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   Chapter 623 Endless Debt Of Gratitude

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Jim kicked the chair beside him and caught her.

"Jim, you sneak attack!" She slumped into the chair, glaring at him with her beautiful eyes, ashamed and annoyed.

"The point meridians skill is the trump card of the Wing Chun. You have just learned a little. I guess you can't even find the acupoints, right?" Jim sneered.

Eva's two cheeks turned red, "Jim, don't be complacent. When I learn it well, I will definitely defeat you."

"Maybe when the earth stops spinning," A low and deep smile burst out from Jim's throat. It sounded very charming and arrogant.

Eva really wanted to jump up and fight with him, but her legs were still numb and she could not stand up at all. 'Jim is really unfathomable. This time I underestimated him again.'

She rolled her eyes for two times and said bluntly, "Jim, my leg was hurt by you. I can't shoot the movie in the afternoon. You have to bear the loss of late work."

"Don't worry. You will recover in ten minutes. If you dare to delay the shooting, I won't let you have dinner tonight." Jim threatened her with a sneer. He had found the Achilles' heel of the heaven pepper. He would see how she could play tricks in front of him in the future.

Hearing that, Eva flew into a rage, "why don't you let me eat? You are interfering with human rights and murdering. "

"Can you starve to death if you don't eat anything?" Jim sneered.

"I hate being hungry the most. I feel dizzy, hypoglycemia and low blood pressure when I'm hungry. If I don't feel well, I will hit a pillar or fall down the steps. Will my life be in danger?" Eva argued seriously with her hands on her hips.

Jim couldn't help laughing. It was really an interesting thing to tease her. "I don't care whether you are alive or not. Anyway, no one is allowed to eat until the movie is finished in the afternoon." He said on purpose.

"We are not allowed to eat, and you are not allowed to eat either!" Eva smashed her fist on the table angrily. It was really hard for her to work with such a domineering demon. Just now, she had hoped that this movie would never be finished. Now, she had changed her mind. She'd better finish it today, so that she wouldn't have to suffer from this devil anymore.

Jim didn't seem to care about her any more. He squinted his charming eyes and showed a lazy expression. He called his assistant in, made him a cup of coffee, and then leaned against the back of the chair and drank it leisurely.

Since Eva was still unable to move, she could only vent her anger on him. However, she didn't roar anymore, but changed a way.

"Jim, I find that there are few gossips about you recently. Are you out of date?"

In Hengdian, she had lunch and dinner with him. On the weekend, he would definitely ask her to make desserts for him. It seemed that he only had a few time to chase gi

s eating.

He used to eat alone, very comfortable and cozy. But now, he didn't feel like this at all. It seemed that Eva had become an indispensable appetizer. Without her at the table, he had no appetite at all.

'Damn it! She is heaven pepper. I don't like spicy food. Why do I need to eat with her?'

On second thought, this woman came here to pay off her debt. She was heavily in debt now, and he was the big creditor. How could he let her go today?

He didn't have a good appetite, and this woman should be responsible for it.

While he was thinking, he picked up his phone and said, "Heaven pepper, I give you an hour to eat with me and fulfill your debt!

Eva was eating spicy hot pot listlessly. When she saw the message, her eyes lit up, but soon dimmed, and then turned into anger.

She didn't want to be humiliated. This bastard dared to bully her at noon. She would never have meals with him again.

Thinking of this, she picked up a skewer of tofu, but she didn't eat it for a long time.

Yesterday, Jim seemed to say that today's dinner was French cuisine, with goose liver paste, truffle, steak... They were all delicious.

She couldn't help licking her lips.

She had dinner with Jim to pay off her debt of gratitude. If she didn't go tonight, he might play tricks on her again. Thinking of this, she gritted her teeth and stood up.

'Forget it. I have to pay my debt first. I hate to owe others favors the most in my life.'

In the villa, hearing the doorbell, Jim smiled.

However, the moment Eva entered the restaurant, the corners of his mouth quickly closed, revealing a serious iceberg face.

"Heaven pepper, from now on, if you are absent once, I will extend it for a month."

Eva rolled her eyes at him and sat opposite the table. When she glanced at the delicious food on the table, her eyes sparkled and she suddenly felt much better.

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