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   Chapter 559 Birthday Party

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He seemed to have more to say. Eva picked up a piece of chitterlings and stuffed it into his mouth, "I have chosen to forget these things."

While chewing the food, Jade said in a vague voice, "All right, all right. In fact, we were happy when we were children. When you were in middle school, mom was a waiter in a restaurant. At that time, she often brought some leftovers of the customers back from the restaurant and let eat it to supplement nutrition for us. Once, she brought back two braised eggs. You didn't want to eat them, so you gave them all to me. I was really happy that time. "

Vinton looked at the woman in front of him in silence, and there was an indescribable emotion in his heart, like the waves, deep and serious surging and surging.

It turned out that her childhood was really as miserable as Essie said.

The unbearable weight in his life seemed to be pressed on this thin shoulder layer by layer.

Her face was as beautiful as a ray of rising sun, full of color and vitality. There was still an indelible stubbornness hanging at the corners of her curved mouth. At this moment, he understood that it was a mark left after fighting against the wind and frost.

He held her hand and said solemnly and sincerely, "From now on, there is only sunshine in your world. I will block all the wind and rain."

She smiled, like a snow lotus blooming slowly in the morning, intoxicating him.

Wednesday was the birthday of Vicki. The Xu family's manor was bustling with noise and excitement.

Seeing the harmonious scene of Zac and Essie and their little family of four, Valery's jealousy burst out like a volcano in Yellowstone. Everything she owned should belong to her. It was all because of her appearance that took away all her happiness.

"Zac, where is Rabi? Why didn't you bring him here?" She ran over and looked at Zac, blaming him. She was afraid that her son would be tortured and bullied by Essie in the Rong family.

"Rabi has nothing to do with you," Zac replied coldly.

"I was pregnant and gave birth to the baby. My blood is flowing on his body. I'm his mother. How can he have nothing to do with me?" Valery raised her voice, feeling a little hysterical.

Hearing this, Mili and Dot looked at each other in shock.

'Oh my God! Brother is not mommy's child, but my bad aunt's?'

Zac didn't want the children to know about it, but Valery said it without hesitation. He couldn't hide it.

"Valery, you'd better behave yourself. Don't try to seduce Rabi, or you will know what will happen!" he warned.

"Can't I care about my own child?" Tears were welling up in Valery's eyes. Anger and fear were intertwined on her face. After she finished her words, she pointed at Essie fiercely and said, "This woman has a grudge against me. I don't know how she will abuse Rabi. If you give her to raise Rabi, I will be worried about it."

With a faint smile, Essie said, "Sister, you are suffering from persecutory delusion again. Anyway, Rabi has a blood relationship with


Vinton was so angry that a rage rose from his chest and went straight to his head. "This is too much. It's not easy to suppress me with my father."

Zac patted him on the shoulder sympathetically. "Brother in law, don't forget my advice. The most important thing is to deal with your grandma."

Vinton nodded and drank up the wine in his hand.

Lowering her head, Essie pouted and said, "It seems that I have to prepare for it. Mr. Baron will definitely come to blame me. What happened between you two has nothing to do with me. I've become the most wronged one in this world." She sighed heavily on purpose, with an expression of grievance.

Eva put her arm around her shoulder and said apologetically, "Essie, it's all my fault. You're involved."

Raising her head, Essie smiled, "I'm just kidding. I don't care. I just want to help my brother marry you as soon as possible."

Vinton smiled and turned to Zac, "My sister is so smart. Can you handle her?"

With a smile, Zac put his arm around the slender waist of Essie. "I like her smart and quirky spirit."

Essie glanced at him with a pout. She should be the one to worry about. This big devil was scheming and domineering, always arrogant and contemptuous of all living beings. She could do nothing in front of him.

She took a sip of wine and changed the topic to the right one. "Brother, I heard that you went to Jiang City last week to visit your future mother-in-law and brother-in-law?"

Vinton coughed, "How do you know?"

With a slight smile, Essie said, "Eva and I are good friends. How can I not know such an important thing?"

Two rosy clouds floated up Eva's cheeks. "I didn't tell you about it."

"Yes, you didn't say it, but Auntie Fang told my mother, and my mother told me," With a playful smile on her face, Essie said.

Not far away, Valery was looking at her. Her smile was like poison to her ears. She wouldn't let her be so proud anymore.

'Just laugh, Essie. I'll make you unable to laugh soon.'

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