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   Chapter 565 Separation

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In the villa of Phoenix Road, Alice came to look for Lucy. She was going to buy a villa in the suburbs and asked Lucy to give her advice.

When they were driving through an empty forest path, two minibuses rushed in from the other end of the road, blocking their way.

Several masked men jumped out of the minibus, pointed their guns at them and said, "get out of the car!" One of them roared.

Lucy's face turned deathly pale with fear. "Alice, don't open the door."

"Mom." With a shiver, Alice pushed the door open and said, "do you know who I am? If you hurt me, none of you can live a good life! "

"Aren't you Miss Alice? We are here for you." A tall masked man sneered and pointed a gun at her head.

"Don't touch my daughter. Catch me if you want!" Lucy jumped out of the car, rushed to the masked man and pushed him away regardless of anything.

"Fuck! Do you want to die?" The masked man cursed and slapped her back, knocking her down to the ground.

"Mom -" Alice rushed to her and protected her, "don't hurt my mom. We can go with you."

She helped Lucy up and was carried into the car by them. The masked man tied their hands with a rope, and covered their heads with a black hood. Then he drove away quickly.

In the Hengyuan office, when Essie was working on the CBD development program, her phone suddenly rang. The caller ID was a strange number.

"Your mother and sister are both in my hands. Take twenty million in cash to redeem them. Otherwise, you will have to wait to collect their corpses." A cold voice came through the phone.

Hearing that, Essie trembled violently. She tightened her grip on the phone and asked, "how can I be sure that they are in your hands?" She tried her best to keep her voice calm.

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and then a trembling voice came, "Essie, mom and I have been kidnapped. Come and save us!"

A violent spasm ran over Essie. "Sister, are you and mother all right?"

A cold male voice came through the phone, "if you don't come over, they will be in danger. I'll give you an hour to collect money, and then come to the No. seven warehouse of Toutuo village. You are only allowed here alone. Don't call the police or tell Zac, or the two of them will die. "

Leaning against the chair, Essie was at a loss for a moment. Zac was her mainstay. No matter what happened, as long as he was there, she was not afraid. But this time, she was confused and contradictory. The kidnapper specifically emphasized not to tell him. Would they really kill her mother and sister if she told Zac?

But what if she couldn't save them and fell into the hands of the kidnappers by going alone?

She walked to the French window. The sun shone on her pale face from the window. It seemed that she had made up her mind.

She opened the drawer and took out a pistol and a tranquilizer gun. She couldn't risk her mother and sister's lives, so she had to make a bet.

Toutuo village was a very remote villa

stretcher away. He would not allow her to lie in the cold forensic identification room. He wanted to accompany her, and no one could take her away from him.

The Rong family ordered to block the news, and sent people to secretly escort the children abroad to prevent them from knowing the news of their mother's accident.

In the villa by the lake, Zac had been locked up for three days. He didn't eat, drink or sleep.

"Idiot, don't be afraid. I'll come to you soon. Remember, don't drink the soup, or you will forget me. " Tears burst out in his eyes and wet his face. She lived, he lived, she died, he would never live alone in this world. After he took his revenge, he would meet her in heaven. No one could separate them in the future.

In the evening, the door of the villa was kicked open. William broke in with his men. He couldn't allow his boss to be so depressed.

"Fuck off!" Said Zac in a low voice.

William winked at Ford and asked him to go to the corpse to distract Zac's attention. Then he raised his hand and slashed at his neck when he was off guard.

Zac snorted and fell down.

He had been in a coma for a long time. He didn't want to wake up and face the world without her. He was desperate. He only wanted revenge!

Ford came over. Looking at William who were standing by the bed to protect him, he sighed and said. "It's not easy for boss and his wife to get together again. How could such a thing happen?"

A hint of sadness flashed across William's face. "Any news from the forensic expert?"

"It's too scorched to extract DNA." Ford shook his head, paused, and whispered, "do you think the woman in the car is really Mrs. Essie?"

William didn't answer, and he hoped it wasn't, either. But Alice and Mrs. Lucy saw the people in the car with their own eyes and saw the explosion. The assistant of Essie also confirmed that Essie had taken twenty million to the No. seven warehouse to exchange hostages and told her not to tell anyone, so...

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