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   Chapter 544 Be Smart, Woman

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In the early morning.

Jim sat on the sofa in front of the French window. The cool morning wind blew into the open window and messed up his short black hair. He quietly stared at the small strangely shaped stone in his hand, and a faint light flashed in his black eyes.

Hearing a rustling sound, he turned around. The person on the bed moved and seemed to wake up.

When he walked over, her beautiful big eyes slowly opened.

The moment their eyes met, they suddenly widened like bells. Then, the hazy mist spread out, gradually turning into a surging tide of tears, pouring out, wetting the hair at her temples.

She knew what happened last night without using a her brain to think.

"Jim bastard, you bastard!" With a roar, Eva pulled the quilt over her head and burst into tears.

At this time, a deep and deep voice came from outside, "Whether we did it, can't you feel it yourself?"

Feeling? what did that mean?

She sobbed two times and savored the words carefully from beginning to end. Then she moved her legs, but she didn't feel any pain or strange.

It was said that it would hurt for the first time.

Then she looked up at the bed sheet. It was white and clean.


She pulled down the quilt, revealing a pair of tearful eyes to the person beside the bed. "Really nothing happened?" Her voice was as soft as a mosquito's.

Jim glanced at her coldly, with a hint of mockery in his eyes. "Heaven pepper, do you have anything that makes people want to commit a crime from the beginning to the end? It's me who will suffer losses if I sleep with you. "

She stared at him angrily and blinked her thick eyelashes, as if she had thought of something. "Did you take the naked photo of me and blackmail me?"

Jim was choked by her wild guesses. It seemed that he had stopped taking medicine for too long.

"Heaven pepper, do I lack money? Even if I take photos of you, I can only use it to cover the table."

Eva's cheeks were even redder than apples in Washington. "Then how could I wear a bathrobe? Didn't you change it for me?"

Jim's handsome face suddenly approached, and the clean and fresh masculine breath slowly blew on her face. "You vomited a mess at midnight. If I hadn't paid one thousand dollars, no one would be willing to change your clothes. This is on your account!"

Hearing this, Eva calmed down a little. It was good that he didn't see her body.

"Jim scum, if you don't have any intention, why did you tie me up in the bathroom?" Although she was drunk and drugged last night, she still remembered something.

"You are so stupid. It's a miracle that a woman like you who has been stupid enough not to know that you were drugged by others can still work in the entertainment circle." Jim gave her a mocking look.

Eva was shocked, "You mean I was drugged?"

"Who did you offend?" Jim asked slowly. This Heaven Pepper was notorious in the entertainment circle, and almost all the producers had been offended by her. If she hadn't been so lucky and with the help of her be

ingernails were squeezed into the flesh.

"Jim bastard, let go of me. I'm going out to beat this bastard to death!"

"Are you so eager to be on the front page?" Jim said slowly and ironically.

Eva was so angry that his hair was smoking. "If there is an extremely ugly and dirty woman framing you for having sex with you, can you bear it?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Jim said, "I can even stand a woman like you, what else can't I?" His tone was calm, but it made Eva furious. She wanted to bite him again. If she couldn't win him in the fight, she didn't believe that she wouldn't win if she bit him.

Jim seemed to have expected her to throw this move. He quickly pinched her chin and said, "Heaven pepper, you must be a dog in your previous life. You are fond of biting and playing tricks."

"Who can't stand it? Even a pig can't stand it!" Eva had never been so angry before. She gritted her teeth and was too angry to say a word. She could only say a few words from her teeth.

"No wonder you can run a hundred times of playing trivial roles and offend all the producers." Jim shook his head with a helpless and sneering look.

"I'm born to be hostile to evil. I just want to fight against the evil forces to the end and will never surrender!" Eva said confidently, shaking her fist.

"You are straightforward to the end, and you never know how to change, right?" Jim sneered. He really admired Vinton for his patience and courage to date this Heaven Pepper.

"How?" Eva pouted.

"Learn from your best friend, Essie. I guess there are only one percent wrinkles in your mind." Jim patted the back of her head gently. She was the typical person who had a simple head and developed limbs.

Eva rolled her eyes at him and said, "Scum Jim, I know you've been secretly in love with our Essie. As soon as Zac was in trouble, you took advantage of it. It's a pity that she is ruthless towards your crush on her. She likes Zac, but she doesn't like you. You can only be wishful thinking and flatter yourself. "

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