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   Chapter 612 The Secret Between The Two Sisters

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"When we grow up, we will probably be like this." With her hands on the back of her head, Dot looked at the ceiling.

"I don't want to be like them. They always turn a simple thing into complicated one." Mili blinked her beautiful big eyes helplessly.

"Go to bed early. Lady Rose and aunt Irene will came here tomorrow. We have to pick them up." Then Dot closed her eyes.

The second morning, after picking up Lady Rose and Irene at the airport, Zac took them to Rong Mansion.

Irene was very happy to see Zac again.

Lady Rose had already told her about her identity, but she didn't have much reaction. Even if she was not her biological daughter, in her eyes, Lady Rose was the only family she loved in the world.

In the house of Rong family, Mary didn't want to see Lady Rose again, but she couldn't show it too obviously. She had to pretend to be good.

Seeing Leila, Irene smiled and said, "I've only been away for a few months, but this family has changed a lot. My eldest cousin is married, and my second sister-in-law is pregnant. Is this the so-called double happiness?"

"What a sweet girl!" Mary smiled faintly. She didn't dislike Irene either. After all, she was not her sister's biological daughter.

Albert looked at his watch and said, "I invited a guest and she will arrive soon." There was a mysterious expression in his tone.

Mary was slightly stunned, "Albert, you have an appointment with a friend?"

"You'll know later." Taking a drag on his cigar, Albert smiled.

After a while, uncle Li came in and told them that the old lady had arrived.

Mary was shocked. Didn't Abel and Alena come back at the end of the month? Why didn't they inform her in advance?

When she saw the old woman who was pushed in by the nurse, her heart twitched violently and she was extremely frightened.

It turned out that the old lady uncle Li referred to was not Alena, but her mother, Suzan.

"Albert, why did you bring mom here?" Mary's voice was trembling, perhaps because she was too excited, or something else.

"I just want to give you and your sister a surprise." Albert smiled. Last time, when his parents-in-law came from the United States, they went to the nursing center to visit Suzan. But they didn't expect that she had been in a coma and hadn't really met her, so he specially picked her up from the nursing center this time.

"You are so considerate." Mary forced a smile from her stiff lips. She was indeed shocked, but she was not happy at all.

"I've thought about it. My mother-in-law is old and always lives in the nursing center alone. She is very lonely. Let her stay in the house and live with us these days. We should also be filial to her." Said Albert.

"But mom is always talking nonsense. She always goes crazy. I'm afraid..."

Mary didn't want her mother to be with her at all. It was her idea to send her to the nursing center. But before she could


The servant had prepared the lunch. Mary asked them to have lunch in the dining room.

Suzan was an elder. She sat at the head of the table. Albert and Mary sat at her left hand, and Lady Rose sat at her right hand.

Suzan frowned and put down the chopsticks on the table. Obviously, she was losing her temper.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Mary asked.

"Charlotte, why are you sitting next to your brother-in-law? This is your sister's position. Don't take it." Suzan's voice was mixed with anger.

Mary looked calm. It seemed that she didn't take her mother's words seriously at all. She just thought she was crazy.

"Well, mom, let's change here." As she spoke, she winked at Lady Rose. Lady Rose was a little embarrassed, but she didn't want to piss her mother off, so she had to change her position with Mary.

Suzan's face softened a little. She turned to her son-in-law and said, "Albert, you have to remember that Mary is your wife and Charlotte is your sister-in-law. Don't make a mistake."

Albert coughed and quickly picked up a chicken leg for her. "I know, mom. Please eat more."

The table became unusually quiet.

Zac was so considerate that he kept picking up food for Essie. Looking at this, Irene was extremely envious. In her eyes, Essie was the happiest and luckiest woman in the world. How she wished she could become her.

Jealousy was hidden in Leila's eyes, but she was not in a hurry. When the bastard in Essie's belly was born, her good life would come to an end.

Walt didn't know what to do. What Suzan said about "taking over another man's place" stabbed him in the most painful spot. But he didn't think that he had taken Zac's lair. Instead, he thought that Zac had taken his lair and robbed his wife and child.

After lunch, Zac took his wife for a walk in the garden. Three months later, Essie needed to do some exercise, which was good for natural birth.

Walt followed them quietly.

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