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   Chapter 611 An Incredible Truth

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Zac was in a mess and felt a row of crows flying in front of him. Sooner or later, these two little devil kings would piss him off to spit blood.

"Your mommy is mine, and so are you. Is it necessary for me to be jealous of Hanson? He is more or less jealous of me."

"In that case, what do you mind if we go out with daddy Hanson?" Dot asked.

"I'm just worried about your safety. You can play if you want. You must have bodyguards with you." Zac gave him a reproachful look.

"Okay, we will obey your arrangement." Dot nodded, giving him a step down. After all, the great devil king was a domineering ruler. If he really irritated him, he would probably be punished to be locked up.

Looking at the three of them, Essie covered her mouth and snickered. It seemed that no matter how powerful the big devil king was, he couldn't resist the two little devil kings.

Back to the Blue Sea and Sunny Sky, Zac's face was still gloomy.

Essie poured him a glass of milk and said, "Hanson and I are just good friends now. Are you really so mean that you are not happy because he had dinner with us?"

Zac reached out his hand and touched her slightly raised belly. "I'm just thinking about your mother. We have already held a wedding, but she still can't accept me."

"If you want mom to accept you, you have to do your mom's job first. Only when the grudge between them is resolved, she will accept you without any hesitation." Said Essie.

Zac understood what she meant, but his mother never thought she was wrong. How could she apologize to his mother-in-law and ask for her forgiveness? What's more, the matter was so serious that even an apology could not solve it.

"Why should the resentment of the last generation affect the next generation?" He sighed.

"Your family and the Qin family have become incompatible as fire and water, and you have issued a family ban that you will never get married. Isn't it also because of the grudge of the last generation?" Said Essie in a cold tone. Sometimes, things didn't happen to himself and he wouldn't feel pain.

Zac's cold eyes twinkled in the light. "You didn't forgive my mommy, did you?"

"Should I forgive her?" Essie asked. If this woman hadn't colluded with Elizabeth, she would have a happy family and a happy childhood.

"My mommy has changed a lot. I guess she has realized her mistake." Zac patted her on the shoulder, not knowing whether he was comforting her or himself.

There was an imperceptible sneer on Essie's face.

A hypocrite can't be completely trusted. On the surface, she may pretend to be kind to you, but in fact, she would stab you in the back and let you die without knowing how.

However, she didn't say it out, in case that Zac would think that she was picking on his mother with prejudices.

"If my mother forgave her, I will." She said slowly. If her mother let go of her hatred, she was willing to let it go. If she couldn't, she would be against Mary to the end, even if she was her mother-in-law.

Zac understood what she m

before, but her mother and father denied it at the same time. Her mother was not in good health. She couldn't stand the operation and pregnancy at all. His father was a very open-minded person. He was satisfied that he could live with his mother for the rest of his life. He would never let her take the risk of her life.

Zac also felt that his idea was a little ridiculous, but he couldn't think of any other way except this one. It was not easy to have a child.

"Do you have a good idea?"

"Don't worry too much. Although my mother won't forgive your mother, it's possible for her to accept you. After all, your father is Albert." Said Essie in a teasing tone.

Zac thought for a while. If his father knew that his mother had framed him, he would probably lose his temper and divorce his wife on the spot. He believed that Essie knew how to behave herself, so she didn't tell the truth to his father.

However, it was hard to say whether she could endure it all the time. After all, Essie was an impulsive person. Once she was irritated, her reason would not work.

"Then I'll wait until your mother can accept me."

With a smile, Essie raised her hand to touch her slightly raised belly. "I've made up my mind that the baby will be born with my surname. When your family forced me to change Mili and Dot's surname, I was a little unhappy. This child can also be regarded as a compensation for her and father. "

"It's up to you." Zac nodded. There was a saying that a child should pay his mother's debt. If his mother-in-law could accept it, he was willing to pay the debt for his mother.

At the corner of the stairs, Mili and Dot were eavesdropping on their parents. They had been worried that their parents would quarrel because of daddy Hanson, so they didn't dare to go away. They didn't expect that they were talking about grandmas.

After sneaking back to her room, Mili climbed onto her small bed and pouted. "It's so complicated among adults. There are so many things between grandparents."

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