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   Chapter 535 Lady Rose's Confusion

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Hearing that Lady Rose looked exactly like Mary, Alena was very curious and invited her to come here.

As soon as Lady Rose entered the gate of the house, a strange look appeared on her face. "My God, this is exactly the same place I went in my dream."

Looking at each other, Essie and Zac asked in surprise, "did you dream of the Rong mansion?"

"You won't believe it. I often dream of a strange place, where there is a strange man and a child. That child is so young, so young, and he just learned to walk. He stumbled towards me and called me mommy in a childish voice..."

Lady Rose said, closing her eyes. "Let me guess. The wide road in the center leads to the big house. Walking to the right was a very beautiful classical corridor. There was a lotus pool outside. Every summer, the green lotus leaves would cover the entire pond. If you keep walking on the left, you can go to a big garden, which is full of all kinds of flowers and a jasmine field that I like most. "

"You are right!" Essie was shocked.

Looking at Lady Rose, Zac's dark eyes flashed with a deep and sharp light. "Have you really never left France?"

Lady Rose shrugged her shoulders and said, "in fact, I don't know either. Since the car accident, I don't remember what happened in the past. All I know is that my mother and father told me."

"You had a car accident?" Zac was slightly shocked.

"Yes, my husband was killed in that car accident." There was a touch of sadness on Lady Rose's face.

"I'm sorry." Said Zac in a low voice.

Irene raised her eyebrows, her eyes filled with confusion and doubt. "Mom, it's incredible. If you haven't been here, why are you so clear about everything here?"

"I don't know." Lady Rose sighed.

Looking at them, Essie said slowly, "dreams are usually people's subconscious reaction. Since you can dream of here, it means that you must have been here before, but you don't remember."

"That's impossible. I don't know anyone in the family at all." Lady Rose's lips trembled with fear.

When they were talking, Mary came over not far away. She had been eavesdropping behind a big tree just now and heard them clearly. Her internal organs began to spasm.

It was so horrible. The appearance of Lady Rose was like a thunder exploding above her head, and it was likely to destroy her whole world.

"Lady Rose is here. Mrs. Alena is waiting for you in the hall. Come with me." She said with a faint smile and led them to the house.

In the hall, Alena had ordered tea and desserts. When she saw Lady Rose, she was also shocked.

"When I saw you, I thought of Mary's sister, Charlotte. When she first came here, I was also shocked. They looked so alike that even Albert couldn't even distinguish Mary from them." Alena said to them.

Zac turned to Mary and asked, "Mommy, can you tell me something about auntie?"

An indescribable gloom streaked acros

"Mom, you look like Mrs. Mary and you have the same preferences." Irene said with a smile.

Lady Rose smiled, "yes, what a coincidence."

There was a sharp look on Albert's face. This Lady Rose didn't seem to be like Charlotte, because although Charlotte and his wife were twins, their interests, preferences and even tastes were completely different. What Charlotte liked was almost hated by Mary, and Charlotte didn't like what Mary liked either.

At this time, Mary came over from a gravel path not far away. "Dinner is ready. Let's go to the restaurant together." After saying that, she held Albert's arm, as if to show her affection deliberately, "Albert, there is fresh lobster in the kitchen today. I specially ordered the kitchen to make your favorite salt baked lobster."

"Mrs. Rose and Irene are guests today. You should prepare their favorite food."

"Don't worry. The dinner is very delicious today. Mrs. Rose will like it." Mary smiled weirdly.

Everyone followed her to the restaurant.

After Abel and Alena took their seats, the servants began to serve the dishes.

Today's dinner was really full of tricks: pickled pig ears, braised pork ribs in brown sauce, drunk shrimps...

Mary picked up food for Lady Rose and said, "come on, have a pig elbow."

"Thank you." Lady Rose smiled, trying to hide her reluctance.

Irene was straightforward and said in a low voice, "my mother never eats anything like pig ears or elbows."

"Really?" Mary showed a trace of surprise, and then sighed slightly. "I'm really sorry. Today's dishes are all the favorite of Charlotte. I have already regarded you as my sister unconsciously. It seems that you are really not her."

"I've told you that my mother can't be your sister. You just happened to look like each other." Irene pouted.

"Yes, Charlotte is indeed gone." Mary wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, as if she had recalled a sad past.

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