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   Chapter 579 Defend The Supremacy

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At midnight, Essie was still awake. She opened her eyes secretly and looked at the person beside her.

He had fallen asleep and held her gently in his arms.

He was really good-looking, with perfect and deep facial features, elegant and extraordinary temperament. He was so excellent and noble that he should have a perfect wife to match him. A defiled woman like her would really become a shadow in his perfect world, a failure.

She didn't want him to be criticized and ridiculed because of her, nor did she want to be hated and despised by him.

She buried her head, tears streaming down from her eyes and wetting his collar. He moved a little, seeming to be scalded by her tears, and slowly opened his eyes.

She turned her head in a hurry, pretending to be asleep, so that he wouldn't see her. But it was too late, and his sharp eyes had already caught her tearful eyes.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well?" He sat up and looked at her nervously.

"Nothing. I just had a dream," she shook her head and said in a low voice.

"Do you remember something?" His fingers gently stroked her face and wiped away her tears. Because of her pregnancy, the doctor couldn't give her medicine treatment, so he could only wait until the baby was born. But he really hoped that she could regain her memory as soon as possible and recall everything they had before.

"If only I could remember it." A bitter smile appeared on her face. Although the doctor said that she could be treated, she was afraid that she would never remember the past.

He gently put his arm around her shoulder and said, "don't think too much. What you need most now is to rest. Go to bed early."

She reached out her hand and gently grabbed the hem of his cloth. She couldn't fall asleep. Her heart was in a mess, like a hemp threads, entangled, unable to untie, unable to reason.

"Zac, can you tell me the truth? Do you mind that I was raped? " she couldn't help asking.

Zac was slightly stunned and held her in his arms. "You little fool, as long as you are with me, everything else is not important."

"But I... am dirty," she murmured in a low voice. Valery said that he was a neat freak and didn't want others to touch his own things, let alone his own woman.

Hearing this, he was heartbroken. His chest was burning. "Don't talk nonsense. You were just bitten by a mad dog. You will recover after the wound is healed."

'Will it?' Her heart was twisted. What should she do if the child was not his? It would always be a thorn stuck between them. It was extremely humiliating for him, and also her shame.

"Zac, I've thought about it. I'll go to the hospital to have an abortion tomorrow. I don't want to give birth to it. We already have Mili and Dot. We don't need a burden anymore." If it was really a bastard, its existence would always remind them of this unbearable past, and would leave a mark of humiliation on on their marriage. She must be ruthless and nip the sin in the cradle.

But how could Zac let her take a risk? If she had a hemorrhage, her life would be in danger. And there was fifty p

ked at her dotingly, with a hint of desire and dissatisfaction in his eyes. The muddled-headed fool was always unique to him. No one could replace it, both in body and soul.

He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. "Are you hungry? I've made you braised noodles. Do you want to get up and eat? "

"Braised noodles?" A bright light flashed through her eyes. When she was on the uninhabited island, she wanted to eat this food every day, but the food cooked by the maids was not to her taste at all.

She got up from the bed, simply tidied herself up and went downstairs. Generally speaking, she was in a good mood today. Valery said that he disliked her and would not touch her again. But last night, he was very good to her and didn't hate her at all.

She must try to make her angry on purpose. She was her enemy, so she couldn't say anything good.

When she sat at the table, a familiar fragrance came and mobilized all her taste buds. She wanted to eat. Since she was pregnant, her appetite had been very bad. She had been tortured to lose weight no matter what she ate, she vomited. She lost some weight because of this. When she smelled the aroma of braised noodles, she had a good appetite and didn't reject at all. She picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

It tasted so good. It was the taste that she had been missing and dreaming for so long.

Seeing that she ate so well and stopped vomiting, Zac was very happy. According to the information he found on the internet, it was said that what pregnant women rejected when they were pregnant was what their baby didn't like, and what they wanted to eat was what their baby liked.

Obviously, the little thing liked the braised noodles cooked by him. It must be his child. He believed that his children would not let go of his little fool's body and would never allow outsiders to invade.

After eating and drinking enough, Essie touched her satisfied stomach and smiled, "Honey, can I ask you something?"


"I saw Eve jump off a building on D island. Is she really dead?"

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