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   Chapter 591 You Are All Stupid

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10458

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Even if Eva was attacked for no reason, she would not remain calm.

Today, she was dressed in a sleeveless earth color woolen dress, with a woolen shawl of the same color, matched with black stockings, leather gloves and boots. She looked more mature and steady.

In the square of the city, fans, reporters, attackers were surrounded.

When she walked onto the stage, the cheers were suppressed by the anger. Some angry fans of Jim burned her poster on the spot, and some people tore open the EP disk.

"Shameless green tea bitch, get out of here --" Someone in the crowd shouted and quickly incited many people.

"Get down, get down..."

The shouts of attack rose one after another, and the host was a little embarrassed. He turned his head and glanced at Eva.

She still had a smile on her face, so calm, and said, "go on." She nodded slightly to him.

The music, accompanied by malicious hiss, echoed in the empty square building.

Her song came, which was the theme song of the new play. Her voice was beautiful, clear and unaffected.

The angry fans were at a loss for a moment.

Seeing no one move, some people in the crowd were unhappy. When the hiss were about to subside, a stinky egg flew out defenselessly and smashed at the people on the stage.

At this moment, a tall and strong figure rushed onto the stage, like a solid flesh wall blocking in front of the delicate person. With a click, the rotten egg broke on his body, and the thick light yellow liquid slid down along the black jacket.

The song stopped and Eva looked up at him.

He straightened his collar to cover half of his face, and a pair of vintage black sunglasses covered the other half. She could hardly see his face. However, she still recognized him. Her heart was suddenly immersed in a warm water, very warm and relieved.

He smiled and nodded slightly. He didn't say a word but as if he had showed his feeling to her.

When the bodyguard who was slow to react jumped up the stage, he turned around and walked down.

Standing in front of the crowd, he crossed his arms in front of his chest, giving off a terrifying aura, which shocked everyone.

The boiling air suddenly cooled down, hiss, laughter, curses... Suddenly stopped, as if the movie which was playing had been paused.

Then he pushed through the crowd and walked to the man who was very excited. He grabbed his collar, pulled him out like an eagle pinching a chick, and threw him to the security guard of the square.

The publicity meeting didn't stop. The music rang again and the song rang again.

Eva's insistence was like a warm spring breeze, finally blowing away the smell of gunpowder in the air.

The snowflakes were still swirling in the sky, and covered the ground.

A cold wind blew past. Eva couldn't help but shiver and tightened her shawl. When she got into the car, she felt warm when she saw Vinton's tender eyes, and the cold air around her immediately dissipated.

Vinton had changed into a checked coat. He took her cold hand and rubbed it, and then held her in his arms.

"Are you cold?" He asked in a low voice. Knowing t

at bugs. Now it was more interesting to pull out the legs of insects than eating them.

In the video, Shelly's mouth was swollen like two sausages.

There were at least thirty millipedes on the plate, and each of them had countless feet. If she had to bit them off, her mouths would be swollen.

Vinton made a face and said, "you are so talented. Why don't you shoot a horror movie?"

"I'm not interested in thrillers." Jim shrugged. Everyone knew that he never took thrillers.

Vinton picked up the coffee and was about to drink it, but he put it down again. After watching the video, he felt a little disgusted and couldn't drink it. But Jim didn't show any difference. He had been used to this kind of scene.

"Jim, will you clarify the matter of Eva to the media?" This was what he was most concerned about.

Jim shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't have time to care about her, but I won't let anyone spread rumors casually. It's too embarrassing to get me involved with her."

Vinton's dark eyes twinkled, and he sighed in his heart. These two were really enemies for three lifetimes, and both of them disliked each other.

However, as long as he said a word to disassociate himself from Eva, the rumor would be scotched.

That night, Jim posted a micro-blog post, "people who believe in rumors are all stupid. Is it possible that I, Jim, will be cheated?"

His words were quite arrogant, full of confidence and smugness.

Some irrational sunshine woke up and patted the heads of themselves. Yes, our Sun God is the mysterious emperor in the entertainment circle. Only women crazy for him, commit suicide for him, gaunt, and sacrifice for him. No one will cheat on him. Because being his girlfriend was the ultimate dream that surpassed any dream. Except for his best friend, Zac, who was on par with him, no one had the qualifications to be his rival in love.

Hearing that Shelly had been punished, Wendy was too scared to go out for several days. She had never expected that Shelly would be so bold to get Jim involved. Wasn't she asking for death?

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