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   Chapter 540 The Fight Between The Rival In Love

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"Mrs. Rose, mommy, let's drink together. I'm glad that you can come to our family dinner today." Essie raised her glass.

Mary put on a false smile. After clinking glasses, she took a sip and said, "I heard that you came here to sell this kind of rose red wine to China."

Lady Rose nodded. "Irene and I have been investigating the wine market in China in the past two days. We find that the Chinese people like red wine almost as much as French people, especially young people. I believe that the wine of our Rose Wine Manor will be very popular here."

"It's better to invest cautiously. After all, there are countless red wine brands in China now." Mary deliberately splashed cold water on Lady Rose, hoping that she could go back to Provence as soon as possible, as far away from her.

"Don't worry. We are going to the high-end market. The wine in the Rose Chateau is popular among the aristocrats not only in France, but also in Europe. I believe that the new rich people in the city will like it very much. " Said Essie confidently.

An imperceptible cold light flashed through Mary's eyes. She always felt that this little tramp was selling red wine as a cover, and she must be thinking of other bad ideas. If she wanted to use Lady Rose to deal with her, then she would make a wrong plan. She would not let her succeed.

"Young people are always impetuous. They won't give up until they encounter some setbacks."

"It doesn't matter. Zac is here. He is the king of investment. As long as he gives me some instructions, not to mention that money can produce money, even stones can turn into gold." Hearing that, Essie smiled slightly. This investment was approved by Zac, so she was not worried at all.

Hearing this, Irene cried out. Her admiration for Zac was deeper. She didn't expect that [Zac was so talented. She admired the man most.

Zac didn't say anything. He just held her hand with a rare modest smile on his face. He was satisfied with his wife's trust.

After that, no one spoke, and the lunch quietly ended in a calm atmosphere.

After sending Lady Rose, Irene and Mary away, Essie quickly put the cups they had drunk in a vacuum bag and handed them to Ford, asking him to send them for DNA testing. Whether Lady Rose had anything to do with Mary would be soon determined.

In the evening, the celebrities of Dragon City began to enter a crazy state.

Because Vinton, the eldest son of the Xu family, held a birthday party in the midnight club tonight.

He was the king of parties in Dragon City. Everyone would have a good time at his parties.

Of course, Vinton's female companion was no other than Eva. But his fiancee, Wendy, who was designated by Elizabeth, also came without invitation. To be exact, she came with Valery.

Valery was always rude in front of Vinton, and even her words were like boss giving orders to his

ce school every year." Valery supported Wendy.

Wendy held up her slender neck proudly, full of confidence.

Eva cast a scornful glance at her and raised her eyebrows, "how about we PK up now?"

"Well, whoever loses, quit consciously and leave Vinton!" Wendy crossed her arms over her chest, as if she was ready to fight.

"No, no, no!" Raising her slender index finger, Eva shook it and said, "who do you think Vinton is? It's not up to me to decide whether to quit or not." After saying that, she said softly, "if you want to play, play bigger."

Wendy's eyes almost popped out when she looked at them. "What do you want to do?" She said through gritted teeth.

"Whoever loses, dance on the spot!" Eva said slowly, which shocked many people present.

The corners of Wendy's mouth twitched slightly, and she was a little panic, but she didn't show it. She forced herself to calm down and sat back on the sofa, crossed her legs, took a sip of champagne, and said, "Okay, if you lose, don't act shamelessly, saying that I bully you, an amateur."

"Who told you that Eva is an amateur?"

Before Wendy finished her words, a clear voice came from the side. She turned around and met the sharp and cold eyes of Essie.

"Have you forgotten that Eva is one of the four popular female stars in the entertainment circle. She was good at acting and dancing. She began to learn dancing when she was three years old. She was the champion of both the young dance competition in Asia and the dance competition for university students in the country. She is proficient in classical dance, ballet, folk dance, modern dance, Jazz and national standard street dance. "

Essie stopped and took a sip of the cocktail. "If our Eva take part in the competition today, there must be no opponents present." Her tone was light, slow and powerful, and a determined smile at the corners of her mouth made Wendy feel chilly.

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