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   Chapter 580 Two Birds Of A Feather

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"I asked them to go down and search, but they didn't find any corpses. It doesn't matter if that kind of little guy is alive or dead." Zac said casually.

Essie had another thought in her mind. If Eve was still alive, she might know what had happened that night.

No matter what happened, she wanted to know the truth. She didn't want to be muddled, nor did she want to bear unnecessary stains and criticism.

In the afternoon, Mary called them and asked them to go back to the house of Rong family to discuss the wedding.

"Zac, your wedding day is coming. I shouldn't have splashed cold water on you. But it's really not appropriate to hold a wedding in such a situation."

"Why not?" Zac frowned.

"Now there are a lot of gossips about Essie. We believe in the innocence of Essie and the baby's identity, but people outside don't think so. If those guests come to the wedding, it is inevitable that they will talk about it in private. Wedding is a celebration. It's not good for you and Essie to be looked at differently by the guests. Now the only thing that could stop them from talking about was the paternity test. As long as the paternity test was carried out at that time, it would prove that Essie was innocent. No one dared to gossip about it. So I think we'd better hold the wedding after the baby is born and let Essie be a happy bride. "

Mary said earnestly. It seemed that she cared about Essie very much for the sake of their marriage, but in fact, she was scheming. She was sure that the baby in Essie's belly was the child of that bastard. If the paternity test came out, it would be strange if Abel and Alena could accept it. At that time, they would kick Essie out of the family, in case she would not destroy the reputation of the family.

"Mommy, I don't care what others say. The wedding must be held as schedule." Said Zac firmly.

A gleam flashed through Mary's eyes. Her son was always so disobedient that he would never accept her advice.

"I'm doing this for your own good. Do you want the guests to look at Essie differently when she wears the wedding dress and walks into the wedding hall?"

"If we cancel the wedding, others will think about it." Said Zac.

"Essie is pregnant. Isn't it normal to postpone the wedding?" Mary frowned, dissatisfied with her son's disobedience.

Sitting next to him, Essie didn't say anything. Anyway, Zac had said that he would decide everything. He could do whatever he wanted.

Seeing her son's firm expression, Mary turned to her husband for help, hoping that he could persuade her son. However, in Albert's opinion, the wedding was just a matter of form and could not change anything.

"The wedding is theirs. It's up to them. Besides, Zac and Essie have been married for more than three years. It's time for the wedding."

Hearing this, Mary was secretly annoyed. The father and son are always on the same side, and neither of them had been on her side.

She really couldn't figure out what was good about Essie. Her son didn't mind such a shameful thing. He was simply s

they met.

She went to the freezer nearby and took out two bottles of frozen juice to cool them down.

"You are not only the partner of the new play, but also the bridesmaid and groomsman of Zac and me. Can't you just smile at each other?"

"No." Jim and Eva said almost at the same time. They hated each other and they always wanted to do something to tease and make fun of each other so that they could vent their anger.

"I really can't stand such a person who repays kindness with enmity." Jim snorted.

"I've brought you tea and water every day. I've already paid off what I owe you, okay?" Eva stared at him with her arms akimbo and almond eyes wide open.

"You are just paying off the debts. Don't mix them up." Jim's cold voice was like a gust of cold wind, blowing Eva's shoulders and limbs cold. It turned out that she had worked so hard these days just to pay off her gambling debts. Hadn't she paid off the first two debts?

"Jim, don't go too far. My patience is limited." She clenched her fists. If she was not strong enough to defeat him, she would have punched him and broken his nose.

Jim sat on the sofa and adjusted the tie at the collar of his shirt. "As long as you admit that you are a rogue, these two debt of gratitude can be written off."

Eva was exasperated and flushed with shame and anger. "Jim, listen to me. As soon as Essie's wedding is over, I will prepare a table of good wine and dishes for you. You can eat as much as you want."

"Okay, that's what you said." Jim's brown eyes darkened. In fact, he didn't want her to pay any debt of gratitude at all. He just wanted to give her a hard time. Too spicy food would make people too hot. He was like this now. As soon as he met this heaven pepper, he would be very angry.

Touching her forehead, Essie was a little embarrassed. The grudge between them seemed to be much deeper than she had imagined. Although she had lost her memory and had forgotten a lot of things, she still wanted to be a peacemaker to resolve the grudge between them.

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