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   Chapter 594 Explore The Yard Again

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Albert's birthday party was about to arrive. Mary pretended to be nice to Essie and wanted to teach her how to prepare the birthday party, so Zac and Essie had been living in the Rong Mansion these days.

Leila also took the opportunity to live here with Walt.

In the afternoon, Leila walked freely on the bamboo path. She was very happy that she could finally enter the house. She had lived for so many years, but she had never entered the Rong Mansion, because there was a rule in the family that anybody from Qin family was allowed to enter!

Rong Mansion was really much bigger and more beautiful than she thought.

She liked her current identity very much. In the past, she had tried every means to enter the mansion, including kneeling down outside the door and almost broking her legs, but she hadn't been recognized by the family. Now no one could deny her.

The buildings inside the mansion still retained the classical charm. When she walked inside she felt that she had passed through hundreds of years ago. However, the security and monitoring equipment inside was the most advanced in the world. A fly could not fly out, and a mosquito could not fly in.

The monitor was equipped with full angle probe and far-reaching infrared rays. No matter day or night, any trick could be seen clearly.

However, there was only one place outside the monitoring range, which was the ghost yard. There was no monitor there, but there was an alarm system. Once someone broke in without permission, it would automatically go off. Only mice, birds or small cats could occasionally get in.

Leila had only heard of the legend of the house of the Rong family, but she didn't know where it was. She turned around and went to the boundary of the ghost yard. It was completely different from the elegant and splendid house, as if she had entered another world.

The walls of the courtyard were filled with weeds about half a person high around four weeks. Looking inside through the gap of the iron gate, it was gloomy, as if the sun could never shine in. The yard was full of weeds, and the shrubs and weeds were taller than people. They almost blocked the view and covered the house.

The walls of the courtyard were covered with runes. There were two huge stones standing at the gate of the iron gate, and on the gate, there was a unique and complicated big eight diagrams hanging.

Leila was a little shocked. Was this the legendary...?

While she was thinking, a gust of wind blew from the yard. The sun above her head was burning, but the wind seemed not to come from this world. It was extremely cold.

Leila shivered and hugged herself. A chill came into her body.

Suddenly, a hand put on her shoulder, which made her fresh creep. She covered her ears and squatted on the ground, screaming.

"Sister-in-law, don't be afraid. It's me!" Ivy thought she saw the ferocious ghost inside and was shocked.

Leila looked at her through her eyelashes and breathed a sigh of relief. "Ivy, don't you know that I'm scar

hoon last time, so a big tree was blew down. The branches hit the high wall, so the cat could go smoothly. Now there is neither a typhoon nor a tree falling. Cats can't get through it. "

"Who said we must use cats?" With a weird smile, Leila whispered in her ear. After a short pause, Ivy smiled and said, "sister-in-law, you are really brilliant."

After coming out of her room, she went to look for Essie. At this moment, Essie was leaning against the sofa, eating fruits and watching TV lazily and leisurely.

She hadn't recovered her memory of the ghost yard, so she had no impression of it.

When Leila mentioned it, she was a little curious. However, when Leila proposed to peep at the ghost yard, Essie stopped her in a hurry. Zac always said that curiosity killed cats, not to mention that it was a taboo in the family. Anyone who offended it would be punished severely, and he might be expelled from the family. She didn't want to take the risk of breaking the law.

"Sister-in-law, you've just entered the Rong family, and you don't know the rules of the family. Ghost yard is a taboo, and you can't touch it."

"I came here out of kindness to invite you to see something interesting together. It's okay if you don't come, but don't betray us and complain to my mother-in-law." Leila pouted. It didn't matter. Even if she didn't go, it wouldn't affect her plan.

She had already made a plan in secret. She went to peep at the ghost yard, pretended to release the ferocious ghost, and then pretended to be a murder case of the ferocious ghost. She wanted to kill the tramp, Essie, to avenge herself.

At midnight, after everyone fell asleep, she quietly went to the ghost yard with Ivy.

Lying on the bed, Essie couldn't fall asleep. She turned around and saw Zac sleeping soundly. Then she got up secretly and went out. She had made up her mind that she wouldn't get involved, but she could stay by their side and watch them. If something happened to them, the more people they had, the better.

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