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   Chapter 581 A Bastard Who Abandoned His Wife And Daughter

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The most shocking and sensational wedding in this century was held on a giant cruise.

The wide deck of the cruise was covered with roses.

Wearing a beautiful and holy wedding dress, Essie slowly walked towards the handsome groom with the company of her father, Bob. The pure diamond on the wedding dress was shining brightly in the sun, making her like a fairy coming out of the sea.

Holding the bouquet of flowers, Mili and Dot followed their mommy happily. Their mommy and daddy could finally hold a sacred wedding and receive the blessing of god.

Zac looked at her affectionately. At this moment, he only cared about her. Everything in the world and the sea cruiser had turned into nothingness.

Baron watched his daughter with his heart up and down. She was his biological daughter, but he could not hold her hand in the name of his father to enter the sacred palace of the wedding. He could only watch himself being replaced by others.

Now, he didn't dare to expect too much. He just hoped that she could call him daddy in person, but from her mouth came always two cold words: Mr. Baron.

Walt's mood was even more complicated, as if a soldering iron was rolling in his internal organs. The picture of him marrying Essie on D Island kept flashing through his mind.

Why did God make fun of him and let her hold a wedding ceremony with her brother with his child?

He really wanted to rush forward and take her away at once, but he dared not. If he did so, he would die. He couldn't do that. Only by making himself stronger could he take back Essie and his child.

Lucy was worried. Mary hated her daughter. Now that such a thing had happened to her, she must take any chance to humiliate her.

However, it was impossible for Essie to be with Hanson if she didn't have a abortion. Hanson could accept Mili and Dot, but he might not accept this unidentified child. Besides, both Bob and Baron said that it was better for Essie to be with Zac. She could only hide all her worries in her heart. If Mary bullied her daughter, she would get even with her.

Essie walked to Zac. The two of them faced the priest and made a sacred oath.

"In front of God and all the witnesses here today, I, Zac, am willing to marry Essie as my wife. From now on, no matter in prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or illness, happiness or sadness, I will love you, cherish you, and be faithful to you forever. I will hold your hand and share the hardships and difficulties with you. I will share the haze, rainbow, sunrise and sunset with you. As long as you are by my side, I feel that I am the happiest person in the world. "

Zac said seriously, sincerely and solemnly, staring at her with love and tenderness.

Tears of excitement flashed through Essie's eyes, and her mouth and heart were full of happiness.

"In front of God and all the witnesses here today, I am willing to marry Zac and make him my husband. Zac, thank you for being the love of my lif

ed times, a thousand times better than you. You cockroach came out of the slum. You smell rotten rubbish all over your body. You are a bitch in an evening dress! Go back to your slum. Don't make a fool of yourself here. " As she spoke, she raised her hand and tried to slap Eva, but her hand was grasped in midair by Eva. She withdrew her fingers with strength, and the sound of bones breaking came from the air.

"Ah! My hand is broken!" Shelly screamed in pain, which immediately attracted the attention of the guests around.

"I don't know where you came from. You are too young to touch me." Eva sneered.

"Her name is Shelly, and she is Wendy's cousin." A woman said.

Eva was slightly stunned. Her surname was Fang, was she...

"Is her father York?" She looked at the woman beside her.

The woman nodded.

A flame of fury emerged from Eva's chest. She swung it hard, and Shelly flew away like an iron pancake. She fell to the ground and couldn't even cry for a long time.

Looking at her biting mud like a dog, Eva felt as if he had taken a sip of frozen lime tea. He was so happy that he felt as if he had already taken revenge.

When York heard his daughter's scream nearby, he hurried over and helped his daughter up. Seeing her hand swollen like pig's feet, he was furious. Seeing that it was Eva who slapped her, he was even angrier.

In fact, as soon as Eva came in, he saw her, but pretended not to see her. He had no intention of admitting this daughter for a long time.

"Eva, you've gone too far. Apologize to Shelly right now."

"Who are you? How dare you order me?" Eva's cold laughter was like the cold wind from Siberia, swirling in the corridor.

York's face turned pale and blue. Shelly held her hand and burst into tears, and her mouth tilted to one side due to the pain. She had been taken good care of by her parents since she was a child, and had never suffered such pain. "Father, I'm dying. Send me to the hospital as soon as possible."

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