, what's wrong with your mother? Does she have a heart attack? " Lucy asked.

"No, my mommy has always been healthy. She should be allergic." Said Zac thoughtfully. Mary had eaten peanuts once and had the same symptoms. He had already asked the bodyguards to take her unfinished dessert for inspection.

"Is it because of the dessert?" Lucy raised her eyebrows. She knew that both Mary and her sister were allergic to peanuts.

Essie knew it too, because the chef in the house never put peanuts in the desserts. Just now, they also asked the cook to cook the deserts separately.

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