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   Chapter 614 She Was Not Sick

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"Heaven pepper, no one can play tricks in front of me." Jim's tone was quite arrogant and domineering.

Although Eva was not convinced, she had to admit that Jim was powerful. In front of his holy light, all the ordinary people could only look up to him at forty-five degrees. Besides, he had a pair of golden eyes. Sometimes she wanted to play a trick, it seemed that he could look through it. She would definitely go crazy after getting along with this kind of person for a long time.

"Well, I just want to borrow your divine light to illuminate my dessert shop. Anyway, it's a piece of cake for you. You just need to eat quietly here. It won't affect you."

Hearing her compromise, a smile flashed across Jim's charming mouth. He looked like a lion that had successfully caught its prey. "I like honest women."

Eva gave him a silent counterattack with her fierce eyes. She just wanted to win some money and momentum for the dessert shop. Such a good advertisement couldn't be wasted in vain.

The waiter served the desserts soon.

"My mother made it herself. Have a taste and see if it's different from what I made."

Jim picked up a piece of five incense soybean skin, took a small bite and chewed it carefully. "Sure enough, one thousand hands can make one thousand flavors. What Auntie did is really different from what you did. "

"Our Tang dessert shop deserves the reputation, right? You did a good job in this advertisement, didn't you?" Eva smiled gracefully, her thick long eyelashes flickering like butterfly wings.

With a cold smile on his face, Jim said, "you should know that I never make a deal at a loss."

"I have to pay for your advertisement. You won't take it, will you?" Eva pouted and suddenly regretted using him to shoot the advertisement. This guy was too shrewd. If she made a deal with him, she would be the one to suffer losses.

Jim shrugged and said, "you're smart." The last thing he lacked was money. In his eyes, money was like dirt.

"Then what can I do to make you feel better?" Eva couldn't help frowning, as if she had been blackmailed.

Jim touched his chin with a hint of cunning on his face, "since you asked me to advertisement for your dessert shop, of course you have to repay me with dessert."

He said lightly, and then a relaxed look appeared on Eva's face, as if she was greatly relieved. "No problem."

"I haven't finished my words yet. It's not a dessert, but when I want to eat it, you have to come and cook for me at any time." Jim said slowly and clearly.

Eva spat out blood, knowing that this fellow would not let her go so kindly.

Seeing a slight blush between her eyebrows, Jim sneered, "if you can't, then forget it. The deal is invalid." After saying that, he moved and was about to leave.

Fearing that he would go out and ruin the reputation of the dessert shop, Eva quickly said, "well, I agree, but you are not allowed to say anything bad about our dessert shop."

Jim leaned against the chair, his charm

y mother-in-law went out and won't be back until afternoon. If she asks you, you can put all the blame on me. Besides, it will only be good for Mrs. Suzan. I believe my mother-in-law won't object. "

The nurses looked at each other and didn't dare to say anything more. After all, she was the young lady of the Rong family. In order to prevent Suzan from going crazy halfway, she fed her a pill in advance.

In the Dragon City Hospital, Dr. Li did a detailed examination for Suzan. He suspected that Suzan was not suffering from Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, he also checked the medicine that Suzan took every day. One of the medicines was labeled as Exelon, but it was a kind of Barbital drug that could cause mental disorder. The reason why Suzan often talked nonsense was because of this medicine. The other was a tranquilizer. After Suzan took it, she would suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

Hearing Dr. Li's diagnosis, Essie was shocked. If so, it meant that someone wanted to murder Suzan. But who would hate Suzan so much?

When they came out of the hospital, Mary rushed over. Her faces were gloomy, as if a storm was about to come.

She rushed to Essie and slapped her, not caring whether she was pregnant or not.

"Who let you bring my mother out without permission? If something happens to her, can you be responsible for it? " She was almost roaring, as if she wanted to swallow Essie alive.

Regardless of the pain on her face, Essie explained, "Mommy, you misunderstood me. I just worried about grandmother's condition, so I took her to see the doctor. Do you know that the doctor said that grandmother is not suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but someone has taken some bad medicine to her, which caused her mental disorder?"

Before she finished her words, Mary slapped her again. "Shut up. I've been tolerating you too much these days, so you make trouble in the family. From now on, you are not allowed to get close to my mother, or I'll teach you a lesson."

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