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   Chapter 574 Where Are You

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The mountain villa had been decorated into a simple operating room. Vincent was waiting for her with a plastic surgeon inside. May found that the doctor was not the one who had given her a plastic surgery before.

"Vincent, why not Doctor Louie?" She asked in confusion.

"It's not a big deal. There is no need for Dr. Louie to do it." Vincent replied coldly and let her lie on the operating table. Doctor Louie was an important figure in the organization. He couldn't show up without Willi's permission.

When the doctor was correcting May's artificial nose, Vincent walked out and stood under a big tree in the yard. He lit a cigarette and was stopped by a pistol before he smoked half.

He shook violently, and the cigarette butt at the corner of his mouth fell to the ground. The man behind him stamped it out, and then raised his hand to slash down. He groaned and fell to the ground.

"Take him away." With Ford's order, several men in black quickly came out of the darkness and dragged him out of the yard.

Ford took out a cigar, lit it and took a drag, looking at the bright room inside. The Boss said that this woman was still useful, so he had to wait for her to finish the operation.

Half an hour later, May came out with her nose bandaged. Ford coughed and signaled to the men in black who were waiting around. They rushed forward and took May and the doctor away.

A cruise was docked at a deserted private dock in Dragon City.

It looked very old and shabby, as if it had been abandoned by the owner of the dock for a long time. No one knew that it was actually an interrogation room with all kinds of interrogation tools.

Vincent was tied to the execution rack.

As long as the person fell into their hands, no matter how hard their teeth were, they could open them.

However, Zac didn't have the patience to waste time with him at the moment. He had to tell him the whereabouts of Essie first. As for how to punish him, he would leave it to Ford.

"Feed him medicine." He said in a low voice.

Ford took out a dose of sulfur spray from the medicine box. It was a kind of medicine with the effect of calming and hypnosis, which could induce people to tell the truth involuntarily. At present, the information agency in every country had secretly used this kind of drug to interrogate criminals.

Vincent was half-asleep and half-awake after the injection.

"Where is Essie?" Zac asked.

"She is on an uninhabited island not far from C city. I don't know the details. Rock is in charge of her affairs." Vincent said slowly.

"Did she get hurt?" Zac clenched his fists and crunched his knuckles.

"No. Rock is going to use her to make a deal."

"What deal?" Zac's nerves were on edge. Those damn bastards dared to trade his treasures. He must tear them into pieces!

"This is confidential. Rock didn't tell me." Vincent shook his head.

"How did you get her fingerprint?"

"After I told Rock about it, Rock asked someone to deliver it to her directly."

"Where is Rock?"

"I don't know. W

inful. She covered her belly and sat on the ground, gasping for breath desperately.

At this time, a shrill roar came from the depths of the mountain forest, like the low roar of a wild wolf.

She was even more scared and her heart shrank.

It might not be a good idea to escape into the forest. There were always tigers, leopards and wolves in such a deep forest. Maybe she was not caught by the devil, but became the dinner of beasts.

As the night deepened in the mountain, Zac became more and more anxious. The nerves and cells all over his body were tightened, and there was no chance for him to breathe.

"Essie, the muddled fool -- Essie --" He roared, hoping that she could hear his voice and give him a response.

He didn't care about anything. As long as she was still alive and could come back to him in a good and complete way, he would be satisfied and didn't dare to expect more.

Essie heard his voice.

Muddled fool? Essie?

Was he calling her?

The name was so familiar. She seemed to have heard it somewhere.

But it was not her name.

She stood up with the help of a tree trunk and was about to go back along the road and hide into the cave again. Suddenly, a wild wolf appeared in front of her and blocked her way.

The wild wolf's eyes twinkled with green light, like the ghost fire. It opened its mouth slightly, revealing two sharp fangs, which were enough to bite the iron into pieces.

She was so scared that she wanted to find a branch or something sharp to protect herself, but there was nothing around.

So she picked up the stone at her feet and threw it fiercely. "Get out, get out!" She roared, trying to scare it away.

The wild wolf took two steps back, raised its head and sobbed, as if to call its companions.

Soon, a few more wild wolves ran over from the depths of the forest and surrounded her.

Their eyes shone green light in the darkness, as if they were ready to attack and tear the prey in front of them into pieces.

Tears welled up in Essie's eyes.

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