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   Chapter 557 The Disaster Of Women

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In the hotel, Eva walked in circle anxiously like an ant on a hot pot. She was eager to have a pair of wings to fly to Dragon City to save Vinton at once.

At this time, her phone rang. When she saw the caller ID was Vinton, she quickly pressed the answer button.

"Vinton, are you drunk?"


"Did Wendy drug you?"

There was a short silence on the phone, and Eva thought she was right and she regarded his silence as acquiesce. Her heart jumped to her throat. "Vinton, can't you stand it anymore? Get some cold water!" She remembered that last time she was drugged, Jim threw her into the bathtub to soak in cold water.

"Eva, how do you know that I'm with Wendy?" Vinton's voice came from the phone.

"Wendy called me to declare war. I think you are either drunk or drugged, or why are you with her? " Replied Eva honestly.

Vinton clenched his phone and thought, 'damn it! Wendy is really not easy to deal with.'

"Eva, don't worry. I'm fine. I'll explain to you tomorrow. Don't worry." Vinton comforted her.

Hearing this, Eva felt much relieved.

On the second day, Vinton called Elizabeth and Valery over.

Seeing Wendy in Vinton's apartment, Elizabeth was surprised, but when Vinton turned on the TV, she couldn't smile anymore.

It was a wonderful picture of Wendy taking a bath.

Wendy was shocked, "Vinton, you... Why did you record this? "

"Wendy, you have a good figure. If this video is posted online, it must be top news." Vinton smiled.

Wendy shivered, "Vinton, you... What are you talking about? "

Elizabeth was also shocked, "Vinton, don't be silly."

Vinton pursed his lips and said seriously, "you forced me. I warn you, if you dare to do anything to Eva again, I will immediately post this video online and let everyone see her charming body. "

"Vinton, are you crazy?" Valery shouted angrily.

Vinton snorted, "I'm just giving you a dose of your own medicine."

Wendy's face turned red, even darker than the color of pork liver. Now she realized that the reason why Vinton brought her here was not to be with her, but to set her up.

"Vinton, how can you do this to me?" Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"You have gone too far. You not only hurt Eva in the hotel, but also bribed the gangsters to hurt her! You've gone too far. " Vinton said angrily.

"Vinton, we are your family. How can you hurt your family for a woman outside?" Elizabeth accused.

"Eva is my beloved woman, not an outsider. In my heart, she is more important than anyone else." Vinton said firmly and seriously.

Wendy burst into tears in Elizabeth's arms.

Elizabeth had no choice. If the video was exposed, Wendy would be destroyed. Not only Baron, but also Mrs. Vicki would object to accept her as her daughter-in-law.

"Well, Vinton, since you like that actress so much, we have no choice. But your father announced your marriage with Wendy in the celebration party. If you don't marry Wendy, it will be a slap in your father's face. What should you do? You can think ab

her lower lip with her white teeth.

She was trembling all over, as if she was biting hard.

Her lips were broken, and a drop of blood slid across her jaw.

But she didn't stop. She looked like a demon and lost her soul.

Vinton's cold face was still expressionless, and his eyes were as dark as two pools of ice." Don't let me say it again. "His voice is as cold as rock, without any mercy.

The woman's eyes were filled with despair. She staggered back two steps, turned around and ran away with tears.

Looking at her back, Eva sighed in her heart. Needless to guess, that woman must have something to do with him. Since she fell in love with him hopelessly, she would come to such a miserable end.

Handsome men were disaster to women.

Vinton was really a disaster for women.

After coming out of the fishing platform, Eva went to the dressing room and met the woman who was driven away by Vinton. Beside her were Wendy and Valery.

When the woman saw her, her red and swollen eyes flashed with jealousy.

"Alas -- the new comer smiles, while the old one has to cry secretly. She has plenty of methods. Poor Michelle, even if you commit suicide ten times, you can't win his heart back. Valery let out a long sigh, trying to fan the flames.

Michelle gave her a ferocious stare. "At least I had a good time with him. At that time, he was infatuated with me and treated me very well. I didn't regret it. "

Valery sneered, "no matter how good you were, he has gone. And now, they are in good terms now. "

Eva glared at her angrily. She could see that Valery was deliberately sow discord between them and was going to find Vinton's ex-girlfriend to deal with her. She silently turned around and walked out. She didn't want to be involved in a meaningless argument.

Michelle's jealousy had already been aroused, and it was hard for her to let Eva go.

"I heard that you have been dating with Mr. Vinton for a long time." She followed Eva and asked in a low voice in a jealous tone.

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