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   Chapter 599 It Was Good To Eat With Heaven Pepper

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Blue veins stood out on Mary's forehead. Did Essie want to rebel? It seemed that she couldn't just use soft measures, which would only make Essie complacent and want to ride roughshod over her mother-in-law. When necessary, she had to use tough methods.

Looking at the anger on her face, a malicious smile quietly fell from the corner of Leila's mouth.

On the second day, Mary specially told the kitchen not to cook for Essie. Her lunch and dinner must be the same as the other two.

Hearing this, Zac frowned and said, "Mommy, you misunderstood. These are not prepared for Essie, but for my unborn child."

"We are not sure if it is your child now." Mary rolled her eyes at her son. He couldn't tell right from wrong for this woman.

"Don't mind the nonsense outside. Of course the child is mine." Zac said firmly.

Two days ago, a maid working in D Island told him an extremely important situation. When she got up and went to the bathroom in the morning, she saw that Eve helped the unconscious Essie into the room of that bastard.

According to the situation and the puzzlement of Essie after she woke up, that bastard was likely to have an attempted crime. As for what happened in the middle, it was likely that only when Eve woke up could he figure it out.

But from this point, it could be inferred that 99% of the baby in Essie's belly was his. That bastard was not so lucky.

"I don't believe anyone unless I see the paternity test report." Mary said angrily. She hoped that the child was not her son's, so that Essie would bear a shame for the rest of her life and would never be able to raise her head in front of the Rong family.

"Believe it or not, it doesn't matter. You can't stop Essie to get the nutrition for the baby. He didn't do anything wrong." Zac said in a strong tone, "if you insist on punishing my innocent child, I can only take his mother out, lest my child be implicated."

Mary was exasperated. Judging from her son's tough attitude, it was obvious that he was not willing to give in. According to his personality, no matter what he wanted to do, no one could stop him.

"Well, well, you can do whatever you want." She waved her hand. She couldn't argue with her son on trifles and make the relationship between her and her son stiff. At that time, it would be the little tramp who would be happy.

Zac also gave her a step down, and his expression became gentle. "Mommy, I know you are always the most reasonable."

At the filming site of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival in Hengdian.

As soon as the movie was finished, Eva went to the lounge with Jim to eat and drink with him and repay her debt of gratitude.

He had someone cooked three meals a day on the film set in the villa before sending them here.

He usually ordered two dishes and one soup. Considering the appetite of Eva, he specially ordered the cook to add three dishes.

When they came in, the assistant had just placed the lunch.

Eva's eyes lit up and her taste bud was jumping secretly.

Wow, the fo

ppearance made people want to protect her at a glance. But this kind of strong woman didn't need protection at all. She just needed to be conquered.

"Heaven pepper, I didn't mean to throw a blow to you. The ideal is plump, and the reality is bony." She was impulsive and irritable. She could be a cook, but not a businesswoman. To fight in the business world, one needed to be sophisticated.

Eva wrinkled her nose. She knew what he meant. "Jim, don't forget that I have a good military counsellor, Essie. I can ask her to give me some advice."

"You and Essie are really good friends." Jim smiled. In fact, women's friendship was very fragile. They could fall out with each other for a man. It was rare to see such an iron, sincere and strong friendship between her and Essie.

Hearing this, Eva's eyes darkened slightly. They used to be the iron triangle, but Mandy had disappeared and did not contact them for a long time. She didn't even attend Essie's wedding. It was really disappointing that she wanted to break up with them.

"If Mandy can come back, Essie and I will be very happy." She murmured to herself.

Taking a sip of fish soup, Jim changed the topic, "heaven pepper, did Vinton's nominal fiancée make trouble for you again?"

"I'm not afraid of her at all. I'll deal with her according to the actual situation." Eva didn't care about her at all. That weak woman didn't dare to fight with her alone except for playing tricks behind her back.

"Don't be careless. Be careful." Jim said in a casual tone, as if he was just reminding her kindly. He didn't care about her safety, but he didn't want to miss an appetizer beside the table.

Eva didn't expect that he would say such gentle words, and she felt better to him. In fact, Jim was not so hateful. He was just a playboy and broke her taboo. Although it had nothing to do with her, she hated the irresponsible man the most in her life, so she hated him.

"Jim, I've been locked up in your lounge for so long. Is there any gossip about us?"

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