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   Chapter 605 Be Smart To Tackle Problems

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The little girl's eyes were burning, and the corner of her eyes looked out. Her eyes flashed, and she suddenly laughed. "Bill, don't pretend to be ignorant. Your father just runs a small company. What's the big deal?" She pointed to the Aston outside and said, "Since your family is so rich, why don't you buy a cool sports car like that? Your father only drives a Mercedes Benz. Only upstarts like Mercedes Benz! "

Bill was irritated by her words. He rolled up his sleeves in anger, ready to make a big move. The smell of gunpowder in the air became more and more intense.

Sitting in the cubicle, she heard their conversation clearly. Eva remained silent. She had encountered such a scene many times when she was a child, and she had long been accustomed to it. However, the boys were all impulsive. They needed to mediate in order not to escalate the conflict.

She smiled at Vinton and said in a relaxed tone, "I'll ask the waiter to make a cup of ice for each of them and let them calm down!"

"Powder ice is useless!"

Vinton shook his head, stood up and went out.

The girls' eyes were immediately attracted, and the little girl became anthomaniac again, staring at Vinton. The boys' quarrel seemed to be meaningless. They turned their heads sulkily and ignored each other.

Vinton patted Jade on the shoulder and said, "Tomorrow is weekend. Please invite Carrie to Disney land!" Then she turned to Carrie and asked, "Little beauty, would you like to accept this handsome boy's invitation?"

Carrie stared at him in a daze, "You... Do you know Jade? "

Vinton smiled, "You are my cousin's street dance teacher. He is good at it and has won the championship of the teenager competition."

"Really?" Carrie looked at him with admiration, "Jade, I didn't know you know street dance."

Jade looked up at Vinton in a daze. He moved his lips and wanted to say something, but he felt that his hand on his shoulder patted him gently, as a hint. So he pursed his lips and turned to look at Carrie, smiling shyly.

"I'm busy with my homework now, so I haven't dance for a long time."

Vinton's voice came again, "That little beauty was right. Mercedes Benz is too common. Only upstarts like it." He paused and smiled at the anthomaniac but loyal girl. The little girl's heart floated into the clouds, unable to extricate herself for a long time.

Vinton's charming eyes returned to Carrie, and he slowed down his speed. "In fact, showing off the car is the thing the only up starts like to do. The most romantic thing for the two is to ride a tandem bike together on the riverside and watch the sunset. I often do this with my girlfriend. "

"Oh my God, it's so romantic. I also want to find a boyfriend to watch the sunset on a tandem bike." The little girl exclaimed. Every word coming out of her dream man's mouth was classic!

With a sweet smile on her face, Carrie said, "Then we won't go to the Disneyland tomorrow. Let's go for a ride by the river."

"Okay. Jade will pick you up tomorrow morning." Vinton smiled charmingly.

Carrie's beautiful big eyes twinkled with Vinton'

pinched Vinton's nose and said, "You are actually helping Jade to chase a girl. I don't want him to become a playboy like you in the future."

Vinton made a strange expression and said, "Next time I'll remind him that even there are countless girls in the world, he can only choose one to be his girl!"

His expression amused Eva, and the ringing laughter came to his ears, in turn infected him.

The two laughter were connected in a series and echoed in the cubicle for a long time.

In the evening, Essie came over. She ordered Hodgepodge and had dinner with Eva.

Eva told her that he went to York's house today.

She had always been her counsellor, so she might have guessed York's intention.

After eating a piece of dessert, Essie said slowly, "We have something on Wendy. Elizabeth must be in a passive position, so they want to reverse the situation. If my guess is right, she wants Shelly to be her backup. Once Wendy lost her power, she would immediately push Shelly up. And Shelly is your half-sister. For the sake of her and York, she is sure that you dare not be too ruthless. And by doing so, it is equivalent to turning York and Shelly into two powerful sharp knives to deal with you. "

She paused, took a sip of the juice and continued, "It's undoubtedly a great joy for York, but it's obviously impossible to force you to leave Vinton directly. Therefore, he intends to play a love card to repair the relationship with you and pretend to be a good father in law in front of Vinton. In this way, Vinton has to be polite to him. And Shelly is using your relationship to get close to Vinton and seduce him from the side. This is much better than Wendy who was taking the initiative to attack. "

Eva thumped the table angrily, "They are too insidious and cunning. I know they have bad intentions. Fortunately, Essie, you are smart enough to see them through."

With a cold smile, Essie said, "I've been fighting against Elizabeth since I was a child. I know her tricks very well. And it's easy to break her trick... " She smiled weirdly.

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