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   Chapter 555 Mother's Secret

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Shrugging, Zac didn't answer.

Putting her arm on his shoulder, Essie said with a playful smile, "Icy guy, to be honest, were you afraid at that time?"

Zac sneered, "Haven't you heard that people are afraid of ghosts while ghosts are afraid of people even more? For me, I did not have the slightest fear in my heart. So ghosts are afraid of me. "

That's right. Essie thought to herself, 'He is a devil. Even ghosts have to kneel down and submit to him when they see him. How dare she touch him?'

However, Jim was obviously the same as him, one of the hooligans. How dare she touch him?

Was it because he was the one who let the cat in?

"Do you really think that Jim has been haunted?"

"I don't know. But what happened to him at that time. Even he himself couldn't figure it out. He said he had nightmares and dreamed that something was chasing him. He kept running and fighting with that thing, but he couldn't wake up anyway. "

Zac looked out of the window at the ghost yard. There was no fear on his face, but he was very confused. This had always been an unsolved mystery in his heart.

Looking at his expression, Essie felt more scared.

To be honest, so far, no one dared to jump to a conclusion whether there was a ghost in the world or not.

There was a distant relative of the Yi family who was a professor of chemistry in a famous university in America. But he believed in the soul more than anyone else. He also said that the soul study was actually a kind of science.

"Icy guy, what do you think the relationship between the ghost in red clothes and your family?" she asked.

There were many versions of the legend about the ghost in red clothes in the Rong Mansion.

Some people said that she was the mistress of one of the sons of the Rong family and was killed by the wife. She was resentful and refused to be reincarnated, causing chaos in the mansion and full of resentment.

Some people boldly guessed that the fierce ghost in red was the daughter of a concubine in the Rong Mansion. She married a poor boy regardless of her family's objection. However, the poor boy was just greedy for wealth, not true love for the daughter of the Rong family. He even found another mistress outside. When the daughter of the Rong family knew it, she killed herself angrily.

In a word, there were countless versions of the story. Everyone's brain was wide open, and the story they made up was so bizarre and mysterious.

However, they all had several common features, they died in red, and the day they died was exactly the time of blood moon, which was also the night of total lunar eclipse.

According to what Zac and Jim had seen, the ghost in red was not only dressed in red before her death, but also in her wedding dress. Did she die on their wedding night?

While she was thinking, Zac said in a low voice, "You are infected by Ivy. And you are more and more c

er, my uncle went to America because of the business of the Rong family. Uncle Baron took this opportunity to defeat my uncle and take your mother away. When my uncle came back from abroad, he was very sad to know that your mommy and uncle Baron had married. He went to the United States again. Then he met and married my aunt there. I also heard that it was aunt who took the initiative to pursue uncle. "

As Ivy spoke, a bright light flashed through her eyes. "Men are the most fragile when they are injured. So is brother Hanson. I must work hard, work hard, and work hard again."

It was like a daydream for Essie. She couldn't imagine that her mother and her father-in-law had a relationship. No wonder her father-in-law often went to the Xu family's manor when she was a child. She always thought that it was because his father-in-law had a good relationship with Mr. Baron, but she didn't expect that his father-in-law had a better relationship with his mother than with Mr. Baron.

While she was thinking, the voice of Ivy came again, "I heard that after uncle got married, he still couldn't forget your mother and often made aunt misunderstand him."

Essie was shocked. If that was the case, it would explain why Mary hated their mother and did such a cruel thing.

She hated her out of jealousy!

No woman could bear that her husband had been thinking about other women all the time, and Mary was a petty person. It would be strange if she didn't hate her mother to the core.

Now that she knew the secret, she finally found the crux of the grudge between Mary and her mother.

But how to solve it was still a troubled thing. If she knew that Mary was trying to hurt her because of this, she might not forgive her either.

And she wouldn't confess a mistake just because she was reasonable.

The resentment between the two would probably be deeper. It was really difficult for her and Zac to be in the middle.

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