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   Chapter 610 A Love Rival He Didn't Want To See

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It was natural for Albert to be excellent and perfect. Essie had never asked about the past of him and her mother, fearing that her mother would feel uncomfortable. However, since her mother mentioned it today, she would take advantage of it and asked her.

"Mom, you seem to have a good relationship with my father-in-law. Do you know each other because of Mr. Baron or you have known each other for a long time?"

Lucy flipped the hair at the temples of his ears, and an indescribable expression gently swept across her face.

"It was bygone, just let it be." She seemed to avoid talking about it on purpose.

Bob sat next to them with a strange smile on his face. "Your mother used to be the most beautiful girl in the university, and there were countless people chasing after her. Later, with the appearance of Baron and Albert, the two sons of the rich clans, everyone only dared to watch and do nothing."

With a smile, Essie held her father's arm and said, "Dad, don't you dare to do nothing but watch?"

Bot smiled awkwardly and didn't say anything. Apparently, he acquiesced. He had a crush on Lucy since middle school. In order to be with her, he deliberately filled in the same school with her when he applied for the college entrance examination. He had thought that he would have a chance, but he didn't expect that there would be two men, Baron and Albert, appearing on the way.

Patting him on the shoulder, Essie sighed, "Dad, you really should take action as soon as possible. My mom is not that kind of gold digger."

"All right." Lucy pretended to be annoyed, "You haven't dealt with your own business yet, now you are joking with me."

"Mom, I'm just curious. Since my father-in-law is also pursuing you, why do you choose the indecisive Mr. Baron instead of the wise and decisive father-in-law?" Looking at her mother, Essie thought that if she had chosen Albert, her fate would have undergone a tremendous change.

Lucy didn't answer, but a hint of bitterness flashed through her eyes. Bob reached out his hand and hugged her. "If your father-in-law hadn't gone to America, which allowed Baron to take advantage of it, your mother wouldn't have been with Baron."

"Oh?" Raising her eyebrows, Essie realized that her mother's initial choice was her father-in-law, not Baron?

Lucy picked up a grapes from the fruit plate and put it into Bob's mouth, stopping him from talking about the past.

This was how people were. If they took a wrong path, they would fall into endless pain and be farther and farther away from happiness. That was why she didn't want Essie to follow her steps and end up like her.

Seeing this, Essie shifted the topic to Mary and Lady Rose again.

"Mom, I have been with Lady Rose for a period of time. I think she is very easy-going and kind, completely different from what you said. Is it because she has lost her memory and even changed her personality?"

"Who knows? Nowadays, people always change. We don'

suffer any grievance because of the baby, he would definitely take her away without hesitation.

Looking at the back of his rival in love, Zac's black eyes narrowed and a malicious and cold light flashed in his eyes. It seemed that Hanson hadn't given up his muddled fool. He still had a fantasy in his heart, but he wouldn't give him any chance. He had monopolized the muddled fool's life, and no one could get involved in her.

On the way back, Zac was very silent and said nothing. Her mother-in-law had a completely different attitude towards him and Hanson. The reason why Hanson had been so threatening to him was partly because of her support.

It seemed that her mother-in-law was still dreaming of breaking up with him and Essie, and hoped Essie be with Hanson. This was not good.

"Mommy, we will go to Disneyland this weekend with daddy Hanson. Would you like to go with us?" Mili's voice came from behind.

Before Essie could say anything, Zac interrupted, "neither mommy nor you are allowed to go." His tone was very strong and full of pressure, making the atmosphere in the car rapidly drop.

"Why?" Crossing her arms on her chest, Mili stared at him with dissatisfaction.

"No reason. I'm your daddy. Wherever you go, you must get my permission." Zac showed his father's authority.

"We are going out with daddy Hanson, not with others." Mili wrinkled her nose, as if she swore to fight against the big devil to the end.

When the car stopped at a crossroad waiting for the traffic light, Zac turned around and rubbed her head with his big hand. "Children should listen to adults. Don't have so many objections."

"You are wrong, why should I listen to you?" She stuck out her tongue at him.

"I've never been wrong." Zac pursed his lips and looked very serious.

Looking at them, Dot said unhurriedly, "Daddy, are you jealous of daddy Hanson? As the number one young master of Dragon City, you don't look confident. " His tone was full of mockery.

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