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   Chapter 558 Visit Future Mother-in-law

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Eva shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

"He used to be nice to me, ten times better than you. There was a smile on Michelle's face, as beautiful as the residual red in the sunset. She raised her wrist and showed her the diamond watch on it. "Look, this is a gift from him. It's specially made for me. It's engraved with my name and it is unique in the world. He said that this watch is like me. I am unique in his heart, and no one can replace me. "

Eva looked at her sympathetically. She wanted to say something, but she didn't say it out. "If there is nothing else, I have to go. He is... Waiting for me." After saying that, she walked out of the cabin.

Seeing her leave, Valery walked to Michelle and said, "Michelle, as long as this woman is with him, you won't be able to be with Vinton again. If you still want Vinton to change his mind, you have to find a way to get rid of her. "

Michelle glanced at her coldly.

The sea surface rippled in the wind.

Vinton was lying on a lounge chair, lazily staring at the sea in front of him, with waves shining in his deep black eyes.

"Vinton!" Wendy sat beside him and called him affectionately.

He nodded slightly without turning his eyes.

Wendy felt a wave of disappointment in her heart. His unchanged indifference had always made her restless and painful. She bit her lips, struggled for a long time, and said slowly, "Vinton, next week is Mrs. Vicki's birthday. Let's go there together, shall we? "

Vinton turned his head and smiled sarcastically, "you should know who I will take with me."

"Eva?" She is jealous." I am your fiancee. "

He sneered and stood up to leave. She couldn't help but rush up and hugged him from behind. "Vinton, I'm your fiancee. This is a family dinner. I should go with you. "

He sneered and ruthlessly pushed her hand away. "Only the engagement I accept is valid. Only the woman I want to marry is my fiancee. Do you understand, Wendy? "

Without turning his head, she ran up to him again and hugged him, with tears pouring down from her eyes. "But I love you, Vinton. I love you. Why should that despicable woman be with you? "

"Shut up." He shouted in a low voice, broke off her wrist and threw her aside. "You have no right to comment on my woman. "

"I love you so much, but you don't even look at me. Why? "Wendy fell to the deck and cried bitterly.

But Vinton ignored her and left with his usual mockery.

After passing through the cabin, Eva came out from behind the door and held his arm.

"Vinton, you broke two hearts in just one day. Eva sighed.

"Even if I break the heart of the world, I will never hurt yours. He turned his head to look at her. His dark eyes were as deep as the sea, shining like cold stars, and as dreamy as dreams.

Eva smiled faintly and did not respond. In fact, Vinton was also a player in love, just like herself. She didn't know what would happen if they really dated each other?

While she was silent, Vinton said again, "you heard what we said just now. Next week is m

ought it was the most delicious food in the world. "

When they were talking, Eva had finished her first skewer of roasted fat sausage. Then she licked her lips, looking as if she was savoring it.

Jade sneaked closer to Vinton and asked, "Vinton, when you first met my sister, were you frightened by her good appetite?"

Vinton smiled. He clearly remembered that the first time he had dinner with her was in a French restaurant. At that time, he was indeed a little shocked. She ate up all the thirteen dishes without hesitation.

When he was in a trance, Jade's voice came again, "she said that only by eating more can she have the strength to live. I always thought that she would grow into a fat woman in the future."

Vinton looked at the slender figure in front of him dotingly and said, "she is so thin that she can fly as a kite. She should get fatter."

Jade chuckled and said, "don't think she is weak by her thin figure. She is very powerful when fighting with others." He put a piece of fat meat into his mouth and said after eating it, "once we went to the beach to sell shells and earned ten dollars. When we went back, we were stopped by four gangsters. They tried to grab our money. My sister asked me to run quickly while fighting with those gangsters. Four to one, she was beaten hard, but she didn't let them take away a penny."

At this time, Eva had quickly finished seven kebabs of roasted fat sausage. After finishing eating, she pouted her oily little mouth and said, "Jade, can't you talk something happy?"

Jade scratched his head and looked embarrassed. "I really can't think of anything happy in the past. Since I became sensible, the first thing I remember is that you picked up the jars in the alley with me on your back. I always think that you are more toilsome than mother. You have to go to school, do part-time jobs, do housework, and take care of me. You seem to have done a lot of work. You have collected trash, sold newspapers, set up stalls, sent milk, and wiped shoes... "

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