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   Chapter 584 A Tough Woman Isn't A Woman

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"Mr. Jim hates fire. No fire is allowed in the house."

Eva took a deep breath. Although she had always felt that Jim was not like the product of the earth in the original ecology, it was really beyond her imagination to be so strange. "Is he afraid of fire?"

"There shouldn't be anything in the world that makes Mr. Jim afraid." Elsa shrugged.

"Then why?" The curiosity factors in Eva's body quickly expanded. This guy was obviously hot. How could he hate fire?

"Miss Eva, there is a saying that curiosity kills the cat. You'd better not ask too much. Do remember not to annoy Mr. Jim." Elsa's tone was extremely cold. After saying that, she turned around and walked out. Her temper was as strange as that of Jim. It was difficult to get something from her mouth!

Eva didn't want to think too much and began to cook dinner.

She couldn't cook, but she only learned how to cook dessert from her mother. In the past, when her mother was not at home, she would cook noodles or buy bun with her brother Jade to eat together, which was convenient and fast, simple and convenient. After eating, she could go out to work and make money.

She had planned to learn cooking from Essie, but she didn't expect that Essie had lost her memory. Fortunately, she was smart and downloaded the menu. As long as she followed the steps above, there should cook by herself.

However, when she picked up the kitchen knife, she found that things were not as simple as she thought.

The craftsmanship was a serious problem. He had to chop the fish, the chicken and the bones. Jim was a meat eating animal, and he required meat and seafood every meal, so it was very difficult to make a satisfying dinner.

She put the knife on the chicken's stomach and cut it hard. The chicken flew to the ceiling with a bang.

In the room, Jim watched the video and burst into laughter. He had installed a secret camera in the kitchen to peep at her clumsy movements. He had already inquired about it. Eva didn't know how to cook at all. How could she invite him to dinner to show gratitude to him? She was really biting off more than she could chew.

Looking at the chicken flying up and down again, Eva was annoyed. As a black belt, couldn't she deal with a chicken?

She picked up another kitchen knife and cut the chicken with both hands. The chicken couldn't fly, but the knife stuck in the chicken's stomach and couldn't be pulled out. She stepped on the table, grabbed the handle of the kitchen knife with both hands and pulled it out hard. Because she pulled it with too much strength, when the kitchen knife was pulled out, she staggered back a few steps and fell to the ground.

Jim laughed so hard that tears almost came out. This was the funniest comedy he had ever watched.

Eva jumped up from the ground, exasperated.

This damn chicken dared to make fun of her like this!

She picked it up and threw it into the pot. If it couldn't be cut into small pieces, just let it be. Anyway, it is good to eat too.

She took out her phone, opened the downloaded menu and made chicken soup according to the steps taught above.

Jim was worried. He seriously doubted the practicability of the chicken soup. For the s

fruit crispy, honey nest egg yolk, almond pine cake and green tea crystal cake, have a try."

She smiled. The three generations of her mother's family were pastry chefs. After divorce York, her mother became a pastry chefs in the Yi family's restaurant. It was also because of this that she became good friends with Essie.

Jim picked up the crispy butterfly fruit roll and took a sip. It was crispy, soft, sweet and not greasy. Then he ate a beehive egg yolk, soft and delicate, which melted immediately in his mouth. They were really delicious.

"I didn't expect you to be so good at cooking."

"Of course. Don't look down upon me. Although I can't cook dishes, I'm good at making desserts. " Eva raised her eyebrows proudly.

Jim sneered, "don't be proud."

Eva immediately restrained her smile and rolled her eyes at him, "I cooked very well. Can you accept it?"

No! Jim said honestly in his heart. These desserts were indeed very delicious, much more delicious than those bought in the dessert shop outside. However, he didn't show it. He said indifferently, "although the desserts you cooked are good, they are different from dinner. So you still owe me a meal."

"I know. When I learn it well, I will treat you." Eva pouted.

Jim sighed and said in a sarcastic tone, "when you learn it, I would be old. So, I decide to put aside the second choice. In this way, you can show your special skills. You can make a table of different kinds of desserts for me. "

Eva's beautiful big eyes twinkled slightly in the light. This guy was quite sensible. If she really learned to cook, he would not be able to wait for her in his life.

"That's what you said. It's a deal. You can't go back on your words."

"Of course, but it's just a debt of gratitude. There's another debt I need to think about."

Eva was annoyed, but her principle was that a drop of water should be repaid with a gush of water. This scum did have saved her life. If she didn't pay him back, she always felt that she owed him. She had to pay back so that they would not owe each other. They would go their own ways and live their own separate lives.

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