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   Chapter 536

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"Well, let bygones be bygones. Since you and rose look so alike, it's a kind of fate. Maybe you can become good friends. " Albert comforted Lady Rose.

"I feel as if we are old friends at the first sight of Mrs. Mary." Lady Rose smiled faintly.

"Me too." Mary said perfunctorily. It seemed that she didn't want to continue this topic.

After dinner, Essie and Zac sent Lady Rose and Irene back to the Intercontinental Hotel, and then returned to the Blue Coast.

Leaning against the sofa, Essie remained silent for a long time with a serious and deep expression on her face.

Zac picked up a black grapes and fed it into her mouth. "What are you thinking about?"

After eating the grapes, Essie said slowly, "I'm thinking about Lady Rose. If she is really not your aunt, then why did she dream of the Rong mansion?"

Zac raised his eyebrows slightly. He couldn't explain it either. Coincidence didn't make sense at all. No one would dream of a place they had never been to for no reason.

"In fact, whether Mrs. Rose has anything to do with my mommy or not will be known after a medical appraisal. But it seems that mommy is not willing to do so."

"It should be a good thing for sisters to meet each other. How about we..." Essie whispered in his ear and he nodded slightly. It was not a bad idea.

"Let's prepare the celebration party tomorrow. After it's over, I'll go back to the Rong mansion."

Essie nodded. Tomorrow's banquet was indeed very important, because it was the first time for Baron to meet others after he woke up.

She had made up her mind that she would attend the party with Zac as his wife, not the president of the Xu Group. After all, the protagonist was Baron, so she couldn't be the heroine.

That night, in the incomparably luxurious George Hotel, many famous people and celebrities got together.

The guests were all politicians and business celebrities.

When Zac and Essie entered the hall of the hotel at the same time, all the cameras were turned on.

Zac was wearing a luxurious midnight blue evening dress, a white dress shirt, a silk tie collar, and a handsome face that instantly killed all the people. His slender and tall body was aggressive, and people around only dared to look up at him secretly at forty-five degrees.

On the other hand, Essie was wearing a beautiful dress with embroidered petals on her shoulders. Her long dress was light and gauze, and her steps were as gentle as water. It was like princess Sissi's old-fashioned updo, with a strand of black hair hanging casually. Noble and elegant, it also added a bit of charm. This time, she put on some fresh and bright makeup, revealing a bit of charming charm from the innocence.

Vinton came in after them. Judging from his appearance, he was more beautiful than a peerless beauty, but his tall body and cynical attitude made people can tell the gender at a glance.

"I heard that besides the project cooperation, daddy has another thing to announ

So you have no right to influence my marriage. " Viton said, shaking his head and walking out.

"Vinton, I tell you, no matter what, you must marry Wendy, or I will break off the mother child relationship with you!" Elizabeth's trembling voice came from behind.

Vinton stopped but didn't look back. His cold laughter which was full of sarcasm echoed around the study, "I don't have a mommy." He left, and the laughter remained in the room for a long time.

Elizabeth trembled with anger. 'What a bastard! He is getting more and more unreasonable.' It was all because of that woman, Eva. She must have colluded with Essie in secret and taught her son badly.

On the Blue Coast, Essie stood in front of the window and looked out at the dark night. She frowned and looked worried.

Zac walked over and put his arm around her shoulder. "Are you worried about Vinton's marriage?"

Essie sighed slightly. She was worried about Eva. "Elizabeth is afraid of Eva because of me. I'm worried that she will do something bad to Eva." Elizabeth was ruthless and could do anything, so Essie had to be on guard against her.

"I will send more bodyguards to protect Eva." Zac said in a low voice.

"Vinton is Elizabeth's trump card. She will definitely not allow him to get out of her control. The reason why she wants Vinton to marry Wendy is to better control him." Essie said thoughtfully.

"Maybe she can't succeed but lost his son." Zac snorted coldly. Vinton was not a person who would be obedient to others.

"I didn't expect that Mr. Baron would agree to the marriage." Essie went back to the sofa and sat down. She picked up the green tea on the tea table and took a sip.

"His ears are so soft. How can he persist himself after being persuaded by Elizabeth?" Zac shook his head. From the fact that he had indulged the brothers of Elizabeth to make trouble in the Xu Group again and again, it could be seen that Elizabeth had found his weakness and knew how to control him.

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