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   Chapter 621 Collusion

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"Why?" Irene was slightly stunned. "Because he loves you?"

Essie shrugged. Zac was not only an icy guy, but also a dull guy. So far, he had never said the three words 'I love you' to her. She didn't know if this fellow loved her in his mind, in his body, or just for a strong need.

She was his Savior. Without her, he could only be a monk in his life.

"Irene, I didn't expect you to be such a gossip." She smiled and didn't want to talk about it anymore. Zac's 'hidden disease' was a secret, and no third person would know it except her and Jim.

Irene wrinkled her nose at her and said, "I'm just curious. sister in law, what will you do if you find out that cousin has an affair and has a secret lover outside?"

With a faint smile on her face, Essie said indifferently, "It doesn't matter. If he really wants to find a girlfriend or a spiritual partner, I will turn a blind eye to it," she said casually. She felt lucky that she had poisoned someone when she was seven years old and made him suffer from women fear. What a foresight! This move could be said to be once and for all. She didn't need to worry that he would accidentally fall into the beauty trap in the future.

Irene thought that she was serious and felt very comforted. Since she didn't care, she wouldn't worry anymore. Anyway, she didn't want to destroy their marriage. She just wanted to be the mistress of Zac and have a romantic life with him.

"Sister in law, I didn't expect you to be so open-minded. In France, no woman has only one man in her life, let alone a man has only one woman all his life. As long as we get along well, it doesn't matter whether we get married or not. "

Essie smiled. French people pursued romance, so they naturally had such an idea. But Chinese people were still traditional. After marriage, they should fulfill their husband and wife's due loyalty and responsibility. Besides, people like her who was a germaphobe would never allow betrayal and infidelity.

After the two of them entered the living room, Irene walked to Mrs. Rose and sat down next to her. "Mom, since we have decided to stay in Dragon City, I can't be idle all day long. I want to go to my cousin's company and learn from him about management experience. In this way, I can also run the Chateau in the future. What do you think?"

Hearing this, Zac turned to her and said, "Little girl, I don't lack an assistant now."

"I know you don't need one more, but it doesn't matter to you if I join. Please," Irene put her hands on her chin, begging.

"[Irene, stop it. Work is not fun," Mrs. Rose pretended to blame her.

"I just want to learn from my cousin. He is golden finger. I must learn from him." Irene pouted. Seeing that no one supported her, she ran to Essie and said, "Sister in law, please put in a good word for me. Let my cousin take me. I promise I will work hard and won't make trouble."

Feeling a little helpless, Essie looked up at Zac and said, "How about this? Let Irene work in the CEO of

and prove my innocence," Essie said.

"None of you is allowed to meddle in this matter. I will handle it alone." Mary stared at her fiercely, "I will find more solid evidence to make this disaster irrefutable."

Zac cast a sidelong glance at her. At this moment, he discovered a fact that his mother had never really accepted Essie from the beginning to the end. Her previous tenderness was only pretended under the pressure of his grandma. Now, she seemed to have caught a great opportunity. She didn't know how many troubles she would make in order to drive away Essie. According to her personality, she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted.

"Mommy, I'll make it clear today. Even if Essie really has a bad idea, I won't divorce her. She's my wife all her life. So, you'd better save your energy. Stop making any more trouble. " Then he left with Essie.

Walt sighed lowly. "Mommy, grandma has been lying in the hospital for so many days, but you haven't visited her for once. She is all taken care of by aunt. I really don't know if you really care about grandma or you only want to take advantage of the problem to torture your daughter-in-law." Then he went upstairs and ignored her.

Mary collapsed on the sofa, exasperated. She found a terrible problem. In this family, as long as it came to Essie, she would be isolated. Everyone was on Essie's side, and no one would be on her side.

Essie must be very complacent in her heart. She was laughing at her failure. She came to the house to revenge on her. She did succeed.

Leila was the only one who still stayed in the hall. She walked over and patted Mary on the shoulder. "Mommy, I believe in your judgment. What happened to grandma must have something to do with Essie. But she is so good at acting that she deceived everyone. Don't be discouraged. I'm still sober. I will stand on your side and support you. "

Mary turned to look at her and felt a little comforted. There was finally a sensible person in this family.

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