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   Chapter 538 Acting

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With a sneer, Essie said, "I never want to fight against you. I just want you to know that the Xu family only belongs to my brother, not to the son of you and Bles!" He said this not only to her, but also to Vinton.

Vinton was satisfied to hear that his sister was much closer to him than his mother. Her mother treated the bastard better than him. Maybe he was not her biological son.

"Let's go and let Mrs. Elizabeth reflect on herself." He called her Mrs. Elizabeth on purpose, not mommy, which made Elizabeth angry. Her son was just an ungrateful man who forgot his mother as soon as when he had a wife.

Seeing them leave, her face with heavy makeup was distorted.

Vinton's car stopped at the door of the apartment. Essie got out of the car first, and then Eva was about to get out of the car, but she was grabbed by Vinton, "Eva!" His eyes flashed with pleading.

She pulled her hand back from his palm and said, "Vinton, you can go back first. I want to be alone for a while."

He sighed and held her hand. "Eva, I want you to know that no one can change my decision, including my parents. I hope you will not be affected. No matter what my mother said to you, just ignore it. I'm here. She doesn't dare to hurt you. "

"Vinton, no matter what she says or does to me, I will still respect her, because she is always your mother. So, don't make your mother unhappy because of me, okay?"

Eva smiled slightly. She was so tolerant and considerate, but all these were played out. She knew too well what kind of person Elizabeth was. Such a person was not worthy of respect at all.

Vinton was touched and held her in his arms. He knew that she was the most reasonable woman in the world.

Startled by his action, Eva pushed him away and said, "there are always paparazzi lurking here all year round. It's better to keep a low profile, or I will be written as the other woman tomorrow."

"Who dares to say that? I'll make him lose his job right away." Vinton snorted.

Looking at them not far away, Essie snickered in her heart. She really hoped that Eva could be with Vinton, so that she could become her sister-in-law.

On the other side of Dragon City, Baron and Lucy were sitting face to face in a private room of an afternoon tea restaurant.

Lucy didn't expect that Baron would call her. She felt uneasy and hesitated whether she should meet him or not. At last, she came out.

Baron looked at her. Although she had changed, he recognized her soon.

In the past more than twenty years, many memories had been buried in his heart deeply. He thought he would never dig them out before he died. However, the appearance of Essie made them erupt violently from the bottom of his heart like a volcano, which was out of control.

In his heart, Lucy was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was like a light colored painting, beautiful but not gorgeous, charming and refined. He was always attracted by her.

He remembered that she had been standing under the setti

ert?" He asked in a low voice.

"Wonderful, it's so delicious. It's my first time to have such delicious dessert!" "Where did you buy it?" asked Essie excitedly.

"I didn't buy it. It was from Lady Rose." Zac said, "it has a nice name, called the Jasmine Fragrance After The Rain."

"It's so poetic." Said Essie with a smile.

Zac picked up a piece and took a small bite. A touch of dizziness flashed in his eyes. "I don't know why, but I always feel that this taste is very familiar. It seems that I have eaten it before, but I can't remember when it is."

"Maybe it was when you were a child." "If Lady Rose is really your aunt, it's normal for you to eat the dessert she made when you were a child, isn't it?" said Essie thoughtfully.

Zac nodded slightly.

With a wave of her arm, Essie said, "I've decided to learn to make dessert from Lady Rose, so that I can often have such delicious dessert to eat." She giggled, and the silvery sound was taken away by the wind, rippling on the lake lap by lap, and spreading to the other side of the lake.

He was infected by her joyful breath and looked at her with a smile.

The sun shone down quietly. Her beautiful face looked fresh, pure and flawless in the bright light. There were also two dimples full of enthusiasm, floating with the slightly raised corners of his mouth.

He was so intoxicated that he couldn't help holding her in his arms and kissing her affectionately. All the happiness in his mouth melted into a strong sense of affection.

After a long time, she gently pushed him away, picked up another piece of dessert and began to eat. It seemed that she was more interested in desserts than her husband.

"Idiot, are you greedy?" He flicked her forehead discontentedly.

Sweat dripped from Essie's forehead. He was really a possessive man who could even be jealous of desserts.

"Zac, is it really appropriate for you to be so domineering?"

"As long as it works on you." An evil smile appeared on Zac's face.

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