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   Chapter 543 Woman, You Are So Stupid

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The new play which Jim and Eva participated in started in Hengdian smoothly.

That night, the crew held a cocktail party in the banquet hall of the hotel.

Eva didn't drink much, but she felt drunk. Before the party was over, she stumbled into the elevator and went back to her room.

In a daze, she saw the elevator door open and walk out without noticing that which floor it was.

This floor was quite spacious without a long corridor. There was only one room. Seeing that the door was not closed, she pushed the door open and walked in.

She was so uncomfortable that she just wanted to lie down and didn't care where she was.

At this moment, in room 6606 downstairs, an extremely ugly man was waiting in the darkness. He was like a spider which was preparing a vicious net and was ready to swallow the prey entering the door.

After the cocktail party, Jim returned to his room and found that the light was on. It must be some careless waiter who forgot to turn off the light.

Without thinking too much, he went to the bathroom and was about to take a shower. When he glanced at the room, he suddenly froze.

There was a woman lying on his luxurious bed. When he saw her face clearly, his eyes froze for a moment, and his dark eyes suddenly emitted an exceptionally sharp light. Perhaps being stung by the light, Eva struggled to get up from the bed, stood at the bedside and stared down at him. "Jim, why are you in my room?"

"I should ask you this question!" With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he looked back at her with an interested expression. "Heaven pepper, do you have a crush on me and come to throw yourself at me?"

"What did you say?" Perhaps Eva didn't hear it clearly, or perhaps she was irritated, she stepped forward and wanted to grab his collar, but unfortunately, she forgot the gap between the edge of the bed and him, so she stepped into the air. In the scream, she clumsily pounced on him. He lost his balance and fell on the carpet with her.

Jim's body stiffened slightly. He couldn't describe this feeling. It was the same feeling as the last time he kissed the red pepper, it was not only not spicy, but also very wonderful.

However, Eva didn't have the same feeling. She was ashamed, annoyed and embarrassed. She got up in a hurry and tried to escape, but the alcohol swelled up in her brain, making her dizzy. The room was huge, and she was like a headless fly running around, unable to find the door.

Jim stood up and walked over. He lifted her up and threw her back to the bed. If she went out like this, something might happen.

This action also frightened her. She struggled to get up, pulled the quilt and wrapped herself. "Get out, or I will call someone!"

"Get out? How can you get out of here? Can you show me? " He held the edge of the bed with one hand and said word by word playfully, his handsome face close to hers.

She wanted to step back, but her body was against the bed rail

seemed to be much more. It was turning into a hill, not like the whole basin in the past.

"Heaven pepper, have you done surgery secretly?" He asked in a low voice. In the entertainment circle, there were almost no female stars that hadn't done surgery since they became famous, and this heavenly pepper should be no exception.

Eva blushed with shyness. If her hands and feet were not tied, she would have jumped up and fought with Jim desperately.

"I won't use these boring things on me."

Jim raised his eyebrows. When his inquiring eyes fell on her chest again, she was so ashamed and annoyed that she kicked the water with her feet and splashed the water all over his body.

"Jim, don't look at me."

"I've never thought of poisoning my eyes. I am just studying miscellaneous diseases." Jim snorted.

"Jim, let go of me, or I... I will bite my tongue and commit suicide. " She shouted.

Jim sneered.

Biting her tongue to commit suicide, such a strange suicide method often appeared in martial arts movies, but from a medical point of view, no one could do it in reality. However, he wanted to see if the person in front of him could have such a power.

"Heaven pepper, just bite it. Let me see if you have the guts." A deep smile came out of his throat, full of mockery.

A strange look flashed through Eva's eyes. "Jim, get closer to me and I'll work hard to let you see if I dare to bite."

With his hands on the edge of the bathtub, Jim approached her with a sneer.

With all her strength, Eva leaned over and bit him desperately.

However, what she bit was not her tongue, but his shoulder.

Jim snorted and tried to push her away, but she bit him harder, as if she wouldn't give up until she bit a piece of his flesh.

It seemed that he had to take some measures.

A faint flame flashed through his eyes. He raised his hand and chopped down at the back of her neck. She loosened her mouth, tilted her body and fell into his arms...

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