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   Chapter 545 Real Enemies

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Jim tightened his grip on her arm. He just had a crush on Essie, and that was all. There was no love between men and women. Moreover, she was the love of his best friend, and the wife of his friend could not be bullied. It was impossible for him to pay attention to her.

"Heaven pepper, you are talking too much nonsense."

Being pinched by him, Eva thought she had stabbed his sore spot, and a sense of revenge flashed through her heart, but she did not go on, lest her arm was cut off by him.

"Scum Jim, aren't you very powerful? Then tell me how to change the situation now?"

"That's your business. It has nothing to do with me." Jim raised his thick eyebrows slightly, as if it was none of his business.

Eva rolled her eyes at him and said, "If you don't help me find a way, I'll drag you into it. When I go out later, I'll tell the paparazzi that I have been with you last night."

Jim sneered and didn't seem to be threatened by her. "Heaven pepper, you are digging your own grave. If you get involved in the scandal with me, Vinton won't let you go."

"I am ruined now. I can't think too much. It's better to gossip with you than to be framed by that fat pig. " With a secret smile flashing in her eyes, Eva pouted and said, "Scum Jim, haven't you always hated me and disliked me? I don't have a good figure. I don't feel well. My body is full of bones and without flesh. If you involved in an affair with me, your taste will fall to the bottom of the African rift. You have to think it over. "

A shadow flashed across Jim's face. "Heaven pepper, if I hadn't saved your life last night, you would have been slept by that ugly fat pig. Don't you think it's too unkind of you to threaten me instead of being grateful? "

"If you save a person, save her to the end. If you send the Buddha, send it to the West." Eva wrinkled her nose and said, "At the worst, I'll treat you to dinner when we get back."

Jim touched his chin and smiled mischievously, "You have to cook by yourself to show your sincerity."

"That's no problem. If only you can swallow it." Eva glared at him. This guy took the opportunity to blackmail.

"Don't try to lie to me. Practice cooking hard for me after you go back. My taste bud is very picky. If you dare to abuse them, you will not be able to work in the entertainment circle anymore," Jim threatened slowly.

Eva realized that he was deliberately making things difficult for her. But she didn't worry. With the presence of Essie, she could make a table and imitate it. If he dared to be picky, she would take out Essie to press him and see if he dared to say 'no'!

"Well, hurry up and find a way to get the fat pig away."

Jim calmly took out his phone and dialed 110.

A few minutes later, a group of police arrived, grabbed the fat pig who was being interviewed and handcuffed it.

"You need to get out of here. Don't be fooled by him. We have been reported that this is a thief. He has been committing crimes in turn in the nearby hotel. When the guest is not in the room, he pried the door and sneaked in. "

The reporters were shocked to hear that.

The man was even more terrified. "I'm

from it.

Mili smiled, "Sworn mommy and sworn father are both fire. They will burn fiercely when they meet each other. My uncle is like gold. Only he is obedient to sworn mommy, he will never dare to resist."

"Then your uncle will be hen-pecked in the future." Jim's peach blossom eyes were full of sympathy.

"It doesn't matter. My uncle is willing to do that." Mili giggled.

Essie stroked her head. At this moment, she was a little worried about Vinton. She was afraid that he couldn't resist Elizabeth's conspiracy in Switzerland. After dinner, she asked Eva to make an international call to Vinton and tell him that she was almost killed in China.

Vinton was so worried that he had no time to care about Wendy. When Elizabeth was asleep, he stole his passport and ran back.

Vinton's sudden appearance in Hengdian startled Eva. What scared her more was that Vinton knelt down on one knee and proposed to her as soon as he entered the room of the hotel.

"Eva, marry me!" He was holding a pink diamond ring that weighed twenty eight carats. His face was extremely serious, extremely sincere and serious.

"Vinton..." Eva was stunned as if she got an electric shock, trembling for a long time and unable to speak.

A dark cloud floated from the sky, blocking the light of the sun, and the room seeped a little cold.

Marriage, this was a word that should not be said in Eva's dictionary.

The reality was the poison of love, and marriage was the tomb of love. On the day her father betrayed her family, she swore that she would never dig her own grave and give any man a chance to hurt her.

If the risk of marrying an ordinary man was fifty percent, then the risk of marrying Vinton was ninety nine percent.

There were too many women around him. Maybe he liked her now, but time could destroy everything. When she was old and ugly, he would definitely raise the rod without hesitation and throw her like a golf ball, throwing her hard to the Mars, and to the outside of the Milky way.

Besides these fundamental risks, there was another more important factor, which was love.

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