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   Chapter 553 Haunting By Ghosts

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"How long is cycle of reincarnation?" Essie asked.

"Sixty years," Walt said.

"When did the yard appear?" Essie raised her eyebrows.

"I don't know the exact time, but it was before we were born, so we should have a chance to see that day coming in our lives. At that time, the place will be open for visit," Walt said in a playful tone, as if he was looking forward to that day.

Essie was a little nervous. No wonder Zac always said that he would demolish the yard after he took over the Rong family. He probably planned to wait for a cycle of reincarnation. Even if that guy was fearless, he didn't take it seriously. He shouldn't dare to violate the family's ban.

Irene had been sitting quietly beside and listening. As a guest, she didn't know much about the Rong Mansion and couldn't get in the conversation. But judging from her frightened eyes, she knew that she firmly believed in the saying of ferocious ghost and was quite scared.

"Irene, you are a French. Do you also believe that?" With a slight smile, Essie patted her on the shoulder.

Irene nodded like a chicken pecking rice. "I always believe that people have souls, and their souls will not be annihilated after death. They exist in different spaces from ours. Sometimes when the space is in a mess, they will run out to make trouble. There are rumors about Ghost Castle in France. It's so scary. "

Essie didn't believe it at all. In her opinion, everything in the world could be explained with scientific reasons. However, the current development of science was still limited, so there were many things that couldn't be explained clearly.

"Maybe there is no ghost in it at all. It's something like the holy head."

Walt's deep eyes twinkled. "In fact, there is something in the yard that someone must know better than us."

"Who?" Essie and Ivy asked almost at the same time.

After a pause, he picked up the black tea on the stone table and took a sip. Then he slowly spit out three words, "Jim."

Hearing that, Essie was stunned for a while. "Jim? How did he know the secret of the Rong Mansion? "

"He is born with great curiosity. How can he let go of the secret of our Rong Mansion? I heard that he almost died because of this," Walt said.

"Cousin, why don't you tell me earlier?" Ivy' wrinkled her nose.

"I have never taken this kind of thing to heart. It is because you are so curious that I remember it."

Walt shrugged. At that time, she was still young and didn't have much memory. He was older, so he remembered it clearly.

"I'm going to ask brother Jim," Ivy said excitedly, as if Columbus had discovered a new continent.

If Jim was the king of gossip, and Ivy was the princess of gossip, the two of them were people who would do anything to know the secret.

Before the moon came to the last contact, Ivy took out her phone and called Jim. But as soon as he heard that it was about the ghost yard, Jim hung up the phone without saying anything, as if he was very afraid of this

en he was about to push her down.

She gently pushed him. She hadn't finished her work yet. She couldn't let him take advantage of her.

"Icy guy, we told a lot of ghost stories by the lake today, including the fierce ghost in red in the ghost yard." She paused deliberately and looked at him with her eyes wide open.

"Okay," Zac replied indifferently, as if he didn't take her words seriously.

She had expected that he would react like this. In the past, whenever she mentioned the ghost yard, he would always be indifferent.

"I heard from brother that Jim had pried into the secret of the ghost yard. Is that true?" she didn't want to beat around the bush with him and asked directly.

He raised his beautiful thick eyebrows slightly and said, "Honey, curiosity Kills cats. There are some things that you'd better not dig the ground. And today is the night of blood moon. I heard from uncle Li that in such a day, the gloom is the strongest, and the power of the eight diagrams of heaven and earth is also weak. It's really not suitable to talk about the ghost yard. " He pretended to be mysterious.

As he spoke, the window was pushed open by a gust of night wind silently. Essie seemed to be frightened and her heart beat to her throat. When the window opened, there was no sound, as if it was pushed open by an invisible big hand, causing an extremely terrifying ghost aura.

As the window was slowly pushed open, a gloomy cold wind blew into the room. It was like the night air in the garden outside the window. At this moment, Essie felt that it was like the cold wind that appeared in the horror movie, making her hair stand on end.

She unconsciously leaned against Zac and lowered her voice, fearing that if she raised her voice, she would be blown into the ghost yard by the wind and be heard by the ghost in red.

There was an imperceptible sly smile on Zac's face. Although his little fool was very curious, she was also very timid. She might not ask if she was scared.

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