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   Chapter 575 Kill

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The leading wild wolf bared its teeth, jumped up and pounced on Essie. She covered her eyes in despair.

At this critical moment, a gunshot pierced through the dead silence of the jungle. The leading wolf whimpered and fell down. It struggled a few times on the ground and stopped moving.

The other wolves seemed to be frightened. They turned around and looked at the man behind them. They trembled, took a few steps back, and then run into the depths of the forest.

Essie peeked through her fingers and saw a tall and strong man standing not far away, with a pistol in his hand. The bullet was shot out from the pistol and the leading wolf was killed.

He was so handsome like a god descending from the heaven, completely blocking the light of the sun, moon and stars, making everything in the world eclipsed.

He was as cold as the ice in the north pole, as if he could freeze the air in the jungle in an instant. With his powerful aura, he could not only frighten wild wolves, but also tigers and leopards.

Essie thought she should run away. Eve said he was a devil and an enemy of her and Steven. But somehow, there was no chill or fear in her heart, only warmth. Her heart was full of unspeakable warmth. Her empty heart and empty soul were miraculously filled in an instant when she saw him.


Shouldn't he be terrible? Shouldn't she hate him?

Was it because she had lost her memory that she had forgotten all the previous grudges?

While she was confused, Zac came over like a tornado and held her into a broad, safe and warm embrace.

"I finally find you!" His eyes were filled with tears, and his voice was trembling with excitement.

He would not make mistakes this time. He was familiar with her.

She was his muddled fool, a rare treasure that he had lost and regained.

She didn't move, nor did she respond. She was in a daze and at a loss.

She should have pushed him away and got rid of him immediately, but his charming, mellow and magical breath seemed to hypnotize and bewitch her, making her dizzy and unable to fight back at all.

The most important thing was that she felt happy from her soul and subconsciousness, as if she had met the right person she had been looking forward to and longing for.

"Who on earth are you?" After a long silence, she muttered and asked weakly.

Hearing that, Zac trembled violently. He held her face in his hands and looked at her deeply. His eyes were full of fear, anxiety and uneasiness. "Idiot, what's wrong with you? What did those damn bastards do to you?"

She shook her head. When she suddenly remembered the scene that Eve jumped off the cliff just now, a strong chill rose in her heart. She used all her strength to push him away. "I don't remember anything about the past. Stay away from me. I've married with Steven and I'm his wife. No matter what happened between us in the past, it can only be the past. It's useless for you to account it any more. "

A furious and bloodthirsty killing intent rose from Zac's face.

Those damn bastards must have done something terrible to her. They made

Everything was arranged perfectly.

There would be no Steven in the world anymore.

In the next few days, Zac was helping Essie recall the past, making her familiar with her family and friends.

In the evening, Ford came. They found the body of Rock in a remote house in the suburb of Dragon City. The information in his computer also proved his identity.

"How did he die?" Zac said through gritted teeth.

"He seems to commit suicide, but the possibility of his suicide is very small. Maybe the people above him killed him and pretended to commit suicide to prevent him from divulging the secret." Ford analyzed.

A malicious and insidious light flashed through the cold eyes of Zac. It was too easy for him to die like this.

He went upstairs and handed the photo taken by William to Essie. "Idiot, look at him. Is he the bastard called Steven?"

Taking a look at it, Essie's heart jolted. "What's wrong with Steven?"

"He is dead. Maybe he was killed by his own people." Clenching his teeth, Zac said angrily.

Essie felt dizzy as if she had been struck by lightning.

Steven was dead?

She couldn't believe it, a burst of sadness emerging from her heart to her face.

Seeing this, Zac was extremely angry.

"He deserves more than death." Blue veins stood out on his forehead. Then he went downstairs.

"Cut off all the bastard's flesh and feed him to the dogs, and then burn him to ashes. Go and investigate his all families. Don't let any of them get away with it. " He ordered.

"Yes, boss." Ford nodded seriously.

As for the matter of Essie, he asked his men to block the news tightly and prevent the news that she was kidnapped to D island and that May disguised as her from spreading out.

However, someone wanted to oppose him and spread the news secretly that Essie was kidnapped to a deserted island, insulted and pregnant.

The news soon spread throughout the whole Dragon City.

As soon as Mary got the news, she came to question Zac. It was a good opportunity to drive away Essie, and she would not let it go.

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