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   Chapter 564 Fight For The Beauty

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"He is Zac's brother."

"Wow, the gene of Rong family is so good. Zac is amazing, and his brother is extremely beautiful. It's really enviable." Finney rolled her eyes and stood up all of a sudden. "Since he is a relative, why don't we go and say hello?"

After hesitating for a while, Essie stood up.

At the sight of Essie, Walt was a little surprised. "Little pineapple, why are you here? Are you with Zac?" He asked.

"No. my cousin wanted to come here, so I brought her here." Said Essie with a smile.

"Hi, my name is Finney." Finney introduced herself in a hurry.

"Hello." He nodded slightly as a greeting.

"Can we sit down?" Asked Finney with a smile.

"Of course." Walt nodded.

Finney quickly took her sister's hand and sat down, fearing that Walt would change his mind. A waiter brought them two glasses of cocktail. She took a sip while peeping at Walt.

The young master of the Rong family looked extremely handsome from a distance, and even more perfect from a close look. She was like a young girl in love, with her heart beating wildly.

Unfortunately, Walt didn't notice her. His eyes were completely fixed on Essie. Essie was the only woman in the world who could attract him.

Taking a look at the wine at his hand, Essie asked in a low voice, "brother, are you in a bad mood today?"

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he wanted to smile, but it disappeared before it took shape. "No, I am just a little bored." He said in a low voice.

"If we come here to keep you company, you won't be bored." Said Finney.

Walt didn't seem to hear what she said. He looked at Essie and asked indifferently, "where is Zac? Isn't he with you at home?"

"He has an appointment tonight." Replied Essie indifferently.

"I thought you had a fight." Walt said half-jokingly. To be honest, he really hoped that they could quarrel. The more they loved each other, the more painful his heart was and the deeper his jealousy was.

Before Essie could say anything, she was interrupted by Finney, "don't worry. Your brother treats my sister very well. They won't quarrel."

"That's good." A hint of unnoticeable bitterness flashed across his face.

Finney flipped her hair near her ear and found that Walt didn't seem to be interested in her. She decided to be active and bold, so she asked, "Mr. Walt, do you have a girlfriend?"

Walt's eyes finally shifted to her, but only a short, faint glance, "No." He said lightly.

"Then... Is there anyone you like? "

Walt didn't respond. He looked up at Essie. Of course there was, but she had become his sister-in-law.

While he was silent, Essie's phone rang. It was from Zac. He had just finished his social engagements and learned that she was in the Midnight Club, so he drove directly to pick her up.

Seeing her leave, a malicious and cold light flashed through Walt's eyes. The little sun should be his. Why should she be taken away by Zac?

In th

rything in her heart." With a serious look, Alice was afraid that Walt wouldn't believe her.

"Do you think I have a chance?" Walt asked in a low voice.

"You are not worse than Zac. Why not?" Said Alice in a firm tone.

Walt also thought so. The only thing he lost to Zac was luck.

He was the eldest grandson and should inherit the family business, but his grandparents had to appoint Zac.

He knew Essie before Zac, but God made her meet Zac and let her become Zac's wife.

Since he was here, why was Zac here to compete with him?

From the very beginning, his mother shouldn't have been pregnant with a brother like Zac.

Without him, both Rong family and Essie would belong to him!

Seeing the expression on his face, Alice knew that he had been persuaded by her. A weird smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

When the car arrived at the next intersection, she said in a low voice, "stop here. I should get off."

After she got out of the car, he drove away.

Looking at the disappearing Bugatti, Alice sneered and took out her phone. "Boss, I have completed the task. I believe that he will come to you soon."

Instead of going to the company, Walt went straight to a secluded residence in the suburb of Dragon City.

When the masked man in black saw him, his eyes lit up. "You're finally here."

"I want to see your boss." Said Walt.

"Boss is not in Dragon City, but you can talk to him on the phone." The masked man took out a satellite phone from his pocket, dialed the number and handed it to him.

A hoarse voice came through the phone, "you've thought it through. Are you willing to join me?"

"You should know what I want." Said Walt, gritting his teeth.

"Don't worry. I will send this woman to you soon." The man on the other side of the phone laughed. His laughter was like a ghost, cold, horrible and frightening.

Walt knew clearly that he was making a deal with the devil, but he would fight for his little sun.

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